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Dragon Ball FighterZ For Nintendo Switch Was In Development Before The Release Of Other Versions

It appears as though the Nintendo Switch version of Dragon Ball FighterZ for the Nintendo Switch was actually in development before the Xbox One, PlayStation 4, and PC versions were released. The news comes from the Switch Player magazine who chatted to the developers about the well-received fighting game which runs at mainly 60fps in most instances on the system. Here is what was said:

“When the development for FighterZ first started for PS4/X1/PC platforms, information about the Switch was still quite vague. However, as the Switch was officially introduced to the world, we quickly understood the platform’s potential, and proceeded with development. At that time there were a lot of clashes with the PS4/ X1/ PC developments, so we decided to wait for development on the other platforms to be completed first before focusing on the Switch version.”

“Yes, it definitely had an impact. However, during an interview at the first announcement for FighterZ, a lot of questions were asked by interviewers and fans about whether we were considering making a Switch version any time soon. This motivated the whole team to give the fans what they wanted.”

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22 thoughts on “Dragon Ball FighterZ For Nintendo Switch Was In Development Before The Release Of Other Versions”

  1. Switch’s future is clearly the most unknown of any Nintendo system. While Wii U was the bigger contributing factor to reluctant publishers the handheld market has also been a huge question mark and 3DS and Vita contributed to the questions asked.
    Despite what people claim Switch’s AAA support isn’t that bad and it is continuing for a lot longer than Vita and Wii U were, its actually much closer to PSP when it launched. Therefore its too early to say if Switch will say Switch won’t or will get AAA games.
    Take off your hate goggles on what PS4 and XBOne get and compare Switch to what previous handhelds and Wii U got for AAA support and you’ll see what I mean. Its too early to tell right now. If there is a paradigm shift remains to be seen but there is definitely a market for console quality games regardless of what the analysts and journalists told us.
    They were wrong. Its how wrong they were thats up in the air.

  2. What? I think “My Nintendo News Admin” misunderstood. In the interview, they clearly say that they waited for more Switch details to be released before starting work on it. Development began on PS4/XB1/PC first. This article needs to be amended. Headline is 100% factually incorrect.

  3. Enjoy the prospect of one day losing your save, guys. Since this has online play, it probably won’t have cloud saves because of the “fair play” excuse Nintendo is throwing around. Good luck and may the gods protect your saves because Nintendo won’t.

      1. Now that I’m more calm and not as angry… Salty, yes. Child, no. I’m a customer that is going to be paying for online and I would like to have full support of cloud saves because of that fact. It’s utter bullshit to be charging people for a service that’s being half assed. I could let slide the bullshit with voice chat being half assed and tied to a smartphone app as I can easily use Discord on my PC as a substitute. I don’t have an alternative to backing up my save data, though, since Nintendo won’t allow us to copy our save data to an SD card or something. And don’t try and give me that fair play bullshit. There is a way to make it to where copying our save to the cloud or an external storage device doesn’t upload the online part of the save. Others have done such things. If you still want to defend Nintendo, go ahead. It’s not my problem and I’m still gonna trash Nintendo for their stupid decisions when I don’t agree with them as it’s my right as a human being and as a customer, so you are ultimately wasting your time. Speaking of wasting time, I’ve wasted enough of mine since you’ll most likely ignore everything in this comment and probably either continue to accuse me of being a little kid or, like some of the morons on that other article, claim I’m just a cheater mad I won’t be able to cheat anymore. Neither of which is true but whatever. You’ll believe whatever you want in some vain attempt to protect Nintendo. Good day and good luck. You’re gonna need it with the damage control you’ll most likely be doing for awhile because of another very bad decision by Nintendo.

      1. Most fighting games have a story mode these days (this game being one such one.) It needs a save feature. This isn’t Super Smash Bros Brawl where the developer was being an idiot and not adding a story mode because he “didn’t want cutscenes being spoiled on the internet.” (Of course, even SSBB needed a save function since you unlock stuff in the game.)

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