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It Seems Splatoon 2 Doesn’t Support Cloud Saves

The paid Nintendo Switch Online service is going live later this month and with it comes the ability to save your saves to the cloud. We’ve heard rumours that not all games will support the additional functionality. Reset Era member atmuh discovered that the listing for the Splatoon 2 starter pack on the official Nintendo site says in the small print that it doesn’t have cloud save support which isn’t ideal. Hopefully Nintendo will make clear which games will support cloud saves and which won’t. Here’s what it says:

“Nintendo Switch Online membership (sold separately) and Nintendo Account required for online play. This game does not support Save Data Cloud backup.”

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29 thoughts on “It Seems Splatoon 2 Doesn’t Support Cloud Saves”

    1. Yeah because Splatoon 2 is such a high rated Esports game, everyone talks about it. It’s the new hype … Oh wait it’s really not and pretty pathetic that Splatoon has no servers, low tick rate yet they care about some save file hack.

      Like that will really prevent hacking. Sucks to be a Splatoon 2 gamer because they don’t care about customers quality of life, rather worried someone should download game for free.

      It’s all about. money folks, Wii U failed and it’s all YOUR fault, so you will be punished and pay up.
      Amazing this company still exist, such anti consumer and only 2 games since 2017 release .. a Mario and Zelda, lol

    2. Waw great solution, f*ck over the customers since they are incompetent to build online server back up.
      All Pc games are cloud saved these days and are more attacked by hackers in eSport and MMO games.

      Yet they don’t lock saves, because these companies are competent. Maybe these old folks over in Japan need a kick in the butt because now they think nothing can happen nor need they work hard since they get paid anyways by these kids here. Lol

      1. +Meh69 I will never understand why people think Splatoon 2 needs servers. I’ve been playing Splatoon 2 for over a year now and very rarely have I ran into problems. Has it occurred to people that maybe, just maybe, it’s not Nintendo and it’s actually their Internet?

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    1. Indeed, If you keep defending and they can’t do nothing wrong, why bother working hard. Just lock saves for this game.
      And pay up for Splatoon 3 another 60 bucks so maybe then we will activate it. I’m so done with this company Switch is on sale after this news. No way I’m gonna invest more time in this game and pay up even more for a nes game and peer 2 peer, bye guys

    2. We defend them because they make content worth owning. I have played the following for over 100 hours:
      Xenoblade 2
      Splatoon 2
      Pokemon Quest (which is a phone game but heck, I played it a lot on my switch)
      Puyo Puyo Tetris, which though available on other systems, I bought it on switch because tetris and puyo puyo are just something I want to play portably.

      And you guys defend???? PS4 who is not offering cross console play. Nintendo is. PS4 who does not have a good warrenty on their systems, Nintendo does and you don’t have to show them your receipt. Also, they have in the past, fixed something of mine, for free when it was shortly passed warrenty. Nintendo who has good customer service located in my state and have people I can understand very clearly vs. Sony who has a call center in india I think. Nintendo who has never hung up on me when I was trying to fix my system or left chat.

      Nintendo always makes sure I am fully served before our calls our done.

      I have a PS4, I have had a lot of trouble with their customer service. Ultimately, I still have a PS4 because I already bought so many games… but I am unsure about getting a PS5 at this point with how things have been going. Playstation no longer offers official smaller controller options and rely on third parties to fill in that gap. I miss the older smaller controllers but they seem to not care about the base of players who were there since PS1. They no longer really promote their JRPGs which are the titles which kept me going through PS3. But Nintendo has many JRPGs and many of which were on the Vita in Japan but not in the USA. Sony who… abandoned their portable and didn’t really provide anything for it and it has worse battery life than the switch and is less powerful…. and requires internet to access your PS4 library and doesn’t come with any onboard memory and the memory is proprietary. But yeah sure, defend sony because they totally made a more powerful and consumer friendly portable (they didn’t).

      It isn’t like there aren’t some things I like about PS4. But both the PS3 and PS2 have games which I have played well over 100 hours and still go back to and remember fondly. Much like I do with all Nintendo portables. I always go back and love all the games I bought and they are utterly timeless. But this round, PS4 has been a disappointment. Least for me who is more interested in Japanese gaming. Not saying Monster hunter isn’t amaze but… it just isn’t what things used to be you know?

  2. Not my problem since Fortnite is totally free online, no need for a scummy sub and a nes game.
    Also fortnite has servers, updates every week, listen to fans and complaints ( Still can’t skip Splatoon 2 intro )
    And best off all you can fully delete or log in on other Switch hardware and all settings and every change you ever made is fully in the cloud all for free.

    Sucks for the sheep, but hey even if Nintendo kick them in the ass they still gonna kiss ass.
    A market for everyone lol.

    This whole Nintendo online thing is a joke. But morons gonna defend it no matter what.

    1. +CFG Except it doesn’t, if anything it keeps us in the dumps. Right now there is no way to backup our saves so if something were to happen to our Nintendo Switches, all of our progress would be gone for good and we’d not only have to buy a new system but also have to restart from scratch. And considering how grindy of a game Splatoon 2 is, someone that has pumped hundreds of hours into the game is going to badly suffer and it won’t even be their own fault.
      I’m sorry but save scumming is a small price to pay when weighted against this massive risk.

    1. Cause assuming you can cloud save every game is both ridiculous and hilarious. If games require RNG, then chances are it will not support cloud saves. Besides, at launch ALL games will have it enabled by default. This includes the behemoth that is NBA2k19.

      Or are you one of those filthy save scummers we always hear about?

  3. Woohoo. So glad to know that if I break/lose my switch I’m absolutely boned and will never get my 600 hours of progress back. Awesome. 20 bucks for cloud saves in offline 20 hour long games yaaaaay

  4. To be honest, I’m not surprised, with how re-rolls work as well as the rewards from Salmon Run, people could just re-download their saves and try again till they get what they want.
    Is this a good reason? Not really, they could have done what i proposed and make it so certain game save backups like with Splatoon 2 can only be downloaded once a day. No way people are going to want to wait an entire day just for a second chance, at that rate it would work out faster just to grind away for the chunks.

    1. The only way they can change it is if they make it so the game saves right after you roll… Every time. That slows down the flow of a game dramatically

    1. I hope they do change their mind. Or maybe it will be rolled out when they know it can be secure. It isn’t the same as cloud saving a single player experience. hackers ruin everything.

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