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Super Mario Party Includes Only Four Different Boards

Nintendo has revealed that a total of four different boards are featured in Super Mario Party – three of which are Whomp’s Domino Ruins, King Bob-omb’s Powderkeg Mine and Megafruit Paradise. The fourth board hasn’t been made available to the public just yet, but its existence has been confirmed. This number could change in the future with additional content, though DLC plans for the upcoming party game are currently under wraps. Super Mario Party is set to launch this Friday, October 5, for Nintendo Switch.

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36 thoughts on “Super Mario Party Includes Only Four Different Boards”

    1. Not many games have taken advantage of consumers like that. Only games I can think of that Nintendo has put with purchasable content at a later date are Xenoblade Chronicles 2, The Legend Of Zelda Breath Of The Wild and Splatoon 2.

      All of those games I mentioned though got large expansion onto the main game.

    2. Nintendo has been good to release free DLC if it was held out at release, took short development time or came shortly after release. The paid DLC have been coming out a year after release and well worth the price.

  1. I only ever play like two or three boards depending on the game anyway, so this doesn’t affect me too much.

    Plus it appears that each board has two variants: one for 4 for all’s and one for the grid based 2v2s (I’m not entirely sure if the grid ones are locked behind the 2v2s, but the point is each board has two versions), so there basically 8 boards in total since classic board style and the grid based style offer two different ways to play

    1. First game had 8, second and third had 2, not counting the duel boards.
      4 Is ample, considering it is the type of game you’d bring out to play with guests and it’s not like you’re gonna devote an entire evening to playing all the boards.

  2. As long as they’re all good, that’s fine. As much as I like MP 2 and 3, I’d usually only stick to 2-3 boards for each game. There have been a loooot of bad Mario Party boards.. Quality > Quantity

  3. Pretty disappointing number, making it the lowest for any game in the series. Pretty sure the first game had 10. Not sure what exactly makes this version “super”

    1. Also it’s called Super Mario Party, not “Mario Party Ultimate.” Don’t act like spoiled brats because not all of your new favorite Nintendo games have 100+ stages.
      Just be thankful you’re getting a good Mario Party game at all.

  4. Torna was definitely good DLC. Breath of the Wild DLC was relatively disappointing. I’m still waiting for another game to match the DLC structure of Mario Kart 8 for Wii U. With each new wave we got what felt like significantly more content. They followed that up with Smash Bros., which was a scam with no disguise.

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  6. The best Mario Party was 1 and 2 rolling dice like a game board and could steal coins or power stars or even that one stage where Toad and Bowser were at the end. And every other time a person reached that goal it would switch over to Toad or Bowser. Bowser would steal your coins.

    Those were the good old days.

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