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Update: (Delayed Due To Tragic Earthquake) Nintendo Direct Happening Tomorrow At 3pm PT

Update: The Nintendo Direct has been delayed until a later date due to the earthquake which has hit Japan.

Set a reminder – a new Nintendo Direct, featuring around 35 minutes of information on upcoming Nintendo 3DS and Nintendo Switch titles, is coming this Thursday, Sept. 6, at 3 p.m. PT / 6 p.m. ET / 23:00 BST.

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129 thoughts on “Update: (Delayed Due To Tragic Earthquake) Nintendo Direct Happening Tomorrow At 3pm PT”

  1. Awesome, looks like the leaks and speculation turned out to be true. Here’s hoping to Mother 3 and Animal Crossing. (I don’t expect either and I know how unlikely it is.)

    1. Which leak was that? I remember the 1 claiming September 13th and then went on to saying Galactic Knight and Dark Meta Knight will be playable in Smash Bros but that 1 clearly is fake.
      Which 1 are you referring to?

    2. Animal Crossing would be the least surprising surprise. Nintendo really does need a good announcement here and Animal Crossing would pair well with the lighter fan base Pokemon is targeting this year. The mobile title has been doing a decent job building awareness of the brand.

      1. Honestly I’d be willing to bet on Mother 3 over Animal Crossing at this point. We’ve been expecting a new Animal Crossing for years now, and that always turns into “definitely next year” only to be disappointed again and again. (And yes, I know Mother 3’s been in the pipeline for much longer).

    3. That mother 3 to animal crossing comparisons doesn’t seem right since Nintendo has already stated that a main title will show up after the mobile title not to mention it got a whole lot of stuff trademark (pro controllers handheld/home console game card, NFC and etc) early this year, where as mother 3 is a very old game that has plenty of fan translations rom and everything I don’t see why anyone would want a game that’s pretty old, Even Nintendo itself has made a meme out of it

      1. “I don’t see why anyone would want a game that’s pretty old” You jesting? I… I don’t even feel like should have to explain this. There’s much more evidence that Mother 3’s a thing. That “evidence” may not mean anything in the end though.

        1. I do agree that they should release mother 3 in other region, didn’t mean for my comment to sound so offensive becuase tbh there’s no point in Lucas being in smash if he never made a international release I was just trying to prove my point that Nintendo isn’t done with animal crossing as they have been keeping tabs with the fans, earth bound ended because the main dev didn’t want to make any more mother titles.

          1. Oh yeah, I’m sure Nintendo hasn’t ditched Animal Crossing, there’s no way they could. (just look at NL’s sales). But with the way things are going my expectations for one in the near future have been declining.

    1. I hope your right, but if we do see a showing of mp4 ( a BIG if ), I seriously doubt it’ll be a mid year game. It’s gona be November 2019 release time I’m reckoning.

    2. +Nintendo First Order 𝓡𝓮𝓪𝓿𝓮𝓻
      Considering we have “MP4” as a video format, your comment makes my head spin lol

    3. Metroid Prime 4? Mario Party 4? Monster Party 4? Mama’s Pickles 4? M&Ms (beach) Party 4? Magic Pengel 4? Majesty: Pocket (kingdom) 4? Mario Pinballand 4? Mario Power (tennis) 4? Mario’s PCP 4? Marvel Pinball 4? Martian Panic 4? Max Payne 4? Max-Plosion 4? McPixel 4? McFarland’s (evil) Prophecy 4? Mechassault: Phantom (war) 4? Mechwarrior 3: Pirate’s (war) 4? Megaman Powered 4? Mama’s Pickles 4 remix edition? Oh the list goes on…
      Don’t be so unintelligent to assume everyone knows what MP4 stands for. Let this be a life lesson to you son. 😀 Now go color me a picture!

      1. Wow, what a list! On this site, though, MP4 led me to immediately think Metroid. Can’t think of another game with those initials that is generating as much hype as that one at the moment for Nintendo fans. But your list is a work of art. Frame that bad boy! 😊

    1. Probably not. Nintendo typically tends to focus on titles that are closer to release. I imagine this direct will focus primarily on 2018 games of which neither are.

      1. They could take a look at early 2019 games, which Fire Emblem may very well be. It’s only half a year away!

      1. Don’t worry. I definitely want to see new games, but you can’t deny that the direct will end off with a newcomer reveal.

      2. Geno!!! My brother and I played that game all the time and loved that Geno forest music. Soooo nostalgic for me, can’t handle it……

  2. And then it’s ten minutes of games and twenty-five minutes of Smash Bros.

    Doesn’t matter, Smash Bros. is practically guaranteed to show up in some manner (Most likely the end even if it’s one new character reveal, they always do this in the prerelease stages.)

    1. I’m not gonna lie. I know it’s practically a meme now that smash gets 1000% more coverage than the rest of Nintendo’s lineup… But I’d still be completely okay with that.

    2. umm the last smash direct sure did cover alot I only expect them to reveal a new mode and character seeing as they’ll just make another smash direct a month before launch like they did with 4

    1. I personally found the Nindies directs pretty disappointing, not because they weren’t “real” directs, but rather, the games they focused on were underwhelming (especially since the ones they showed in the quick reel look far more interesting).

  3. I’ll try to not get my hopes up. Even if they confirm Slippy Toad and/or Mona for Ultimate, I doubt it could top Simon Belmont.

    1. As a fan of the Star Fox franchise I don’t really see Slippy as a new character in the game since he is the weakest of the team.

      Not because it’s impossible but I just don’t see a moveset from him. I rather think he is more good to be an assist character where he shoots lasers with the cameras from Star Fox Guard

      Give this boi here a chance

      1. Slippy is my favorite Starfox character, and people forcing me to hate him only makes me want to see in playable in Smash bros even more. I’d be fine with Slippy being Fox’s echo fighter. It doesn’t have to be Slippy, I’d settle on any Starfox newcommer. I want another Starfox character, but people say we have enough Starfox characters already. I didn’t ask for Wolf. The Starfox team has so much personality, and I don’t want Wolf, someone who’s not even a member of the Starfox team, to be the final Starfox rep ever.

        Sorry for the long reply, I just feel really strongly about this.

  4. Hmm, probably more smash and Pokemon and some more footage of star link with fox.
    And the MARIO u announcement.

    And new 3ds titles (we’ll see)

    1. As much as I utterly adore the Golden Sun games, I doubt we’ll see Isaac. If we DO see him in Smash as a playable character, I won’t get my hopes up but it’d be nice if it was a hint that Golden Sun 4 is on the way. Unless Isaac getting revealed for Smash is quickly followed by a trailer showing off Golden Sun 4 for Switch. (One can dream, I guess…)

  5. I’m sure mostly NIntendo Online stuff. Odyssey DLC is my risky guess. Maybe an update on Yoshi or Bayo 3. Probably a port or two announced for Switch and/or 3DS. And likely a Smash character reveal at the end to wrap a bow on it.

      1. tbh I only guess Odyssey DLC because the timing seems right. I have no idea what to expect though. Shine Sprites and Delfino Island would be pretty great.

      2. That shirt he wore was Mario in his Samurai outfit from Bowser Kingdom in Odyssey… which was still unannounced, I think, at that time.

  6. Sounds cool and all… but wouldn’t it be a good idea to have a Nintendo Direct about Nintendo Online so it would convince people that it’s a GOOD subscription service?

      1. @Nintendo First Order 𝓡𝓮𝓪𝓿𝓮𝓻
        Me too.

        But mainly because I’m sick and tired of saying “I’ll gladly pay $60 for 3 12-month subscription cards” only to get backlash for it!

        I mean all that’s doing is making me hate the internet!

  7. Before I forget, please keep your Smash expectations limited to characters from stages already in the game. Shadow is possible, Banjo isn’t. Bandana Waddle Dee is possible (But doubtful, Sakurai doesn’t seem to like post-Air Ride games even though he technically debuted in Super Star’s Megaton Punch minigame,) Karate Joe isn’t. Shadow is possible, Isaac isn’t. Balloon Fighter is possible (But doubtful,) Spring Man isn’t.

    And then after the game launches, Sakurai’s like, “Now that the game is released, we can start focusing on adding new characters.” And THEN you can hope for Rayman in Smash.

    Keeping your standards low is the best way to avoid disappointment.

      1. Honestly, I wouldn’t complain he was in, but that whole “playable mook” thing has me thinking he won’t.

        I want to be wrong about this and he becomes the first one.

      1. A flat stage with no platforms and walkoffs on both sides. Possible story mode boss?

        Note the stage select doesn’t have a Monster Hunter stage.

    1. That doesn’t really make any sense. The only character information you can gleam from the stages currently is that Paper Mario isn’t in.

      1. What if they put Paper Mario in because of the Paper Mario stage and tried to justify it with “If Zelda can have three Links, Mario can game three Marios”?

        Honestly not sure if Geno is possible since he doesn’t have an associated stage unless they stick him on the Mario Galaxy stage because space.

      2. It’s actually the stage that indicates he’s not in because the stage is still called Paper Mario. They wouldn’t give a stage the same name as a character… And they are renaming some stages to be less confusing so they would have definitely renamed the Paper Mario stage if Paper Mario was also a fighter.

      1. To be fair, there’s still DLC, and there’s still the possibility that “By the way, we managed to work in a 104th stage with a new character” happens (Unlikely, but possible.)

  8. if Nintendo could manage to give us more details on the service, then who are we to complain about it. I’m still wondering if Nintendo will release more info on Metroid Prime 4 by tomorrow.

  9. The first thing they need to do with it is tell us more about the paid online subscription- we still know next to nothing about it and it launches in hardly a few weeks!

    I anticipate a few new details about Luigi’s Mansion on 3DS, some new Pokemon Let’s Go! info, and a new Smash fighter announcement, likely a Pokemon character since we haven’t seen a new one yet and there’s always at least one new one every game. Finally, one new game announcement from out of nowhere, with said game being immediately available at the conclusion of the Direct. I also hope for an announcement for a port of Mario Maker on Switch, featuring more backgrounds, more level elements, playable Luigi (outside of the SMB-only amiibo costumes), and SLOPES.

  10. Isaac for Smash please! If they can just give me that and more info on their online service I would be happy. Not getting my hopes up but I’m really wanting more Golden Sun representation.

  11. Golden Sun’s Isaac and Fire Emblem’s Lyndis would have been more dreams come true but alas, it’s not gonna happen. Least I got Ridley so I’m happy. (I’d be happier if Ganondorf wasn’t a clone still…)

    And damn you, earthquake! I fucking hate you! D:<

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