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Super Smash Bros Ultimate Nintendo Direct Scheduled For 8th August

The official Nintendo Versus account on Twitter has tweeted that we are getting a special Nintendo Direct revealing more information on the upcoming Super Smash Bros Ultimate for the Nintendo Switch. The Direct will take place on 8th August at 7am PT which is 3pm BST.

Thanks to N-Dub Nation for the news tip!

112 thoughts on “Super Smash Bros Ultimate Nintendo Direct Scheduled For 8th August”

    1. Are you really waiting to get the paywall activated ? It’s nothing man, just a paywall. You expect some revolution in the OS or whatever. Things will go on as usual, now with a paywall. What you expect for 20 bucks per year ? Gold ? an new OS, a new free Zelda game ?

      1. Actually, yes. Zelda and Zelda 2 will be free to play with this “paywall” as well as other NES games and more classic games to come later.

  1. Oh this is good and also disappointing, good for smash fans like me and others a bit disappointing for people who aren’t interested in smash maybe they’ll host a normal direct in September like they usually do

    1. Yes you are correct and I even think smash is one of the best games next to Mario, Zelda And Dk, but comeone compared to 2017 this year was very weak. I’m still waiting for something big Nintendo since January 2018 directs and everyone said calm down it’s gonna be big at E3 … well ? Cardboard, poke ball and something new Nintendo for September ?

      In 2017 I bought a 60 dollar game every month on Switch. Now I didn’t buy anything only tropical freeze in 2018

      WTF man ? WTF ?

      1. That’s on you, there’s plenty of great games that came out this year. Mario Tennis Aces, Octopath, Megaman Collection, Bayonetta, Sonic Mania Plus.

      2. +Milkpowder
        If you ask me, people like you underestimate just how much time and effort goes into the development of video games. If you think Nintendo can actually manage the same level of output this year as they did last year then you sir have very unrealistic standards.
        Nintendo may be huge but it’s not unlimited, even they can only do so much at once, they have so many active franchises that it’s amazing they are even able to operate at the rate which they are.

    2. Well, we need to know the start date of the paid online so maybe a direct nearer the end of August to give us an idea of when i can go to Game/Asda/Tesco to get the code to put it in my Switch (or maybe it might be said about during this upcoming Smash bros direct)

      1. Nintendo online ? It’s already been told on the official website, your online will be blocked for some games and you can download a nes game for free with online scoreboards build in … not really exciting man and I don’t wanna look out to cold winter. It’s summer now ! Swimming, hot chicks and a new game right ?

    1. Oh wow december, awesome man, let’s wait till the winter for the next game, hurray ! 🤦‍♂️

      I remember you guys saying, wait till E3. You guys are full of crap and don’t know jack shit, ok.
      same people who hyped Wii U for years, sucks if you would believe everything these idiots tell you.

      1. Nobody expects games directly after E3, when we say wait for E3 we mean wait for announcements at E3. And this wait was worth it, now we have precise Smash Bros. release date and both Fire Emblem and Daemon X Machina announced, plus there is plenty of games being worked on for 2019. The only one who is blind to the number of games that are being prepared for 2019 is you. You are really dumb if you think every year has to have ton of games. N doesn’t have infinite manpower (even if we’d like them to) and games take years to make, so some years there simply isn’t that much of a content, I don’t understand why you have such big problem with understanding that.

      2. Your memory must deceive you then, because I have unwaveringly claimed that E3 2018 was to be approached with no more expectations than more knowledge of what we already knew existed.

        If you cannot be excited for that, then by all means, revel in your dispair…

        However, I never claimed that there are no games coming before December is upon us.
        I simply claimed that it will be the pinnacle.

  2. Uhhhh, not really happy about this since it’s a winter game and I only care about smash direct a month before smash release.

    I want animal crossing or something else for a direct now since E3 was kinda meh.

    Just shows you how bad 2018 was for Switch compared to yer before. They really got noting to announce for 2018 anymore. It’s smash, good game, but yeaaaaah meh. THat’s it bro ?

    pfffffff Boring, just like Wii U ( I know I only had a WIIU last gen )

      1. Last game was Bayonetta 2 and DK, guess you are the troll here with these stupid questions. Do you even own a Switch or do you play certain games that don’t exist in the real world on the system ?

        Sorry I offended your Nintendo religion. Holy smokes some people aren’t that excited for fight game with Mario, so hard to understand ? Are you stoned ? Or just the big man now he tipped the site ?

      2. Milkpowder… I don’t troll. I share information with the administrator of this forum. And If you find my comment extremely offensive, I must apologize to you. A true Direct will be announced later or before the end of this season. Just you wait.

      3. I need more patience, that’s why I’m salty now.
        Thank you for polite reply. I apologize for my bitterness.

    1. Yo, Milk, didn’t Mario Tennis Aces come out like two months ago? And we have a new Pokemon game on the way, so there’s a couple new things. Yeah, if they really don’t announce anything new from now till November, there’s nothing new from Nintendo. But there’s games CONSTANTLY coming to Switch from third Parties, Megaman X Legacy Collection just released, Octopath Traveler just released, two very different genres. And those are just the LARGER releases.

      Look, you may not care about those games, but they’re out, and NIntendo’s not catering it’s experience to you, it’s trying to please everyone. Being disappointed that the new direct is Smash Exclusive is completely understandable though, but like you said yourself, I think you just need to practice patience. Which is great, I think it’s amazing when someone can show self-awareness on the internet, we need more people like you.

      I’d just say, have faith that Nintendo will announce more closer to games release dates because that’s apparently their plan. I too would really like a new Animal Crossing, but I can find something to do in the meantime.

  3. Okay everyone, let’s keep an open mind about this. Maybe they’ll deconfirm a character you want. Maybe they’ll confirm a character you don’t want. Maybe they won’t announce a character at all.

    1. Always keep your expectations at the very lowest. That’s what most people do. An advice from me to you.

      1. It’s Sakurai though. He will do the “one last thing” to get us hyped because they love the element of surprise. Holding out for my boi K. Rool.

    2. Why would you bring up the idea that they would deconfirm a character someone wants? Ohhh. Rrright. The anti-Ridley people, the anti-Snake people, the anti-Cloud people, the anti-Bayonetta people, the “Too many sword wielders!” people, etc would love for their most hated character to be revealed as not coming to the game.

  4. Super excited for this. I was wondering why Nintendo has been silent for so long. But they said other games are still coming. So um when is that? When can I play Animal Crossing? Pikmin 4?

    1. It’s obvious they got nothing anymore for 2018. Pokemon spin off and Smash port with all the dlc and some tweaks done by bandai company. Whoo Hooo Hooo so exciting year holy smokes. Expect another 2 directs with only smash Zzzzzz

      1. REALITY CHECK– Super Smash Bros. Ultimate is NOT A PORT. It’s basically a SEQUEL with new stages, returning characters and some brand new characters that will be playable once it launches this December. We’ll have that announcement from Director Sakurai this coming Wednesday. Bandai Namco and Sora, Limited will add some surprises at the very conclusion.

      2. LOL. Milkpowder is salty so he is going the “Smash Ultimate is a port route.” More Smash Bros. for the rest of us.

      1. We do not know that N-Dub Nation, I just do not want to be caught out by a firmware update that might trigger it. That WHY I want a number next to the month of Sept then I can think of my other games that I am planning to get

          1. Smash is going to be awesome only other games im hyped for are travis strikes again NMH, Fire emblem 3 houses and 11th dragon quest game as i’m keeping my switch collection to 20 games maximum. as if i have too many titles they will gather dust and not be played so having a small collection is good enough for me.

    1. Hence the words Super Smash Bros. Ultimate DIRECT! This special Direct is dedicated only to just one game.

      1. Not going to lie after getting a E3 that was fully focused for at least 3/4th of the presentation on smash I did kind of hope the first direct right after e3 would give us a little something diffrent.

        It feels like it’s a little to much smash in sush a short time imo.

      1. I’m not being a troll, there was already an entire Direct about this. It doesn’t make any sense. They already have the blog, anyway. Why do they need a whole new Smash Direct?

        The fact is, there IS stuff to talk about. I think Pokemon needs a direct more than Smash does at this point. We all pretty much know what to expect with Smash. Everyone who wants it is already on board. People still have questions about Pokemon. The fact that they’re putting out another Direct for Smash is baffling to me. Even Zelda and Mario didn’t each get two.

    1. They haven’t yet talked about the different game modes present in Smash Ultimate for example.
      Seeing how many modes they previously had, they could practically fill a whole Direct just with that, add a new character to finish and some kind of completely new feature no one expects and this wouldn’t even be a small Direct, but a fairly big one just for Smash.

  5. As much as I’m hyped for this direct, I’m really hoping for the next direct to give us some big name games. Animal Crossing, Metroid Prime 4, Pikmin 4, Star Fox GP, Luigi’s Mansion or even Mario 3D World or Xenoblade Chronicles X re-makes. Take your pick.

  6. I don’t think we need to know any ore about smash 5, we saw nearly everything at E3 lol don’t spoil the whole game leave loads of stuff for when we play it!!! … All I want to know is if it will have a story, if not I won’t be all that hyped for it

      1. Lol I’m as patient as always my child, that’s the only way anyone can be a Nintendo fan. It’s just a silly move from nintendo to have yet another direct for the same game they already had an hour presentation on at E3.

      2. And why should we have had to wait this long just to see more than one trailer for fire emblem then? Again, the patience argument can only be used so much until you see that Nintendo is pretty much abandoning fans of franchises that are popular and profitable, but not as much as smash or pokemon…like fire emblem.

      3. kjasdb12: Maybe because they don’t want to spoil everything that’s in the game. I mean, companies usually don’t reveal all important game information just two months after they announced the game, you know. However that’s probably too difficult to understand for the kind of “I want it now” child you are.

      1. Lol your right Mr.nintendo officer. Guess we’re both like children out here, me with the gimme gimme and you pretending to be nintendos power ranger =p

  7. Anyone think they’ll seed a character from an upcoming game (a la Corrin)?

    Hopefully not FE, lest they wield an axe.

  8. Nice. This indicates there are more modes than the standard fare. Maybe another big story mode?

    OR it’s just going to be a 5 minute video of Sakurai deleting all the source code of Ridley as punishment for harassing him about Waluigi. In the background, there will be a blindfolded Waluigi amiibo slowly melting on a hot plate.

  9. Do you think Octoling will be an echo fighter of Inkling in an update or DLC or something? That would be lit!

    1. Either that or a cool assist trophy because there’s no shortage of good ideas for a splatoon character as an assist character.

    1. I hope not. If there are more characters to come to Smash Ultimate, they need to just say there are more characters coming and that you’ll have to wait to play the game & unlock them to find out who they are. Nothing more need be said. The irony of revealing everything before release is that Sakurai didn’t want to add a story mode to Smash 4 because he was worried people would reveal the cutscenes on Youtube. lol I’m just gonna avoid this second Smash Direct. Or at least try to avoid it, anyway.

      1. I understand your view. I personally would like to know the identity of a third newcomer. I don’t wish to know *every* new character that will be coming, but I need to know of more than 2.

        1. If some people really want to know who the secret characters are, it’s called doing like what they did with Melee & make a website where you can go to a page with the secret characters (shadowed out of course in case some poor sap clicks the wrong button & didn’t intend to go there) that you click on to find out who they are.

  10. Smash Direct 2018 Part 2 because Smash taking up a good majority of E3 2018’s Direct wasn’t enough. Reveal the rest of what you got planned with the paid online service before September, reveal these plethora of other games you said you had to show off for late 2018 but felt wasn’t ready for E3 2018 when it was meant to showcase all of the games coming in 2018 and early 2019, etc.

    This better be a mini-Direct for Smash with a full fledged Direct focusing on other things coming later in August. Otherwise, I’m skipping it as I don’t need another 30 minute video to tell me why I should buy Ultimate. A playable Ridley & the return of every character before Ultimate returning (ESPECIALLY the return of the Ice Climbers & Young Link) was more than enough to tell me why I should buy it. I don’t need any more revelations as I’d like to have some surprises left for me to unlock in the game.

    1. Melee guidebooks, Smash Dojo, Miiverse posts

      Spoilers were never a deterrent for this series. Learning all information about each new SSB game is important for the same reason as E3. Reasons for people to invest money in Nintendo products. And Nintendo’s lack of content at E3 2018 caused their shares to go down.

      Me, I’d like to know what the final product of the game is like before going out and spending money on it (or before feeling disappointed/betrayed where I have to come to a hasty, yet constructive conclusion that decides my next course of action, while Sakurai rests on his “laurels”)

        1. SSB4 let me down when the cut the Ice Climbers and Wolf (but brought back D. Mario), and didn’t give us an actual adventure mode.

          In short, it was NOT the greatest SSB game since Brawl. Now I need to know as much about the game as possible before trusting Sakurai with my money again.

  11. It sure is extremely frustrating as someone who doesn’t care at all about smash when Nintendo seems to be obsessed with it, to the point where other games I’m actually interested in (like fire emblem three houses) get pretty much no spotlight ever since the initial trailer.

    And no, it’s not unreasonable to be annoyed by this, even if it makes total sense business wise (smash and pokemon will obviously sell millions upon millions). I wish there was more of a middle ground for spotlight on games like xenoblade and fire emblem, and not just smash, smash, smash….

    Patience can only be used so much, before it gets completely ridiculous at how much dead silence there is!!

    1. Explain this to me then; If us Smash Bros fans are being spoiled, how come last year we remained patient and gave them time? Last year, Smash Bros Fans got nothing, not even a mention at E3, in fact the only official thing we got was someone mentioning it when they were talking about Samus in her new 3DS game.
      I’m sorry but to me, if you’re going to complain about how Nintendo is “All about Smash” then that’s hypocrisy because last year loads of Non-Smash games were given plenty of attention by Nintendo such as Mario, Zelda, Pokemon, ARMS, Splatoon, Fire Emblem (Which got 2 games by the way!), and Xenoblade but Smash Bros? Nope, nothing but unlike you whom is now moaning about there being “Too much Smash”, we actually waited patiently and now we’re finally being rewarded for it.

      1. Then all you’re saying is that Nintendo has an extremely horrendous sense of balancing their ips, as if you’re seriously suggesting that smash fans are basically owed all this coverage (in the sense that it’s at the expense of games like fire emblem) just because they’ve had to wait in the past, then that’s a terrible logical argument. It’s not my fault Nintendo never threw you guys some info during all that waiting, as they definitely could’ve shared some more info during that time period in addition to those other games!

        If anything, you’re the one “moaning” as you’re clearly trying to shut me down and stop me complaining like so many Nintendo fans have tried to do to me in the past.

      2. I’m not the 1 moaning here, you are. Like I said, we didn’t get anything Smash Bros last year but rather than do what you’re doing right now, I actually said “No, they need time, they’ve just announced a ton of new games, it would be unfair to expect Smash Bros as well”. In other words, we took the mature route but you? You’re acting like that spoiled kid on Christmas morning because his brother or cousin got something you really wanted.
        Nintendo doesn’t have a “bad sense of horrendous sense”, it’s called game development and game development can take a huge amount of time. Also, I never said it was your fault Nintendo didn’t give us information last year, in fact I was happy with what we got last year but I was also extremely anxious for Smash Bros and just wanted information, only difference is unlike you, I’m not moaning and whining about how “All we’re getting is Smash, even though Nintendo has plenty of other stuff in the pipeline”.
        It’s no wonder people have tried to “shut you down”, your arguments are just ridiculous.

    2. I think Nintendo decided to give a full attention to Smash since is one of the most important game on every Nintendo console.

      I understand the other games are not having a spotlight but if you think for a second it’s always the same situation on every new Nintendo console.

      People want Smash, Nintendo announce it, people is mad because Nintendo only talks about Smash.

      What I just want to say is people sonetimes wants something and when they get it they throw it like a toy.

      1. I personally never wanted smash though, so your “people say they want X but when they get it, they throw it away like a toy” doesn’t work on me.

    3. Are you really so dumb? Smash was teased many months ago, so now it gets the spotlight. Fire Emblem was announced pretty recently (especially when taking into account the release date), so it will get spotlight in the future, when we will be closer to release date. Also, Smash community is much larger than the Fire Emblem one, so it’s understandable Smash will get more information. If there is BIG game that will come out soon, then N focuses on that big game. In 2016 it was BotW and Pokémon Sun/Moon, this year it’s Smash.

  12. If you ask me, this direct is more gonna be focused on what’s new rather than what’s returning. If you go and watch everything they told us at E3 2018, there was a huge emphasis placed on what was coming back with only *some* attention given to what’s new.
    This time, however, I think the focus is gonna be the opposite, with it being less about what’s returning and more about what’s new. The only exception to this I can think of is game modes as no doubt a bunch of the game modes from past games are going to return.

  13. As someone who loves Smash, started with N64, loved Melee, set up ProjectM on my Wii and thought Smash4 was an AMAZING game, maybe best in series…
    Enough already. I didn’t even watch the entire E3 presentation, and now they want to dump more Smash on me. It’s a good game, I’m gonna buy it when it comes out, but I thought E3 was embarrassing and now all they want to do it go on and on about Smash.

    It’s especially disheartening as Nintendo’s entire output this year amounts to Mario Tennis and Kirby. 2018’s lineup from Nintendo is downright anemic compared to 2017, which is surprising.

    People bring up ports of old games and third party titles as if those things have anything to do with Nintendo’s pipeline and their strategy for revealing information about their games.
    For some reason I still can’t grasp, it seems a lot of people won’t allow any criticism leveled at their favorite company. As if every company is either always good or always bad at all times. I’ve had literally every Nintendo system, including Virtual Boy, they’re my personal favorite and the only one I care about surviving. That doesn’t mean they can do no wrong or never mess up, wow. Now someone can call me “impatient” because Nintendo has a weird marketing strategy.

    I LOVE Nintendo’s games. Nintendo, as a company, is anti-consumer and it’s getting really old. The only reason I put up with it, is that I love the games. That doesn’t mean I smile when they give their fans the finger, which is almost every year.

  14. Does “everyone is here” include Multi-Man Smash opponent and bosses that weren’t promoted to playable? Every Assist Trophy/Pokeball that wasn’t/is getting promoted to playable? Is Geno inevitable now that with Squeenix involved, they can legally use him? DO MII FIGHTER DLC COSTUME PURCHASES BASED ON EXISTING CHARACTERS AFFECT THE CHANCES OF WHO’S GETTING IN (Ballot results too?) Find out next time on the next exciting episode of Smash Direct U!

    Seriously though, watch it be two character reveals tops (Ashley because of Gold coming out even though I want 9-Volt more?) and then new/returning game modes.

    I can almost guarantee Pac-Maze isn’t returning due to everyone needing their own screen for it, which limits docked mode + you can dock it after starting it in handheld mode (Unless they modify the stage, but doubt it.)

    1. I’m pretty sure the “Everyone is here” refers to playable characters since that was the emphasis when it was said. Don’t get me wrong, I’d love to see everything from past games return but that feels very unrealistic. Then again, this is Sakurai, sometimes I think that man can make anything happen as long as he wants it.

  15. If Nintendo has scattered releases, it’s ok, be patient, games are coming, rushed games are bad forever.

    If MS has scattered releases, trololololololol.

    You fanboys crack me up 😂

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