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Mario Kart Was Trending Worldwide Today For A Totally Bizarre Reason

Today has been another wild day in the social media space, specifically on Twitter, where Mario Kart was trending worldwide for several hours. However, instead of being related to the next entry in Nintendo’s long-running racing series, the trend started because an adult film star compared something that belongs to U.S. president Donald Trump to poor old Toad‘s figure. If you’re curious to see what exactly this is referring to, click here.

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42 thoughts on “Mario Kart Was Trending Worldwide Today For A Totally Bizarre Reason”

  1. PS4/Switch master race

    Hahaha. I love how you try to make this article as family-friendly as possible.
    Also, I did not expect you to report this, because of how absurd this is.

  2. I’ve got to wunder if Melanie would like to leave, Cheating Little Donny, and the Mushroom Kingdom now … because I’m sure this proves trump had the affair he keeps denying …. or is will she stay , for the $$$ … 🤔🤫😂🤣

  3. Doesn’t really help her case to be childish and immature.
    But her audience seem to keep cheering so keep it up, even idiots need entertainment.

    1. Trump’s one of the most immature people on the planet !! Lol 😜
      Shes exposing this info
      as proof of her affair , She’s been called a liar, by trump and his minions, and trump has lied repeatedly about the affair …. I’m
      Betting this proves there was an affair, and Now he can’t lie to Melania about it anymore …. it’s just more proof he lies all of the time …

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