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Japan: Xenoblade Chronicles 2 Receives An Award For Excellence

The lengthy and exciting Xenoblade Chronicles 2 for the Nintendo Switch has received a special award today during the CESA Japan Game Awards 2018. The latest Xenoblade adventure received the highly coveted award for excellence, which is sure to please not just fans, but Monolith Soft and the hard work they have put into the JRPG.

12 thoughts on “Japan: Xenoblade Chronicles 2 Receives An Award For Excellence”

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  2. In terms of the story and its execution, I’m not much of a fan. There’s too many (anime) cliches, moments where what happens next has been predicted by the player two story chapters ago, and the story’s final conclusion is not really that interesting at all. There’s a part where a main character almost defeats the main antagonist. But because they were to lazy to finish the antagonist off, they had time to heal and they return minutes after to fight you again. To make matters worse, that main character doesn’t do what they did the first time to defeat him again when he shows up the second time to fight. How convenient for the plot.

    I think the game is okay (aside from massive framerate drops and occasional robot-like animation in the characters) but it’s miles behind the first Xenoblade Chronicles, in my opinion. At least in Xenoblade Chronicles X, the conclusion to the story is much interesting to experience and talk about.

    1. I agree with you, despite I loving the game quite a lot(170 hours on it), there are a lot of issues in the game design as well that I can’t deny. I hated some battles that you fall off of the platform and go to the clouds and it was impossible to finish the fight, and some flying enemies that were not in the platform and when you hit them with a special it falled to the clouds and took ages to came back to the fight(so bye bye for you super combo). And even having to ‘equip’ your blade everytime you need to make a move skill in the background area, i feeled that the jump and controlls were wacky too, easy to fall, and hard to find a way out off of the clouds, there are more issues I cant remember but it has been months I haven’t play. Altough there a lot of good things and catchy gampley that counter balance these issues for me, please, don’t consider this a rant or me as a hater.

  3. The soundtrack for this game is phenomenal. I didn’t think they could top xc 1 but the soundtrack is on par or better. Only complaint I have is of the enemies being damage sponges. I don’t mind the undocked performance since it’s a massive game, I’m not a graphics person anyway so that’s probly why. Overall I think it deserves it.

  4. I wanted to get into it. The music was phenomenal. The story was alright.

    I just did not like the battle system compared to XB1. It was just kinda… Idk. I don’t know how but it was both simplistic yet complicated. Maybe convoluted is a better term?

    1. I didn’t like the battle system either. There was no real depth to the fight. The real fight took place in your inventory where you’re micro-managing and trying to boost the right stats for your next battle.

      Every battle feels the same and is solved with the same battle strategy every time; spam your abilities and let lifesteal and auto-heals from your party members save you when you need saving.

      You never really needed to use your special cutscene-attacks unless you want the fight to end faster. But otherwise, there’s no threat to the player as long as you’re not behind on leveling and you pick up all the equipment you come across. I’ve done this from the beginning until the end of the game and there’s no real strategy to the fights that you’ll find in Final Fantasy games, for example.

      I really prefer the first Xenoblade Chronicles and even Xenoblade Chronicles X for their great and engaging stories and their fun and rewarding battle systems.

  5. Don’t hate me but I just can’t get into this game because the waifu/loly art style and the anime clichés, XC1 was brutal and XCX was pretty good tho, but when I saw the videos of XC2 OMG the cringe is too strong!

  6. This is a great game bar none. The ones complaining above are probably PlayStation and no exclusive having xbox guys. They play persona 5 and hate on a master piece like Xenoblade Chronicles 2. Just goes to show you that these are the children and also former Sega fans. Whinny to no end.


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