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Dark Souls Remastered’s Solaire Of Astora amiibo Launches October 19 For Nintendo Switch

Bandai Namco recently announced the release date for Dark Souls: Remastered, which launches on October 19 for Nintendo Switch. Also releasing on the same day is the amiibo based on Solaire of Astora. The new figure will enable players to use the “Praise the Sun” gesture from the beginning of the adventure – instead of obtaining it later through regular gameplay.

17 thoughts on “Dark Souls Remastered’s Solaire Of Astora amiibo Launches October 19 For Nintendo Switch”

  1. You know… I’m crossing my fingers for Solaire as playabe in smash… But now I think the chances are pretty good that he’s probably an assist trophy. Suits him well tbh

  2. I’ve had mine pre-ordered since February so I should be ok. I’m wondering if they are having a new stock run now as this was sold out months ago before the original release date?

    1. Only stupid people pre order this kinda stuff. just lol bro. It ain’t gonna be sold out. Stop believing everything you read online. it’s marketing and fake accounts pump and dump. Don’t you get it ?

  3. Who cares, Monster Hunter Xx is. announced … you know ? The game that Dark souls ripped off.

    Monster Hunter > Dark souls

    Dark souls for noobs. That’s why casuals can’t shut up about it on PS4. It’s the hardest game they ever owned and played,lol.

    1. You know? You never offer anything substantial to the conversation. I get it, you rage type while your mom is at the grocery store buying more of your hot pockets and soda.

      1. Stop trolling my comments with your cancer and insults. I you have nothing to say why I’m wrong then shut up please.

        Notice how he has no counter ZERO nada. only attacking people he doesn’t like what they tell.
        Reported you to admin for trolling and attacking people on personal level, this is a Nintendo site, we talk here about games, take your garbage to youtube, bye

      2. Well, you’ve shown yourself by that comment. Only at their worst are Dark Souls and Monster Hunter similar… And that’s just repeated, EASY co-op boss battles to grind for materials/covenant items.

  4. too bad it was delayed so much, its a great game, much better than pokeman go switch. I hope we get a little something for the wait like a code to download something

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