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US: New My Nintendo Rewards Available

Good news for My Nintendo members in North America with points to spare as the rewards selection has now been updated. Some of you have probably used most of your Gold Points on digital software on your Nintendo Switch but if you have some left over here’s what is available at the moment on the My Nintendo Store.

  • [3DS] 30% off Dragon Quest VIII: Journey of the Cursed King: 90 Gold Points
  • [3DS] 30% off Hyrule Warriors Legends: 90 Gold Points
  • [3DS] 30% off Style Savvy: Styling Star: 500 Platinum Points
  • [3DS] 30% off Disney Magical World: 70 Gold Points
  • [3DS] 30% off Mario & Luigi: Superstar Saga + Bowser’s Minions: 90 Gold Points
  • [3DS] 50% off Wario Land 3: 150 Platinum Points
  • [3DS] 30% off Poochy & Yoshi’s Woolly World: 90 Gold Points
  • [3DS] 30% off The Legend of Zelda: Majora’s Mask 3D: 90 Gold Points
  • [Wii U] 40% off Kirby’s Epic Yarn: 500 Platinum Points
  • [Wii U] 30% off The Legend of Zelda: Majora’s Mask: 150 Platinum Points
  • [Wii U] 30% off The Legend of Zelda: The Wind Waker HD: 400 Platinum Points
  • [Wii U] 20% off Yoshi’s Woolly World: 400 Platinum Points
  • October calendar: Luigi’s Mansion: 50 Platinum Points
  • October calendar: NES: Halloween Link: 50 Platinum Points
  • Wallpaper – NES: Halloween Link: 50 Platinum Points
  • Nintendo 3DS theme: NES: Halloween Link: 20 Gold Points

13 thoughts on “US: New My Nintendo Rewards Available”

  1. Another exciting week of being allowed to purchase products I already own or are not interested in, at a discount no less. Feels good to pay for Nintendo’s products.

      1. WOAH! Never noticed that, thanks for telling me! Spread the word! Ha ha, Nintendo, you can’t keep secrets for long!

      2. I think they just decided to forego the Switch Rewards entirely and just offer the 5% digital discount to simplify things. Otherwise, that section on the website would’ve remained there. I mean, if the Switch had themes like the 3DS, then you could spend your gold points on those, but it doesn’t…

  2. Even though I want to play Dragon Quest VIII, I sadly will decline. I’ve sworn off getting games digitally on my 3DS. Especially since I know for a fact any games I have digitally on it won’t be transferable to the Switch if they appear on there since not even games from Wii U on Switch are transferable. I’ll just stick with all of the games I already got on it digitally. I’ve got enough of them to keep my 3DS worthwhile. The only game I’ll buy for it at this point is Ultra Moon (physical) once I finish with Ultra Sun and move my Pokemon from it back to the PokeBank and trade the game back to GameStop to use it to get Ultra Moon cheap. (I just got a few more Pokemon to collect and I’ll have every single Pokemon available on handheld games (not counting Switch since it’s a hybrid.)

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