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US: Nintendo Confirms Next Splatfest Theme Will Be Which Is More Important, Fork Or Spoon?

We reported yesterday that Dataminers had discovered that the next North American Splatfest will be what is more important, a fork or a spoon. Last night the Nintendo Versus Twitter account has confirmed that this is indeed the next Splatfest theme and it will commence on 24th August at 9pm PT. Nintendo has reminded Splatoon 2 fans that Splatfests happening from mid-September onwards will require a Nintendo Switch Online subscription.



  1. this is pretty dumb one.
    both has uses, cant eat soup with a fork, and while you technically could eat steak with a spoon, it would be retarded.

  2. Such a stupid theme…

    I’m only on Team Fork for this one because you know Marina’s gonna be the more popular one therefore less-skilled teams all over the place, and any sea snails are good, might as well play for them.

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