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GungHo Reveals Why Ninjala Is Exclusive To Nintendo Switch

It is always nice to hear about third-party exclusives for the Nintendo Switch and Gungho’s Ninjala is one of them. Japanese publication 4Gamer managed to arrange an interview with the colourful game’s producer Kazuki Morishita and development director Takeshi Arakawa. Mr Morishita explained why they decided to make it exclusive to the platform.

“We wanted to make a game where lots of people could gather and have fun. When we heard about the Switch we realized that the hardware was perfect for that type of game. A game where we could create something with true craftsmanship.”


16 thoughts on “GungHo Reveals Why Ninjala Is Exclusive To Nintendo Switch”

  1. Guys… A smash direct was confirmed for 8/8/2018 at EVO like thirty minutes ago! How did you miss that????

  2. Because if they would not include here nobody would buy the switch version since it’s inferior hardware if you have 4K HDR Tv and used to HDR movies and PS4 games. PS4 sales are also more cheaper for indie and mobile gaming we do on the phone unlike some people her still dream we all play outside like on the commercials 😂

    1. Invalid Reason. Why?
      NBA 2K
      FIFA 18
      Crash Bandicoot
      DBZ Xenoverse
      Just to name a few. Graphics are only part of what makes a game. How fun the game is also is a factor. And since people don’t appreciate “fun” on PS4, no need to waste the time not resources.

    2. I mean, I still plan on picking up a PS4 (Kingdom Hearts, God of War, Spiderman). But since it’s a toaster next to my PC and has literally nothing else to offer, I won’t buy a single non-exclusive indie game on the PS4. Now, I’m not sitting outside under a tree, but I do want my indie games portable so I can play in bed, while the kids are watching TV, when I travel to the in-laws, when I’m playing something light and want TV in the background, when I’m hanging out in the game room, and lets be honest, when I’m pooping. I’ve also used it on road trips, hotels, and on planes. I tagged along on a business trip of my wife’s for free hotel without children and played Switch non stop. It was glorious.

      Heck, I haven’t bought a single indie game on my couch PC since Switch came out, and I buy a lot of indie games. Portability is that important to me.

      1. The portability is neat and it’s one thing I enjoy. I don’t really take the Switch anywhere outside of home since I don’t go out too often aside from work. Although, it’s nice to just walk around no strings attached playing anything. It’s awesome as a handheld.

        Though, I can see why if you don’t care to use it away from the TV that it wouldn’t be all that appealing. It likely won’t get certain games still because of it’s weaker hardware which is why it’s good to have another system fill that spot. Which, in my case, would be the PS4 at the moment. Wish I did have another PC, but this combo isn’t too bad, I guess.

        1. Right, if you don’t use it as a handheld, it’s never going to be a great system for you. But if you never use it as a home console, it’s still a really good handheld. If you use both, it’s amazing. I especially love having multiple (overpriced) docks.

          There’s not a ton of indie studios pushing 4k graphics right now and I tend towards retro inspired indies anyways. So even having a beefy PC, if it’s on the Switch or coming soon, I’m not getting it on the PC.

    3. Oh, here goes graphics argument again. It seems that after all these years Sony fanboys still don’t understand that gameplay and fun are way more important than graphics. Heck, you would be happy with the PS3 graphics 5 years ago! Also, 4K and 1080p isn’t really much of a difference if you don’t have really big TV, so buying 4K 50″ TV is complete nonsense to begin with.

    1. I get what you’re saying, but honestly, there is nothing wrong with wanting better graphics.

      Sure, it does not “make” the game, but it definitely does add to the experience. It’s not like you can’t have both good gameplay and graphics. That’s what I love about the Witcher 3. It’s not only great as a game, but it looks incredible.

      Of course, that’s just my opinion, but you know what I mean.

  3. I don’t know about this game. This game might end up like Sushi Stickers, Ever Oasis, and Code Name: S.T.E.A.M who had potential to become new franchises for their new or future Nintendo game systems.

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