Nintendo Switch

It Seems The Taiko Drum Master Game Could Be Coming To The UK

Further evidence has emerged which suggests that Taiko no Tatsujin: Drum ‘n’ Fun is heading to the west. A datamined logo for an English version was discovered by investigative fans. Nintendo has yet to announce whether the game will be coming westward but all signs point to it coming.

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  1. typical video game journalism… you yourselves reported that Taiko Drum would get an english patch sometimes in the future. This is why the logo is inside the game files. It’s for the upcoming patch…………


  2. Good, good !

    The UK people spirits are poisoned now and need an refresh.

    This drum game will remove all the evil spirits and clean you, just what all UK people need.


      1. I’m talking about GAMES on Nintendo, you talk about my private life.
        You comment on all articles, you are the last one I need advice from on how to live life.
        I am already alive, this is my life, deal with and mind your own business, this is a gaming website, we talk about games

        Don’t like it leave. cry baby


      1. Because Americans and New Yorkers are kinda stupid, they don’t even know the location of Europe on the map.


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