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Pokemon Trading Card Game Sun & Moon—Celestial Storm Out Now

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Today, 3 August 2018, sees the release of Sun & Moon—Celestial Storm, the latest expansion for the Pokémon Trading Card Game, across the UK. Featuring over 160 cards, the expansion will allow both players and collectors the opportunity to add a number of new Pokémon-GX to their decks: Articuno-GX, Blaziken-GX, Scizor-GX, Stakataka-GX and Rayquaza-GX, alongside new Prism Star cards featuring Latios, Latias and Jirachi.

Further details on the Sun & Moon—Celestial Storm expansion can be found at:

In other news, the year of Legendary Pokémon continues with Trainers having the opportunity to add Kyogre or Groudon to their collection. From now until 25 August, players can receive either Kyogre or Groudon in their Pokémon Ultra Sun, Pokémon Ultra Moon, Pokémon Sun or Pokémon Moon game for the Nintendo 3DS™ family of systems. Trainers can receive their codes by visiting GAME stores in the UK and GameStop in Ireland.

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2 thoughts on “Pokemon Trading Card Game Sun & Moon—Celestial Storm Out Now”

  1. Pokémon trading card game is fully free, you can buy basic decks or build your own deck.
    It has tutorials and single player against AI.
    You can join tournaments and win more card packs and coins.
    It has a hands off real free market card trading build in.
    It’s way, way better than any other card game like Heartstone ( doesn’t even allow free trade of cards because money )
    It’s get updated and new cards, decks every few months.

    It’s very light program and also has an iPad app. It can run on OSx and Windows.
    Youtube has lot’s of people teaching you or showing of news decks.

    It has daily rewards.
    You get an monthly Pokémon email and a free code for the newest pack.
    This game should be on the Switch and we need a Smartphone version FAST !

    Why don’t you play it, what’s wrong with you ?

    1. Collecting a full set deck with all full art Pokémon and Supporters is addictive, amazing and cool to play with.
      This can all be accomplished with free market trading techniques without a penny. I have complete full art decks.

      Playing, recognizing and enjoying the cards … when you play a Main Pokémon 3DS game, it’s cool your recognize stuff like choice bands and Pokémon from the cards and opposite.

      When catching ho-oh for first time on Gold and later you get your Ho-oh deck and win a tournament feels so good. You have some special connection with the Pokémon, like real pets, since the Poké carried you so far both in card and game.

      The magic of Pokémon !

      Some play Fortnite, some are Wet, but i like my Pokémon with cards and decks.

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