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Video: Mario Appears In Apple’s New iPhone XS Advert

Nintendo’s iconic Italian plumber Mario has appeared in the latest Apple advert. The advert is for Apple’s new high-end iPhone which is called the iPhone XS. You get a brief glimpse of a huge Mario running through one of the levels in Super Mario Run which is available now for both iOS and Android. Take a watch down below.

Thanks to Nintendo First Order Reaver for the news tip!

16 thoughts on “Video: Mario Appears In Apple’s New iPhone XS Advert”

    1. millennial*

      So you are born before 1980, Waw dude that’s sad you still moan on a Nintendo website at your age about young people and a toast, little bit bitter inside from al the bad choices you made in life ?
      Jelly about young people ?

      Nobody hates Apple, it’s the best selling phones in the world and Apple is trillion air. Your opinion vs facts.
      Keep lying to yourself, we see you different that you want us to believe.

      Lol Nintendo Switch, so much cringe at your age.

      1. “Apple is trillion air” Good wording, really good. Apple sell based on being corporate shitbags.

        They blackmail the US government into having little taxes on their evil corporation, sell overpriced hardware to brainwashed dickheads that think that “Bigger price instantly = better specs” and worst of all their ex-CEO and founder was a complete and total bastard.

        Steve Jobs once threatened legal action against his ex-girlfriend into having an abortion just because he didn’t want anyone to claim inheritance to his undeserved fortune, and it was more recently revealed that the last thing he told his daughter was that she “smelled like a toilet” on his own deathbed.

        He’s likely rotting in hell right now.

      2. People should proofread if they are going to cry out their bollocks for everyone to see on the internet, it’s not a very compelling argument, dyslexic of otherwise, when you don’t even bother to check if you spelt something right on the very thing you are posting with.

    2. YEah, because Nintendo Switch commercials aren’t cringe, right ? Did you ever seen one, it’s mostly aimed at kids.
      Kinda funny you call others mii-mii milinal < lol.

      You play your 1, 2 Switch at roof parties ? I can see why people hate Nintendo now.

      Stupid comment from old guy who still lives in basement with his Windows 7 machine, crying. 😂
      You are jealous, it's obvious.

      1. How am I jealous?
        I’m a high end gaming PC rocking a GTX 1080 Overclocked to 4GHz, Ryzen 7 1700, 16GB DDR4 RAM clocked in at around 3000 Mhz, 6TB SSD HDD Hybrid, 2 TB SSD for my Windows 10 Operating system and a 850 Watt PSU…

        You kids seem to fail a lot at judging people based on a comment but then end up getting completely destroyed when it turns out a millennial actually hates seeing cringy millennial stuff in advertisements. Sorry to say kiddo but I’m 24 and probably have more of a life than you.

      2. @fossilized artist

        Wow, a high-end gaming pc replying to posts?

        Seriously, think about what you post. As a 24 year old you claim to have more of a life than someone you called a kid, yet you go onto MyNintendoNews to brag about your PC and expose your fragile sense of identity.

        If you were REALLY mature you wouldn’t act this way, feeling high and mighty after teasing children for being children online.

  1. *sigh* Commercials today… If the commercial doesn’t have people overacting how hard it is to do menial tasks to sell some snazzy invention to make the menial tasks easier to do (as if they weren’t easy enough before), it’s commercials like these.

    We need more commercials like this one:

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