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Ace Economic Research Institute Believes Nintendo Will Shift 25 Million Switch Systems This Fiscal Year

Dual Shockers is reporting that prestigious Osaka-based firm Ace Economic Research Institute expects Nintendo to shift a mighty impressive 25 million Nintendo Switch systems this fiscal year. That is even higher than Nintendo’s own estimates and the firm believes that both Super Smash Bros Ultimate and Pokemon: Let’s Go Pikachu and Eevee will both be absolutely huge titles for Nintendo, hence why they came to this figure.

“He expects Nintendo’s revenue to for the full fiscal year to be 1.36 trillion yen, with an operating income of 330 billion yen. This is significantly higher than Nintendo’s own predictions because Yasuda-san expects the manufacturer to ship 25 million Switch units and 140 million software units. This would bring Switch shipments all the way to 42.79 million units by March 31st, 2019, instead of the 37.79 expected by Nintendo.”



  1. And ? Wii also sold great, it was full of garbage software.

    In 2020 they will still release 930P res. games for Nintendo, think about that. It’s Wii 2.0 low res.garbage on new tv
    and companies like Monolith soft suffer from it. Remember Xenoblade Wii and how nobody cares because gamecube I mean Wii graphics specs.

  2. I know the Switch is a hugely popular system, and I know that Smash and Pokémon releasing literally within 3 weeks of each other will be insane, but I don’t know… I hope this guy’s right.

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