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Square Enix Could Be Teasing New Bravely Game

It has been awhile since we have had a new game in the Bravely franchise and both of the games on the Nintendo 3DS performed well. Reset Era member Lite_Agent has discovered that the Japanese Twitter account for the Bravely series has possibly teased a new game. The tweet reads:

We’ve already announced it, but…

\Octopath Traveler, 1 million units shipped! /

Thank you!

Now, now…

Please look forward to the next Square-Enix 11 BD games m_ _m

Thoughts are that it could either be a port of the Bravely games from the Nintendo 3DS to the Nintendo Switch, or a brand new game in the franchise. Whatever it is, it’s bound to be welcomed with open arms by fans of JRPGs.


15 thoughts on “Square Enix Could Be Teasing New Bravely Game”

  1. You’ve got to love how sly this company is. I never would have notice that the 1 milion units thanks image was in the shape of one of the fairies from the bravely games :O

  2. Bravely default many bought it not many finished it, such a bad mid and end game, typical Square and Ubisoft games. It all looks good at the beginning to sell you the game, but mid and end is just copy paste since they already burned out of ideas and have no motivation to make a real game from start to finish, rushed game is forever bad, remember ?

    Now fools here gonna hype it up again 🤦‍♂️ Some people you can fool all the time.

    1. The hatred for the second half of Bravely Default has always been overblown. The real meat of the second half is the side quests that add some side story. If you just do the main story, of course the second half is pretty bad. (Zelda: Breath of the Wild has this same issue, honestly. If you ignore all of the side stuff & just do the main story, you’ll find the game is actually pretty lacking.) But whatever. If people want to miss out on what is actually a good game with a nice premise of alternate dimensions, that’s their problem.

      1. Exactly, It wasn’t a perfect end game, but everything wasnt mandatory. Having to fight those battles went pretty quickly if you just did the ones you had to, but again, people will blow it out of proportion.

        What I find weird about this is that people will grinds for hours, at times even days, but if side missions get grinds, it’s a bad game.

  3. I haven’t gotten around to Bravely Second yet but I will in time. Anyway, a Bravely Third would be nice. I won’t be surprised if the first two Bravely games end up on Switch as HD remasters if a third game is gonna be on Switch.

  4. I’d almost rather have a remake of the first two games then a third game. At least to start off with.

  5. Andrew Joseph Curran

    I hope it’s a port of the first two games to the Switch! I never got to play them on my 3DS.

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