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Shenmue I & II Is Being Considered For Nintendo Switch

Shenmue I & II were recently remastered for both the PlayStation 4 and the Xbox One. Japanese publication 4Gamer spoke to both the localisation producer and localisation director Hiroji Noguchi and Eigo Kasahara and both said they would like to see the legendary series on Nintendo’s latest platform. At this stage they are not sure whether it would be possible, but they said that they are currently considering it.

Hiroji Noguchi: Personally I think it would be nice to play Shenmue on Switch everywhere … (laughs)

Eigo Kasahara: I do not know if it can be done, but I take note of the views of the supporters. Even if answering this request, I would like to consider it.

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30 thoughts on “Shenmue I & II Is Being Considered For Nintendo Switch”

  1. How would it not be possible lol – these were originally Dreamcast titles and were even released in the first xbox years ago on 1 dvd (about 9gb) lol. The comments from sega really amount to whether they think it’s financially worthwhile . I wish they’d just be honest lol 😂😊

    1. It not like Switch will run those games like a Dreamcast would. They will be ports, and they should be in HD as well so it can be demaning. Plus Shenmue gameplay is tied up to framerate. If the game drops frames the whole game will go slower, and that could be another factor on the Switch. Performance wise they haven’t been struggling on PS4 Pro and Xbox One X, but they do have a lot of bugs. Those games are using real old coding.

      1. I just think there are a lot of hassles of porting those games. They’ve been bugfests and gameplay is tied to 30fps. So I the Switch can’t maintain that steadly you will noitce sever slowdowns.

    1. Comes down to preference. Personally. I love Nintendo titles. Therefore I own a switch. I also do own a Playstation 4. Though was given to me, I do enjoy the few PS exclusives.

  2. Good,it will inevitably come to the switch. There is no reason why they could bring it to Xbox and not switch saleswise. It is obvious it would sell more on switch than xbox, not sure about PS4 but definitely more than xbox lol

    1. When they use words like this, it means the games are already in the works. In time now, save up your Euros and pounds.


  3. In other words… We’ll wait and see if the game meets our sales expectations on the other consoles… If we fall short, we’ll release the Switch version and try to make Mine so fans think we’ve done something really awesome.

    If you’re gonna bring it, bring it… Don’t tell us about your thoughts… We have had way too many thoughts lately.

      1. How on earth is “we’ll release it if we know it won’t lose money” a scummy thing for a company to do? How often do you guys sink your personal cash into something that might be a waste of time?


    dont bother there scummy ports full of glitches and bugs and a werid constant flow between 4;3 and 16by9 ratio

    and again another game nintendo fans are supposed to be jelous of FLOPS then we get it



    Kantenstain SEPTEMBER 29, 2018 AT 5:08 PM
    I just think there are a lot of hassles of porting those games. They’ve been bugfests and gameplay is tied to 30fps. So I the Switch can’t maintain that steadly you will noitce sever slowdowns.

    LOLOLOLOL SWITCH CARNT RUN SHENMU dude take your meds !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  6. Now we can all pretend that these games haven’t aged like milk, time stripping away the novelty of the effort put into the world, leaving nothing but a public survey simulator with the occasional 3 minutes of clunky beat ’em up.

    1. Yeah, I was prepared for the worst, since I remember the game was cluncky even back in the day, but I was surprised over how much I’ve enjoyed it. Sure, games like Yakuza is a better choice in 2018, but Shenmue is still alright to play, especially if you view it as a piece of gaming history. Why people are so into NES games still surprises me still. I know the gameplay is simpler and tighter and the graphic is a bit more timeless than Shenmues lol, but still. Shenmue is at least something different when it comes to retro.

      My worst issue with the game is the voiceovers. Compressed CD-quality stuff xP It sounds really cheap. And most actors, except from Ryo, are terrible to say at least. Looking forward to Shenmue 3. We all will be disappointed because of too high expectations I’m sure, but it’s going to be nice to end this saga.

      1. Well as someone who still plays NES games, I’ll tell you why. The design philosophy is fundamentally different to modern games. Original Zelda didn’t tell you where to bomb the wall or even how to get to the final dungeon. It was a *game* for YOU to figure out, not a carefully scripted movie/novel where everyone tells you how important and awesome you are while enemies throw themselves at your fists. Now obviously I’m generalizing. There are plenty of modern games that aren’t like that. I’m just trying to get across the interest.

        As for Shenmue, I just can’t see past what I’ve always, even then, found as serious design issues. I’d wager I wouldn’t find questioning the townspeople about every little thing so irritating if I just had dialog boxes I could read quickly rather than that god awful voice acting. Dunkey on youtube summarizes it pretty well I think. Still, I’ve always loved the IDEA of the three part epic story of Shenmue, and I never did play Shenmue 2. I might give it a shot as a run up to Shen 3.

        1. I understand that your opinion about getting your hand hold through a game. Sometimes it’s okey, like The Order 1886, which is more like a movie than a real game, but finding things or pulling through things in Zelda without hints is a awesome feel indeed.

          As you said; Shenmue brought up that feel a lot, but often you just had to ask(actually harass) people to get the direction. The game actually reminded me of how my childhood was (without being chased by gangsters lol). Getting lost, being beating up by bullies, get Pokémon cards stolen and sneak out and use payphones haha. Without that way too long truck driving sequence, I found the game rather okey. I’ll replay Shenmue 2 tonight.

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