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Miyamoto Praises Minecraft And Says Its Success Has Been Astonishing

Mr. Miyamoto has shared his love of Minecraft and says that its success has been nothing short of astonishing. He says that he has tried to create builder titles in the past but they just haven’t turned out to be as fun as Minecraft, which is credit to the developers over at Mojang, who have perfected the formula.

17 thoughts on “Miyamoto Praises Minecraft And Says Its Success Has Been Astonishing”

    1. I never saw the appeal of Minecraft. Remember when it was to launch on Wii U, and I though it wouldn’t do that well since it was so old and few played on Wii U lol. It became on of the most (if not the most) sold titles on eShop.

        1. I though I had been covering your back against trolls from time to time :P And yet you judge me like this? Haha, oh well.

          And as Dia said, I didn’t hate on it. I just stated my opinion on it + I said it was more relevant than I gave it credit for.

          1. Just because you gave me advice once, doesn’t mean you “cover my back from time to time”. I don’t have a problem with your opinion, but what I said is from time to time true.

            1. Ok, don’t take this the wrong way, because I’m not trying to make an argue here, but what is “from time to time true”? That I hate on popular stuff? I really didn’t hate on Minecraft here, I just aired my opinion, and I didn’t even say much negative about it either.

  1. So Minecraft is Miyamoto’s favorite indie game?

    Yeah I know, bought by Microsoft, blah blah blah, they still bought an indie company.

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