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Japan: Pokemon Game Director Junichi Masuda Sharing News On Sunday

Pokemon Let’s Go, Pikachu! & Let’s Go, Eevee! game director, Junichi Masuda, will be sharing some Pokemon related news at 8am JST on Sunday, September 9th. Serebii reports that he will appear on Japanese variety show, Pokenchi (Gathering at the Pokemon House) We are not sure what to expect, but all will be revealed on Sunday.



  1. I’m not going to get excited because I’ve heard this many times before and it ends up being something small. Happy to be wrong this time though

  2. Is it another cut feature?
    Was team building too difficult to some players?
    Are we just gonna have our starter and not be able to catch anything else?

  3. It’s a Pokemon announcement, therefore, it’ll be an announcement about when their next announcement is.

  4. Limited edition Master Ball joycon announced. Limited quantities. Sells out 18 seconds after pre-orders open.

    1. Wrong ! Pokemon bank is already connected with pokemon VC red/blue and yellow, you can’t just change stats from Go version and transfer them to a real pokemon game used for PvP. Pokemon 2019 is with Pokemon Bank. Poke Go is filler spin off for Mobile morons

      1. I think they should really add another way to migrate from one gen to the next, otherwise you’re required to pay the pokebank fee if you want to bring any of your old Pokemon to the new games when you’re going to pay a separate fee just to be able to trade and battle. This wouldn’t be a problem if paying for the online service made you exempt from having to renew Pokebank subscriptions.

        1. That’s what I meant that if someone with PokeBank gets a Nintendo Online subscription that they will be exempt from future payments for PokeBank as long as they still have the Nintendo Online subscription. I, for one, won’t mind it being part of Nintendo Online as long as it still remains a separate thing for those that don’t have a subscription to their online. Mainly because I won’t get their online til next year but I’d hate to be locked out of PokeBank for when Let’s GO, Eevee! releases if I get it in November. (I suck at explaining my point sometimes.)

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