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Nintendo, Creatures, And Game Freak, Apply For Monpoké Trademark

Japanese Nintendo is reporting that Nintendo Co., Ltd., Creatures Co., Ltd. and Game Freak Inc have recently applied for a brand new trademark for Monpoké. The mysterious trademark spans four pages and there’s also a logo which you can see below. As with all trademarks filed by the Kyoto company, we shall have to wait and see what happens with it.



Thanks to darthwesker10 for the news tip!

20 thoughts on “Nintendo, Creatures, And Game Freak, Apply For Monpoké Trademark”

  1. They plan to replace standard currency with worldwide Mokpoke, or in other words, Pokémon money. Nintendo will soon own our banks and all of our loans.

  2. Monster pockets. They are going to sell clothes for Pokemon and Monpoke is the brand name. The next game will have you grooming and dressing up Pokemon instead of catching and training and battling (those are too hard).
    It’ll be the Pokemon equivalent of Happy Home Designer but worse!

    1. Ugh are you stupid or trolling ?

      They ain’t gonna show any sh*t before they first have to sell Pokemon Go eevee.

      Yeah let’s show better stuff before we even sell or spin off garbage so nobody buys it, genius !

      Fortnite player I guess ? Time to go back squeaking and destroying team mate ramps, bro

      1. Original comment, do you always reply with copy/paste poop from youtube comment section ?

        Salt Durr durr derp u mad, salty Zzzzzz 12 year old

      2. I reply with what I know. I’m being told I’m a child by a person who thinks i’m a “u mad salty zzzz 12 year old”.
        You said I copied a pretty useful Youtube comment when you went and took some cancerous Roblox phrase.

        Even when I was 12, I was smarter than you, little troll.

  3. I think it’s gonna be a Nintendo Switch online exclusive app which allows you to transfer pokemon from other games on other systems to your switch games. If you link Nintendo accounts you can transfer to the app and then choose which games to send them to.

  4. *Reads article*
    “But how do we not know anything about it? It says it’s a four-page trademark!”
    *Clicks on source*
    “Oooh. It’s in that secret code that they call… Japanese.”

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