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Square Enix: Dragon Quest XI S For Nintendo Switch Will “Still Take Quite Some Time”

Those of you looking forward to playing the latest entry in the Dragon Quest series and don’t own a PlayStation 4 will have some more waiting to do as Square Enix has said that Dragon Quest XI S for the Nintendo Switch still isn’t quite ready. From the sounds of it the release of the JRPG on the Nintendo Switch could be a long way off. Here’s what Dragon Quest XI Producer Hokuto Okamoto and Director Takeshi Uchikawa said in a new video translated by Dual Shockers.

We also get a mention if Dragon Quest XI S for Nintendo Switch, which is “still in the midst of development” including the Japanese version, and developers “expect the development to still take quite some time.”



15 thoughts on “Square Enix: Dragon Quest XI S For Nintendo Switch Will “Still Take Quite Some Time””

  1. I’m sick of hearing that but tbh I wasn’t expecting it to come out soon. I would think it’ll be out next summer for Japan and then next Autumn for the west seeing as the translation has already been done.

    1. I don’t think it’s that worth it anymore it will probably release in 2020 and everyone can buy it now (if they own a ps4) and the switch is not a powerful console so I don’t think it’ll be that worth it but I could be wrong I think I red an article about the switch version of unreal engine 4 and how they need to update it

      1. Well they don’t need to update it actually. The reason its taking longer is most likely a rights thing. Release it here and then wait a year to release it there. It’s not that complicated to have it released for both consoles at the same time. Sony just wanted it first and paid for that.

  2. Take your time squeenix there’s plenty to play until then , no rush just make sure it ain’t a crappy port with frame issues. If I’m gna wait I want this to be in a stable build surely not the best but acceptable at least

  3. Really!? This was the second game announced for the NX you know (right after Zelda BotW). All the other delayed games have already come out!

  4. Will take some time meaning we need to see how much money we recoup from the ps4 version sales then we will see exactly if it’s even worth porting quickly enough without fans just forgetting qbout it. Sounds like by the time it launches PS5 will have launched already

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