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Comic Book: ‘New Super Mario Bros. U Deluxe’ Could Be Coming To Nintendo Switch

The knowledgable and well-informed Liam Robertson is reporting a rumour on Comic Book that Nintendo is busy readying a port of New Super Mario Bros U for the Nintendo Switch. The game is rumoured to be titled ‘New Super Mario Bros. U Deluxe’ and comes with the New Super Luigi U add-on. It could also include some additional bonus content but again this isn’t confirmed. It could also arrive on the system this Christmas. As with all rumours we shall have to wait and see!


104 thoughts on “Comic Book: ‘New Super Mario Bros. U Deluxe’ Could Be Coming To Nintendo Switch”

  1. You f**king kidding me??
    Another lameo port??!!
    New games!!! What’s the point in owning a switch when half 1st party titles are ports???

    1. dumb stick aimers 101

      pkemon /mario party/ mario tennis /smash bro and many more 2018 yet you cal out a single port THAT WASNT AVALABLE PORTABLE PLAY ON THE WiiU AND ALL NINTENDO PORTABLE SYSTEMS HAVE PREVOUS GEN CONSOLE GAMES PORTED and always have done in history GO CHECK OUT THE GBA AND DS LINE UP FOOL

          1. I sure as hell hope they do! … E3 was awful for them and all the games us Ninty fans want we don’t get lol I so want a new Star Fox, I am dying for a new F-ZERO and my life revolves around Metroid haha

      1. I’m calm lol I know but it’s annoying I got a Switch for all the cool brand new games and half ate ports just abit lazy I feel

      2. If you own a Wii U and you already have these games, why do you even care? And if they are adding new content with deluxe versions wouldn’t that make it worthwhile to buy them again? And if you don’t care enough about the new content then simply don’t buy the game. You see, this is what I don’t get about people that complain about Switch Ports, if you already own the original or don’t care about the new content then don’t buy it but if the new content does appeal to you as well as being able to play on-the-go, then buy it.
        It literally feels like you’re complaining about a problem that has a solution right in front of you.

      3. It matters to me because I’m so sick of hearing people say it. I also consider it a dick move to Nintendo because it’s making it look like Nintendo is only using the Nintendo Switch as a way to make Wii U games sell which clearly is not true as there’s plenty of new games that are only on the Nintendo Switch.
        If there’s 1 thing I personally cannot stand it’s people cherry-picking what makes their arguments look good while conveniently ignoring what contradicts their argument, in that aspect, they’re no better than Anita Sarkeesian.

        1. You know what, now that you mention it, people are really piss off because Nintendo is porting the Wii U games to the Switch. I know the Wii U games doesn’t have much impact on the 3DS games witch is doing very well now. But still dude. Nintendo is trying to make up for there mistakes for the Wii U console.

      4. If people are pissed off that Nintendo is porting the Wii U games to the Nintendo Switch, then my gosh they have dangerously low tempers on what it takes to piss them off.
        I own a Nintendo Wii U and I really liked it but if Nintendo want to port many of it’s games to the Nintendo Switch then let them, it’s no skin off my nose because guess what? I’m simply not buying them due to already owning them. And if they happen to release a game I missed out on from the Nintendo Wii U, then all the more reason to buy it and get a new experience, in fact that’s what I did do with Donkey Kong Country Tropical Freeze.
        Unless the game has new content like with Pokken Tournament DX and Mario Kart 8 Deluxe, Nintendo most likely doesn’t expect anyone to buy Nintendo Switch ports if they already have them on the Nintendo Wii U, the reason they are doing this is because why let good games die with the Nintendo Wii U when they can thrive on a much better system.
        As for the Nintendo Wii U selling poorly, that’s just how business works, no company is flawless not even Nintendo and we all have bad points in history, to expect Nintendo to be flawless in everything and have all their systems sell in the 50 millions is just foolish.

  2. As long as it is a budget title, it’s fine. Nintendo can’t expect to buy all of our games, full price, twice.

    1. The worst game, because you suck at gaming. 2D Mario was way harder than the 3D world. 3D world clearly aimed at casuals. 2D was also bigger and had more original content like the inspired Van Gogh backgrounds.

      But hey, guess the opinions of the noobs here are facts.
      Just admit it you never finished 2D and early cleared whole game of 3D world.

      So your opinion is worthless since you never finished it and are talking out of your ass.

      1. Bro, you lost me lol. The original 2D games were harder, sure. But the “New” 2D Mario games ALL have been easy. They are most certainly casual imo. The Van Gogh art was cool, but other than those levels, the art style of the new Mario series is incredibly generic imo. 3D world was easy too unless you went and unlocked everything and played the final maps. Those were pretty challenging, far more than anything the new 2D games have to offer. I’ve beaten every single 2D Mario and 3D Mario main series games including Odyssey and unlocked everything 100% on my own so not a noob speaking.

    2. If you ask me, The New Super Mario Series gets more flack than it deserves. I’ve played the DS, Wii, and Wii U iterations of the series and I enjoyed all of them. Granted I have yet to play the 3DS one so I’ll hold my judgement for that 1 but from the ones I have played, I really liked them.

      1. @Christopher James
        I don’t think they’re bad games per se, but by the time U and 2 rolled around the Mario series was the most creatively bankrupt that it had ever been.
        As far as noteworthy 2D platformers on WiiU are concerned, NSMBU is certainly at the bottom of the list for me. Games like Tropical Freeze, Woolly World, and Rayman Legends are just 100% more creative than the resounding meh that is New Super Mario Bros.

      2. Oh, I definitely agree there’s far better out there but I’ve played some very bad platformers in my life and compared to those, the New Super Mario Series looks like heaven. In terms of creativity, yeah I can’t deny they were on the lazy side but I still didn’t let that take away my enjoyment.

  3. Honestly, I wish Nintendo would release equal amounts of new games from 1st party so that it would not look like switch is being bombarded with only ports it reflects negatively on the switch’s image but i would probably purchase any good game from wiiu if it was ported over.

    1. And why do you care about Nintendo Switch image ? Are you trying to become the popular cool guy or something ?
      All the girls ?

      Wtf ????

      1. Lol wt ???? Yes I’m trying to be the popular cool guy and stand out from the crowd while I play my switch walking down the streets with my sunglasses on in a black leather jacket… But no in all seriousness I’m stating from a business standpoint some of the more savvy consumers will not purchase a switch if it is perceived as a port machine but of course there are consumers that are not aware at all.

    2. They likely did all they could to make an amazing first year for the Switch at the cost of having their B titles spearhead the second year.
      I’m not too disappointed because the indies and Octopath have been killing it this year, but Smash Bros. is definitely gonna be their saving grace.

  4. Wow, I couldn’t be less interested in this. 3D World… maybe. But not really. If they took all the teams doing ports and put them of one or two new games, we’d have a more impressive 2018.

    1. dumb stick aimers 101

      it doesnt take teams to do ports LOL and again i point out it wasnt avalable portable play and all nintendo handhelds have previous gen console games on them GO CHECK OUT GBA AND DS and whilst your at it learnt o gyro mouse aim like a gamer and stop aiming with a stick i bet you also MOUTH BREATH ASWELL AS STICK AIM



    2. Yeah, I’m not even sure I’d buy a new 2D Mario, unless it was a Mario Maker. But art production takes way more development time than you might think. You could get rid of every port and still not have half a team to do a new game. Plus, if you’re porting in-house, it’s a good training ground for new talent.The reality is, like you said, they need one or two new games. Those games were Yoshi and Fire Emblem and they slipped into 2019. That really messed up their late summer-early fall line up.

      Of course the ports are only a problem for a minority of players. Even though I had a Wii U, I’ve only just now played through DKC, Hyrule Warriors, Captain Toad, and Pokken (I really didn’t like playing the Wii U). So for someone like me, the ports + meaty DLC for Splatoon and Mario Rabbids really carried this year. Then I have Valkyria Chronicles 4, DBZ Fighterz, Smash, Mario Party, and Pokemon to finish the year and Fire Embem + Yoshi around the corner… I’ll be fine. I haven’t even picked up Octopath yet.

      1. Yeah, I’m of the mind that Nintendo has enough 2D platforming franchises that they really don’t need Mario to be one anymore.
        I’d be completely happy if they were to just make sandbox 3D Mario games (like Odyssey) and linear 3D Mario games (like 3D Land or even Galaxy).
        What with the Yoshi, Donkey Kong Country, Kirby, and Ubisoft’s Rayman series, I don’t think the Switch will be hurting for 2D platformers without Mario.

        1. I agree. The only thing that could catch my attention is a Maker game like I said, or maybe a retro-inspired sequel to one of the originals in the same art.

  5. If they were gonna port a New Super Mario Bros game I’d rather it was the Wii one which I thought was best but I understand why it’s the Wii U one with it being an easier port. Can’t say it’s a very exciting release though and if I’m honest was kind of hoping they were done with Wii U ports now. I’m sure it’ll sell very well though if true.

    1. dumb stick aimers 101

      HW WOULD THE WIIU BE A EASIER PORT there completely different chipsets ARM/NVIDIA VS POWERPC AND ATI

      there is no reason the u versions are a easier port stop making shit up

      1. }{ The graphical similarities make it substantially easier (or at the very least, cheaper) to port because they don’t have to retool all the assets like what would be required for a port of a Wii game… Perhaps you should give an argument consideration instead of blindly rejecting it… }{

  6. Not really that excited, but this is a very, very good 2D Mario game. It’s pretty hardcore at the end.
    So yeah if this is all they gonna give us with 2D Mario it’s fine by me because how in the hell can your improve this game more ?

    Let’s hope it’s fair price of 30 bucks.

    30 buck Nintendo, 30 Buckzzzz

      1. LOL, true. But then again Captain Toad AND Donkey Kong Country were some of the best selling games the month they came out.

  7. Why don’t Nintendo just say “ we’re bringing all games from the wii u to the switch”.
    And be done with it.
    But hurry up and bring some cool, NEW stuff, like mp4 that’s been in development for nearly a year and half, but we ain’t seen nothing of it yet.
    Il prob get the MARIO u game still though!

  8. Gotta love that people still cry about ports.
    Ports don’t take nearly as much work as new games, and absolutely don’t affect the development of new games. It’s undoubtedly only a couple SMALL teams doing these ports. Pay attention to the credits and you’ll see.

    It’s unrealistic to expect a new game every month. They had a lot of new games last year. Give them some breathing room, quality games take time. And we have a new Mario Party, Pokemon, and Smash Bros very soon. Calm down people.

    Not everyone owned a wii u. Don’t like it, don’t buy it. Simple as that. I know I won’t be buying this port if it is a thing, but i’m not gonna cry about it like a spoiled brat.

    1. For this game in particular the last 2D Mario released in 2012 and as far as I know the 2D Mario team hasn’t done much lately. It is plenty time to have a new game ready.

    2. After the absolute beauty that was the 2017 Switch lineup, I think people got spoiled. Nintendo has done a very good job getting Wii U ports and also third party games on to the Switch like N Sane Trilogy and Mega Man X Legacy Collection, since they’ve filled in the release gaps that Nintendo couldn’t have possibly filled without rushing things out. Nintendo put their all into making last year awesome, and now they need time to make new games.

      1. Finally! This guy gets it. After an amazing 2017 people expected to keep the same momentum. But it takes huge amounts of work to create a brand new game. Plus I have been enjoying the Wii U ports and hype for SMASH BROS.

  9. I know its a port game and i will b buying as my wii u is gatering dust and it will b a good family game to play and get everyone involved. Plus all these new games you want realised without proper testing and you get a faulty one i bet u will b the 1st to moan about how bad the game plays etc etc

  10. This was inevitable. I was hoping it would’ve been a collection of the all the versions. Out of the four, this one was my least favorite to play. Compared to the New Super Mario Bros 2, this game was a bit on the bland side. Doesn’t mean I won’t buy it, but I was really hoping for a collection or pairings (DS/3DS versions and Wii/Wii U versions).

    I guess we will wait and see if this coming out. Hope Mario Maker isn’t too far behind.

    1. So you never played it past world 1 I guess since the Van Gogh inspired levels are as original it can be.
      It’s Van Gogh painting love letter.

      It’s bigger and longer than Mario oddesey and pretty hard.

      1. I played through it. Want to say, I got through 75% of the game, but it was kicking my ass. There was nothing wrong with the art style, I just didn’t enjoy it as much as New Super Mario Bros or NSMB 2. Again, I will be getting it, whenever it comes out.

      2. There’s literally two levels out of 82 that have the Van Gogh art style and I’m pretty sure they use the same one. That leaves 80 generic looking maps, just like all the other generic maps from the “New” series. Graphics aren’t the issue, but art style sure is. The original games art styles were much more creative and inspiring and memorable.

  11. Nintendo: “Here’s a Wii U game that’s now on Switch.”
    Nitpicky people: “Booooooo, stop making ports of games we already own!”
    News: “Switch version of Wii U game outsells Wii U version in two weeks.”

    When you release a legitimately good game that’s on a system no one owns, of course you’re gonna try again on the new platform if everyone has it.

    That said, I don’t get why Twilight Princess got a Wii U port one generation later or why several PS3 games get PS4 ports. Personally, I’d rather have a two generation gap between ports.

    1. Oh, I’ll buy it on day one. I hope they’ll continue to bring over Wii U games since the system had so many gems.

      I’m a huge Mario fan. I figured they would do something a little different with the New Super Mario Bros. series since we’ve had four of them. Hence, I mentioned one that had both Wii and Wii U versions in one package.

      It wasn’t my favorite one out of the series since it didn’t have the spark the DS and 3DS versions had. I still play those versions since they have such addicting gameplay. For some reason to me, it never translated too well over to the Wii and Wii U. It felt like going through the motions.

      Either way, it’ll outsell the Wii U version and do well on the Switch. Maybe I’ll like it better on the Switch’s portability side.

  12. I hate that they chose this game out of any of the Wii U Mario games, Super Mario 3D World would have been a better pick since Captain Toad just came out. NSMBU is easily the weakest in the franchise, it feels rushed, like no effort was really put into. The overworld theme gets on your nerves after the second world, the stages feel same-y, not much variety all throughout the game, the acorn power-up is a poor man’s cape power-up without a flying ability (you can only glide with the acorn), and it’s just lazy overall. Each game has something going for it, the first was was a re-introduction to 2D Mario on the DS, the Wii version had the same formula but you can play it on your TV with four friends on your Wii for a fun experience, NSMB2 introduced the coin collection feature that allowed to hoard coins for an alternate title screen and also introduced the Golden Flower that let you turn enemies and certain blocks into coins, and NSMBU had challenges, it wasn’t part of the main game, but it was fun, kinda sucks when the most fun part about your game isn’t even the main game.

  13. Makes sense. They’d want to get this out first and get what sales they can for it before the release Mario Maker switch which will cannibalize NSMBU to a degree.

  14. Or they could always announce “We’re releasing New Super Mario Bros U, along with Mario Maker. The really cool thing is that now in Mario Maker you have access to every type of terrain and enemy that we did when we made Super Mario Bros U, plus all the power ups from all the other games!” Imagine being able to fly around as Cape Mario in NSMB? Or What about Hammer Bro Mario? What about being Hammer Bro Mario fighting Ice Bros? There’s so much they could add to Mario Maker.

    1. Slopes and other irregular terrain can be tricky but it’d be great if they could swing it in a Maker sequel.
      If they can’t do that… at least add more powerups, enemies, win conditions, and vertical maps.

  15. I am too lazy for Mario maker and i like play pros designed levels, no Mario maker amateur stuffs. Yes i love full original nintendo 2D Mario platformers.
    Yes i buy this title and i am so happy :)

  16. This and not Mario Maker (with more backgrounds and building features like- most importantly- SLOPES)?

    Come on, Mario Maker should get the second chance it deserves on Switch. Or are they waiting for Mario Bros.’s 35th anniversary to do it?

  17. It’s not like it would be hard to make a new one of these compared to most of their other series. And the saddest part is that it will still sell incredibly.

  18. Honestly this would be pretty awesome given that I never played it on wii u. As long as the game is fun, who cares if it’s a port?

  19. Having never owned a WiiU, I’m fine with ports, although this is very low on my list. I’ll probably wait for this to become a budget title or have a great sale, like DKC and Toad. I’d pay full price for games like Pikmin 3, Windwaker HD, Twilight Princess (only if it includes the option for motion controls), 3D World, or Mario Maker though.

  20. Nooo…. not this… I was hopping for a “New Super Mario All-Stars”, with all new super mario games in hd quality and extra mario maker options

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