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Epic Games Confirms Fortnite Monopoly, Which Launches October 1

Monopoly and Fortnite fans will be happy to know that the two renowned brands have officially joined forces to create Fortnite Monopoly. The news was formally announced by Epic Games creative director Donald Mustard, who describes the mash-up as “so so fun and such a unique spin on the classic game mashed up with last player standing.” The Fortnite-themed take on the classic board game hits store shelves on October 1, so you won’t have to wait too long to get your hands on it.

37 thoughts on “Epic Games Confirms Fortnite Monopoly, Which Launches October 1”

    1. You seem really triggered by a game for kids, do you spend a lot of times raging online about child stuff like Nintendo cardboard and Forkknife ?

    1. So cardboard is ok, but this triggers you ? A famous game that’s free to play unlike Overpriced cardboard that kids can’t afford from Nintendo.

      Did you know Fortnite is free and free cloud saves and has servers.
      Makes you think how old school and how behind Nintendo is compared to western devs these days.

      What a joke. Keep making lazy old people rich, kid.

  1. I’m gonna order one for Wetluigi his birthday.

    Still hoping for a Donald Trump Monopoly edition for giving Nintendo First Order her birthday.

    1. It’s on Switch, didn’t you know … oh wait you are one of these hipsters too cool for games.

      Love the salty tears over a free game

      1. Duh because if I don’t have to go to bed you actually had to debate me and convince me why I’m wrong.

        You got nothing, so keep awake and keep smoking your drugs.
        Drugs users and welfare queens are aways late up into the night.

    1. Cries about free to play game and calls it the end times, yet paying for cardboard seems reasonable … Ok

      Guess you don’t have to worry since you are busy fishing with cardboard game 😂

  2. Wow it actually looks like it plays differently from regular monopoly instead of being yet another reskin. 8 less spaces to land on and what looks like only 1 movement dice. Don’t know what the other dice is for? Attacking other players? I am honestly intrigued .

  3. It looks a lot like Monopoly: Gamer edition (Mario Monopoly). I love that edition. If it’s similar, then the character cards will have special powers on the other side, and you will roll that second dice and be able to use one of those special powers.

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