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North America: Dataminers Have Discovered That The Next Splatfest, Fork Vs. Spoon, Is Happening August 25th

The next North American Splatfest is now known, but this time, the news didn’t come from Nintendo. Dataminers have discovered info about the Splatfest. Apparently, the Splatfest will be Fork Vs. Spoon, and it begins August 25th. As for Europe, their Splatfest was confirmed last week. As usual, when the Splatfest ends and we have a winner, we’ll let you know.



  1. This is also Hercule, Old Joseph Joestar, Zabuza, Oni from Street Fighter and many more roles

    1. I was supposed to comment this on the Professor Oak’s voice actor death, not here, sorry.

  2. …Okay the EU’s Tidy VS Untidy Room theme is no longer the stupidest Splatfest theme- THIS is.

    Splatfests are about choices between two things. This one is about tools with specific jobs. You wouldn’t eat soup with a fork and you wouldn’t eat steak with a spoon.

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