You Receive Absolutely Nothing For Fully Paying Off Your Loan In Animal Crossing: Pocket Camp

In typical Animal Crossing fashion, you have a loan to pay off in Pocket Camp. But instead of working toward eventually owning a house, you’re aiming to retain your very own camper in the mobile game. However, unlike in the traditional entries in the series, Pocket Camp doesn’t reward you for fully paying off your loan. On top of that, Giovanni – the guy collecting hundreds of thousands Bells from you – doesn’t even thank you in the end. This may not come as a surprise to the die-hard Animal Crossing players out there, but some fans might be taken aback by it.


    1. Yeah, you definitely wouldn’t want to play a casual Animal Crossing game. I remember camping that one raid boss in Wild World for 2 weeks waiting for a spawn, and it took 40 of us 3 hours to take it down. I did get a pretty sweet Belt of +1 Shell Picking Up to drop at least. Kids these days, man.

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  1. Yeah you already got your reward, you just had to pay it off. So why would you get someting again ?

    Is the admin or whoever cries about this some commie who thinks stuff made by others should be free,
    Like you love some slaves aren’t you ?


  2. There’s always room for more upgrades in later app updates. A model of the camper would’ve been a nice reward though, there should be SOME point to paying it off otherwise the feature is a bit pointless at the end there. Why bother making people pay it off?


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