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Nintendo Says That Some Switch Titles Will Not Have Cloud Save Support “To Ensure Fair Play”

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Throughout the day, we have been reporting on the news that some Nintendo Switch titles will not support cloud saves, a feature that will be launching with the Nintendo Switch Online service. Well, Nintendo has commented about the matter to Game Informer, explaining why they did this. According to Nintendo, “in certain games [cloud saves] would make it possible to, for example, regain items that had been traded to other players, or revert to a higher online multiplayer ranking that had been lost”. Here’s the statement they made in full:

“The vast majority of Nintendo Switch games will support Save Data Cloud backup. However, in certain games this feature would make it possible to, for example, regain items that had been traded to other players, or revert to a higher online multiplayer ranking that had been lost. To ensure fair play, Save Data Cloud backup may not be enabled for such games. To ensure that Save Data Cloud backups cannot be used to unfairly affect online multiplayer rankings, the feature will not be enabled in Splatoon 2.”


120 thoughts on “Nintendo Says That Some Switch Titles Will Not Have Cloud Save Support “To Ensure Fair Play””

  1. Cut the crap Nintendo i maybe a fan of you but just be upfront and honest you just don’t want pirates backing up their saves to either one share them online which is understandable but pretty pointless as they will do it anyway, or 2: if a games digital will help them get more money if the switch messes up.

    1. Its not about piracy. Its about fair play. Last thing I want is people running around with even more broken gear. People already exploit Swim Speed…

      1. Since you seem to be stupid, let me explain. There are ways to stop people from cheating. Like breaking saves up into two parts: offline saves and online saves. Only offline saves can be saved to the cloud while the online save is saved to the server. Stopping cloud saves isn’t gonna stop cheating, anyway. You’re buying into Nintendo’s bullshit excuse. Now that makes you either a fanatical fanboy kissing Nintendo’s ass or a sucker that doesn’t realize they are being screwed and lied to. Or you are just a sad little internet troll.

      1. 100% logic eh? Except for the fact that my saves should have no effect on my ranking what so ever. That should be saved sever side at the end of the match. So, maybe nintendo should try again on this one because it just reads like a cheap excuse.

  2. Cool, I’ll just accept the tradeoff of losing my level, earned gear, splatfest shells, salmon run level and main game/octo expansion data if something ever happened to my Switch then; because Nintendo couldn’t figure out how to apply cloud back-up where other companies could.
    Unless those things WILL be saved, but their explanation left me with no hopes, this is a bad joke.

    1. Well, for a game like Splatoon progress is stored with you account on the server. That is the reason for the Fortnite account problem on Playstation, usually you can play on one system and then continue on another if you use the same account (which, again, contains your progress). The moment you log into your account on Playstation, you can’t access your account and your progress anymore from another system though.
      This has nothing to do with classic savegames that would need cloud saving.

      This should be at least partly the case with Splatoon as well, as you can see certain stuff on the Nintendo Switch app.
      That would suggest at least part of the data is stored on server, so that the app can access it.

      1. I am not guaranteeing anything though. Who knows what will happen.

        I am just saying, that part of the data must already be on the servers, how that combines with your local savegame, if there is any, remains to be seen.

      2. It doesn’t help though. If you were to login to your Splatoon 2 account on another Switch, none of your data would be uploaded. Everything you have in Splatoon 2 is saved locally. Something is happening with the app, but whether that can be used in place of a backup remains to be seen.

    2. My word. The absolute melodrama here and from comments like it is off the charts. Nearly every major game with a save file in gaming history has been at jeopardy if something happens to your physical hardware, and it’s never been a statistically significant problem….. ever. How old are all you guys? Cloud back ups have not been standardized for that long.

      1. Do you think they’d be able to use a gameshark? Sure, they’d get to unlock everything in a game but… always have that chance of erasing their data on the cart…

    1. Why? Because they legitimately care about fair play? You people whine and cry about this but you’re probably the ones who cheat in these games and use exploits.

      1. We just want the ability to restore our progress if something were to happen to our switch. why can’t they just establish better security to ensure that the saves can’t be copied or something? the lack of a backup is really dumb. have you ever lost a save? it’s awful.

      2. False. This is an idiotic comment, amak. Online multiplayer data should not be stored locally on the device. That’s a terrible design decision by Nintendo.

  3. This is a more direct answer than usual. Anyone who disagrees with this is just a filthy save scummer. I’m all for this as an avid Splatoon 2 fan. Too many broken setups. I really don’t want an unbeatable setup…

    1. You’re an idiot if you think that just because someone disagrees with this stupid decision that they are automatically cheaters.

    2. you’d willingly recomplete octo expansion after losing your save without a sinking feeling of all your hard work being lost?

      1. Speak for yourself.

        Not everyone wants to go through the chore redoing something that isn’t so fun the second time around. Honestly, it’s amazing how many people are coming out of the woodworks just to say how they’re looking forward to restart games from the beginning, all because of Nintendo fucking up cloud saves on a current-gen system that doesn’t even allow you to do anything with your save data other than delete.

        Also, let’s see how fun it is if they ever pull that shit with Crash Bandicoot, BotW, or Hollow Knight, or should you ever use a specific team of Pokemon you are attached to.

      2. If you don’t want to play your games more than once maybe you should be doing something you actually like. I guess you’ve never had the same meal twice or listened to the same album twice or watched the same movie twice either?

        This is yet another step in the right direction, cheaters are not welcome on the Switch. It’s amazing how many people have been exposing themselves as cheaters getting all upset that they won’t be able to cheat.

  4. Dude I have 550 hours on Splatoon 2 and if my system breaks and i can’t do a transfer, all of my progress would have been for nothing. I’m pretty sure they could have figured a way around this though. It’s kinda funny tho since all the people complaining rn don’t even play splatoon enough to care about their data and probably aren’t gonna get PKMN Let’s Go since its “not a real pokemon game”. All the other games on the list are 3rd party so thats probably even less of a fanbase.

      1. Where do you people get this info from? In your heads? Nintendo hasn’t said if Smash will have cloud saves. Most of the games that don’t have cloud saves have online multiplayer. Smash Ultimate has online multiplayer so the changes are high it won’t have cloud saves.

      1. I didn’t mean not having cloud saves for all games, I meant the reason why they don’t.
        If it’s a dev thing then that’s fine, there’s nothing to do there, but preserving traded items and rankings with cloud saves can already be done in other platforms like Steam, so why not on the Switch? That’s what I meant.

  5. I can’t believe the amount of moaning over this. They might as well register the fear of losing video game save data as another phobia after today.

    1. Why don’t you delete ALL your save data right now, RIGHT NOW, and tell us if you still feel the same way as you do right now.

      And if anything phobia-related happens, it’ll be Nintendo’s fault. They chose this, so they have to accept the outcome.

      People aren’t just going to accept the risk of system data loss. We say flowery things like “Nintendo has the right to do this” or “I respect Nintendo’s decision” (just to make ourselves sound “bigger” in the eyes of casual and future big names), but there are several groups out there working on projects and technological feats for the sake of a common interest(s). As long as we care about our save data progress, we’re going to invent ways to preserve it. And as long as Nintendo half-supports something so basic, people are going to preserve the parts that AREN’T being supported.

      1. I’d be completely fine deleting my save data. I’ve had all my data lost on a system before. It’s really a blessing in disguise.

        If gaming is a chore to you… Are you actually having fun?

        It’s actually a very liberating realization.

      2. Yeah, you sound like a pretty happy gamer. I’m starting to reconsider my stance and try to be more like you because it just looks so appealing.

      1. Very true. I’m just surprised some people are choosing this to be the hill they die on.
        I can’t blame them(gamers) too much though. Devs are just exploiting human nature and making their games more like the “needy boyfriend/girlfriend.” They demand so much time (often grinding/repetitive tasks) of the player and then put all that on pedestal that shall never be removed (until the sequel comes out and they are ready to start the process over).
        Video games today really need a lesson in respecting player’s time and learning when to say “goodbye”…

        …you know… instead of forcing people to grind for hours and hours for weapons or items or virtual trophies and then getting them so worked up and anxious about losing their payoff they spent all that time on.

  6. That is the most retarted thing I have read all week…
    But oh yeah Nintendo, I sure would enjoy losing my 400 hour progress I made in Splatoon 2, I sure want to grind all these levels, scrub and reroll all my gear again to get them to the state they are now and oh boy, do I want to beat the Octo expansion again with the incredibly and super duper not fun secret Agent 3 boss, that sure would be thrilling.

    Seriously, they should get their heads out of their asses. When we have to pay for being able to play online we can at least expect for that to be enabled to all games, may fair play be involved.
    Valve, Sony and Micro$oft are able to do that too.

  7. I’m sorry MNN but this is the last straw for Nintendo. I thought they had righted the ship, but I guess not.

    Thank you for the years of news MNN, not your fault, I’ve just lost my last ounce of hope for Nintendo.

      1. I bet this actually means “making this work for splattoon 2 so that it won’t become abusable would take too much time and too many resources to rewrite the code and seperate how saving currently works in the game.”

        I bet if they ever make Splatoon 3 it’ll have it. If the game was already coded to save separately all from your online ranking I bet this feature would be easy to implement. But it isn’t and Nintendo isn’t willing to add something in that could break their ranking system. Sucks, but adding features to games that have already released isn’t as easy as flipping a switch sometimes.

    1. I am honestly always baffled to see just HOW important cloud saves are for some people. Important, I can understand, but this is way too much drama for my taste.
      Especially since most games will have it.

    1. I bet there will be on future titles that have a ranking system. Probably would take a lot more work then we realize to go back and change the way this game saves to make a compromise work

  8. Since it doesn’t specify on Smash that it can’t be it’s fair to assume it will have Cloud saves, and with what they said about preventing rank changes in Splatoon it’s safe to assume that Smash Ultimate won’t have a ranking system

    1. No, I bet Splatoon was developed without cloud saving in mind and it would be too hard/expensive to recode the game now to make it so everything gets backed up except for online rankings. I bet every game they put out in the future regardless of whether or not they have a ranked online mode will have this feature. They would never release a statement saying that though just in case they became unable to implement it in a future game for one reason or another.

      1. Thank you Stinkbomb, it is always refreshing to see people looking at stuff rationally.
        Especially in times were people basically say that “They (Nintendo) are incompetent” or “pure evil (for no reason)”. It is getting really tiring.

        If they don’t support cloud saves for a game, then there will be a reason for it and Splatoon not yet being made with that in mind seems to be the most likely to me as well. Who knows, maybe they are even working on it right now.

  9. People are going fucking apeshit about some fucking cloud saves! That’s hilarious!😆😆😆😆 How did you manage to play any game until today?

    1. The same way we normally do. But that doesn’t mean we haven’t lost data before (which results in dead games to some).

      SNES era – Cartridge saves/passwords
      N64 era – Cartridge/Game Pak saves
      GameCube era – Memory cards
      Wii era – SD card backups/Savegame Manager/NAND backup
      Wii U – USB backups (AFAIK)

      However, the losses I DID suffer from came from Pokemon Ruby, Diamond, Conker’s Pocket Tales, Pokemon Jade (Bootleg), and a faulty N64 memory pak which costed me Rayman 2 and Gex 64.

  10. Why couldn’t they just make it so that if you want to play online, your current data HAS to save to the cloud after every ranked match or trade deal or something like that? Not willing to do that? No online for you, per terms and conditions.

    I can’t imagine that would be very hard to implement. It would stop these (valid) complaints while keeping save abuse down.

    1. Sounds like a good plan to me. Online only games should be cloud saved for fairness sake. The offline content can sinc up when connected.

    2. I think Nintendo doesn’t want to admit they don’t want to spend more time with Splatoon coding. Spaltoon 3 will have cloud saves. My guess off course since Pokémon never got save back up, but at least it had Pokemon bank

  11. I don’t care, defo not buying it now. My Switch never really leaves it dock at my place so nothing will happen to it. Remember when memory cards were better? :P … Remember when you post all your game data and progress years ago by accidentally pressing wrong button or power cut or something … Cloud saves in the 90s??? Lol

  12. So far it’s just 3 games that don’t support cloud saves, one of which you guys have constantly been shitting on and refuse to support despite the fact that it might be a decent game. Not a big deal.

  13. This is nonsense. Nintendo could have a system where this stuff works only until the person goes online (i.e. store which players have which weapons in an online database).

    Then, if people want to save-scum for singleplayer, they can (and who cares honestly), but they couldn’t take those weapons to online play.

  14. I have almost 800 hours in Splatoon 2 and lots of gear and progression in the single player. If the save file is gone I will be done with the Switch, no way I’ll ever grind that back.

    All my pc games on Steam and other platforms have cloud saves and all are good at preventing cheaters online.

    If I have to choose between playing against a hacker once every 100 round or getting my saves back uped
    I will play against hacker, for sure. It’s not an eSPorts game so I don’t care, I do care about my invested time in grinding. If it’s gone I can’t come back for doing the same. Sorry but the Nintendo online doesn’t really convince me at all.

    I rather lose my save from Xenoblade 2 than SPlatoon 2 saves

  15. Yep. It’s the Wii & Wii 2 *cough* I mean Wii U all over again. Watch we eventually find out Smash won’t allow cloud saves either. I’m expecting this to be the case for ALL online games. If so, as much as I wanted to play as Ridley for the first time, play as Young Link, Wolf, Ice Climbers, etc again, or even play some of the newbies I never thought I ever needed to play as, I’m gonna have to very, very regretfully decline Smash Ultimate. I’ll stick to single player games. It seems that it is sadly the only place where Nintendo aren’t stupid, tyrannical control freaks with bullshit like app only voice chat, cloud saves for single player games, etc. No wonder they put revealing this shit off til so late this year as they knew if they revealed this to us back in the early days of the Switch, this fucking system would not have done as nearly as good as it has. With any luck, sales for Switch will take a giant nose dive and the Switch will be just another failure that was only great for the first 2-3 years. Just like the Wii & Wii U were before it.

    Least the Nintendo fanatics and the suckers that actually defend this (I’m separating them since CFG isn’t a Ninty fanboy but he’s being a sucker right now for defending this bullshit) will be happy with Nintendo’s bullshit. Probably made excuses for Nintendo during the Wii & Wii U eras, too. It’s sad and pathetic when customers/fans become slaves/suckers to the brand they buy from.

    1. Very typical Nintendo, though. One step forward, two steps back then a tumble down the stairs they made that one step forward on. But like before, I didn’t realize how screwed I was til it was too late. :/ Maybe with Nintendo’s next system, I’ll stop being such a fucking idiot and wise up to their deceptions.

    2. Hey, Hollow! Weren’t you the one that told me Sony was pulling all of the Nintendo level of bullshit lately? Care to change your mind since it’s quite clear Nintendo is right back to pulling their level of bullshit right alongside Sony? lol

      1. Good thing is Sony’s bullshit isn’t nearly as smelly, or as all over the place, as Nintendo’s is right now. I can live without cross play on PS4 since I have all the things it seems Nintendo still refuses to give us. Especially once I get an XBox One S and a gaming laptop or desktop.

      2. Also, I don’t think that was me. But, while Sony has been making some dumb decisions, I wouldn’t say it’s close to Nintendo. They at least got the basic features covered while Nintendo is straight clueless to any of this.

        I think what they’re doing with crossplay and the whole not really allowing mods thing is questionable. There’s really no reason not to. And they really couldn’t care less about Microsoft doing it since they’re already way ahead and it’s not gonna do anything cause people will still play. That’s like the opposite of the way they were when this race started.

        But, yeah. They should really change their tune before the next generation.

        1. Nintendo and Sony both. Too bad Nintendo won’t change their tune. They’ve had 2 times to change it and we thought Switch was the second and final time as we thought they might finally be wising up but then the voice chat bullshit with the smartphone app and now this.

          1. They really delayed it for an entire year like it was gonna be something amazing, lmao.

            You might as well just patch in cloud saves from the start and forget about this service. Put the old games on the eShop and call it a day.

            1. They delayed it not because it was going to be great but because it was going to be so fucking bad that it would have ruined the Switch’s sales for it’s first 2 years and turned it into Wii U 2. (It could still turn into that but it will be with the sales at between 20-30m now so Wii U 2 will be a better failure than it’s predecessor.)

    3. There is a possibility of ssb being compatible with cloud saving, remember that global smash rank system? There is no way to exploit it like the typical leaderboard, so i think it is possible to save data.

      Also you forgot to add the amiibo thing to the list, sad to see those figurines as “unlock early” stuff.

      The Wii and Wii U era already ended, the guys in charge are not Iwata, nowadays they are open to listen (at certain degree) to criticism and feedback.

      Yeah, i think the online service looks like garbage but people asked for it in the same way my Nintendo crap was created, it was because of criticism, “Nintendo Wi-Fi connection/network sucks”, “club Nintendo” is garbage and look how things are, i am not going to say those were excellent…Ok i loved club nin (sue me).

        1. Well, the people who are in charge now are so different (kind of, nepotism still exists) and believe me when i say that they read, the issue is that they keep doing baby steps.

          1. Baby steps are fine. Sadly, Nintendo only makes baby steps once every 5 or so years. That’s too damn long between baby steps. Taking a step back and repeating something stupid doesn’t help, though. Like the return of friend codes. Sure there is a way around them but ugh!

        1. Well…uh, i was an intern there so i have been one of those robots…my life is a lie, hahaha.

          Actually they have people who actually do those things, keep in mind the amount of mail and calls that they receive (also the interest who some representatives show, no matter the company), the wii u era was so annoying because we didn’t have any information about several issues, remember that issue where suddenly the gamepad lose connection with the console, man as i rememeber they never gave us how to handle those issues beyond just restart and pair again.

    4. Yep, this ain’t it. We’re not at the point where I would call the service great. It gets the job done (playing online games) and not much more.

      I knew it wouldn’t compare to PS Plus or Xbox Live Gold and I didn’t expect it to either. And it still didn’t deliver.

      But, then again, this is the same company that launched the Switch lacking basic features. I probably should’ve seen this coming.

  16. This doesn’t bother me at all, Steam does this exact same thing and yet nobody complained about them doing it. Steam allows cloud saves for only certain games, just like Nintendo now. And I totally understand this move, its mainly to prevent cheating of course, so this is totally fair by all means. Only downside is that you gotta start over in certain games, but I don’t really see that as such a horrible thing. You’ll already know what to do and such so it shouldn’t take as long as the first time you played it through. So quit making it sound like the world is gonna end by not being able to transfer saves.

    1. There is something you fail to mention and are willfully ignoring with your comparison which is actually a pretty terrible comparison: you can transfer your saves to a Micro SD Card or other such storage devices. So the lack of cloud saves for some games on Steam isn’t as big of an issue as it is on Switch.

    2. You can back up Steam games in other ways, and it’s free cloud sync when the games supports it. Switch is also a hybrid handheld, which makes it easier too break in my opinion. So locking save-backup behind a paywall AND not offering a way at all for many games is not the most pro-consumer move I’ve seen to say at least.

      I would also point out that just because you think it’s not important to backup games, others might. Other people are equally as good as a customer to Nintendo as the next person, and they should be heard and get the product they want when they invest money and time into a game. MS is cloudsaving Halo multiplayer, and so should Nintendo manage to do with Splatoon. And speeding trough games is one thing, but games that require grind is a whole other story. Not all people have the time to play a game twice.

      1. Thank you for pointing out some games involve grinding. There are a lot of people in here trying to say “Oh you must not be having fun playing video games if you hate the idea of starting all over again! This is more of a chore for you so maybe you should stop playing video games.” Such an ignorant statement. And there is a huge difference between starting over because YOU want to and starting over because some asshole deleted your save from the system or the save got corrupted and had to be deleted or something beyond your control.

  17. Nintendo will never stop making dumb decisions because fanboys will never stop defending stupidity. If you lose or damage your switch, then you lose everything. All games on PS4, and Xbox have cloud save, period. If Nintendo cared about “fair play” then they would do something to immediately ban hackers and disable hacking methods. Fanboys grow up.

    1. Why is it a cheap excuse? Because it’s not the real reason. The real reason is either they want to control their customers by not letting them have cloud saves for certain games or because, like always, Nintendo absolutely sucks at online and can’t do a simple system where saves for online games have an offline component and an online component where the online component doesn’t get saved to the cloud. If it’s the latter, it’s just an excuse so they can be lazy and cheap and not put forth the time, effort, and cash to set up such a system for saves for games with online.

        1. Oh no! Please don’t go Super Saiyan and Ka-Me-Ha me! Anything but that! *snickers* Pfft! Quit being a little whiny Nintendo fanbitch because you don’t like the fact they are getting some legitimate criticisms for their stupid decisions!

  18. The problem is that some games must be reengineered to provide cloud saves, so that’s the problem for not having it on the platform from the start. Future titles obviously will get it integrated. Don’t be depressed if some games aren’t supporting it now.

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