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Splatoon 2 Has Been Updated To Version 4.1.0

A brand new update has been released for Splatoon 2. This means that the game will now be at version 4.1.0. The update’s official patch notes are lengthy, and for good reason. This update contains quite a few bug fixes, as well as some weapon rebalancing. If you want to see the official patch notes for yourself, we’ve included them for you down below.

  • Changes to Game Music
    • Added four new songs that will play during multiplayer matches.
  • Changes to Multiplayer
    • Fixed an issue causing a player super jumping to an ally’s location in the midst of returning to their starting location after using an Inkjet to super jump into unintended locations when network connectivity was poor.
    • Fixed an issue when dodge rolling on the inside of a grating, in which the player mistakenly rolled the same distance they would when on the ground although they were moving in midair.
    • Adjusted the sound effect caused when an opponent enters the area of effect of Toxic Mist, making it easier to distinguish if they are nearby or far away.
    • A sound effect will now play when using the gear ability Drop Roller.
    • Fixed an issue preventing players from tossing a bomb or clam when using the Nautilus 47 if the bomb or clam was thrown at the same time the charge from a stored charge shot expired.
    • Fixed an issue on the stage Starfish Mainstage, causing player movement to become slowed slightly when moving across a specific slope near the spawn points.
    • Specifications for some of the main, sub, and special weapons have been changed.
      Weapon Adjustment
      Neo Sploosh-o-matic
      When shots hit, their ink splatter will now extend further forward than it did previously.
      Splattershot Jr.
      Custom Splattershot Jr.
      When shots hit, their ink splatter will now extend further forward than it did previously.
      Aerospray MG
      Aerospray RG
      When shots hit, their ink splatter will now extend further forward than it did previously.
      Splattershot Pro
      Forge Splattershot Pro
      Ink now more likely to land around player’s feet when firing.
      Made the ink splatter that lands closest to the player when firing more likely to land closer to the player than it did previously.
      .96 Gal
      .96 Gal Deco
      Extended firing range by roughly 6%.
      Dynamo Roller
      Gold Dynamo Roller
      Will now also ink turf closer to the player in addition to previous ink coverage when performing a horizontal swing.
      Flingza Roller
      Foil Flingza Roller
      Extended range in which a horizontal swing will deal 100.0 or more damage by roughly 5%.
      Goo Tuber
      Custom Goo Tuber
      Increased firing range of a minimally charged shot by roughly 27%.
      Accordingly, firing range of other non-fully charged shots has also been increased slightly.
      Mini Splatling
      Zink Mini Splatling
      Ink splatter from fired shots now hits with a wider vertical spread than it did previously.
      Nautilus 47 Increased velocity of fired shots by roughly 133%, while making no change to firing range.
      Undercover Brella
      Undercover Sorella Brella
      While damage from a single shot remains at 40.0, the damage from peripheral ink splatter has been increased from 10.0 to 12.0.
      Splash Wall Decreased the time between using the Splash Wall and when ink recovery begins by roughly 15/60 of a second.
      Tenta Missiles Shortened time between firing of each missile.
      Splashdown Decreased reduction of special gauge if the user is splatted in the time between activating the special but before landing with it from 50% to 25%.
      Increased damage dealt by the Splashdown to bubbles fired by the Bubble Blower, ensuring that they will be destroyed if struck by it.
      Decreased the points required for using the Splashdown special in several of the weapon sets that include it.
    • Specifications for points required for some specials have been changed.
      Weapon Adjustment
      Sploosh-o-matic 170 >160
      .96 Gal Deco 180 >170
      Inkbrush 160 >150
      Hydra Splatling 190 >170
      Undercover Brella 160 >150
      Splat Charger
      Hero Charger Replica
      190 >200
      Splatterscope 190 >200
      Firefin Splat Charger 200 >210
      Firefin Splatterscope 200 >210
      Enperry Splat Dualies 200 >210
      Kensa Splat Dualies 190 >210
  • Changes to X Power and League Power in Ranked Battle
    • When playing Ranked or League Battles as a pair, your rank meter, X Power, or League Power will no longer decrease when playing with fewer members on your team due to internet disconnections for an even shorter period than was previously the case.
    • If internet disconnections prevent a player from finishing enough matches out of the last few dozen matches played, the decrease to their rank meter or X Power for each subsequent unfinished match will be greater than it was previously.
  • Changes to Salmon Run
    • Players are now able to review stats for their last 50 Salmon Run jobs via the SplatNet 2 portion of the Nintendo Switch Online smart device app.
    • Fixed an issue causing players to take contact damage if they had been standing in the location an enemy appeared just prior to that enemy’s appearance.
  • Other Changes
    • Voice chat will now be available via the Nintendo Switch Online smart device app when playing with friends in certain modes, even when creating rooms without selecting “Online Lounge.”
      • Players can also choose not to enable voice chat when creating rooms in this way.
      • This applies to the following modes which previously functioned with the Online Lounge feature: League Battle, Private Battle, Splatfest Battle (Normal) with friends, With Friends (Salomon Run).
    • Fixed an issue occurring after Splatfest Battles, in which the Splatfest rank meter would go up continuously and repeatedly.
    • Fixed an issue occurring in Splatfest Battles while under the effect of food items that increase experience or money, in which the player failed to earn gear ability chunks even after their Splatfest Tee had reached its highest level.
    • Fixed an issue in which players wouldn’t be recruited after selecting “Recruit more players” when creating a Splatfest Battle (Normal) room after first choosing “Online Lounge.”
    • Fixed an issue when using an amiibo to change equipment in the lobby in which the vibe meter at the top of the screen would mistakenly display information for the weapon used before making the change.
    • Fixed an issue causing certain sound effects not to play when doing recon on the stage Starfish Mainstage.
    • Fixed an issue causing platforms on the stage Ancho-V Games to move more during recon than in a battle when hit directly by a shot fired while using the Inkjet special.


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