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Super Mario Party Does Not Support The Nintendo Switch Pro Controller

If you prefer playing games with the Nintendo Switch Pro Controller, you may be disappointed to hear that it isn’t supported in Super Mario Party. The upcoming party title requires the use of Joy-Con due to the nature of the featured minigames, which were built with motion controls and simple inputs in mind in order to provide a multiplayer experience designed for anyone to pick up and play. Super Mario Party is launching globally on October 5 as a Nintendo Switch exclusive.

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39 thoughts on “Super Mario Party Does Not Support The Nintendo Switch Pro Controller”

  1. i like how no one complains that motion controls are required for VR yet they complain when it comes to Nintendo.

    1. Though that’s because feeling like you actually touch and move something in a virtual world is different from wiggling a controller at your screen.

  2. Typical Nintendo. Always doing things that I HATE (my younger self would have never said those words). Oh well, at least it saves me from having to buy it. I’ll never play a game where the Joy-Cons are required. Ever since I bought the Pro Controller, I haven’t even unplugged the Joy-Cons once. And if anyone thinks that I’m once again being negative, blame it on Nintendo for always doing stupid things to disappoint me. Even when I saw the trailer for Super Mario Party, it made me cringe when it showed only the Joy-Cons being used. Everything else looked cool though. At least they ditched that retarded car and mini stars.

    1. Why are you surprise tho Mario Party 10, 9, 8 all use the Wii mote so it’s obvious the switch version is going to use joycons you do know that all mario party games use the main controller that comes with the system this isn’t something new so I don’t see why everyone is complaing, and why this is news

      1. People are complaining since it means some games based on motion/gestures. This may also mean that you cannot really play in handheld mode either as if the game requires shaking the controllers or whatever, they shouldn’t be attached to the screen.

        This is news since many/most games allow you to use either the pro controller or joycons. The fact that the pro controller does not have support is worthy of news post imo.

        To me, I’m more happy to see the return to form, even if it means some of the mini-games are similar to MP8 – which I actually somewhat enjoyed. MP9/10 were completely awful though.

  3. I mean, it was pretty clear that thats the case, but there goes my hope to play Mario Party with 2 other people. Not going to buy that overpriced Joy Cons

    1. They are a bit overpriced but at least they last longer than 4hrs and is way cheaper than the Elite controllers the literally the same as the normal controllers but with some modifications and they last 4hrs. Btw I own a PS4 and I hate that the controller lasts 0.4 of a femto second (old Ashens reference).

  4. Well the idea is for many people to join in and play ala pick up and play. They might have figured out that not everyone can afford the expensive Pro controller, so might as well use the joycons which can be used as two controllers, and maybe your friends can bring another set.
    Not saying i completely agree with this decision, but hey, this are simple mini games and you don’t require a huge amoung of input.

  5. My Switch is handheld 24/7 so… oh well. I’m not too bothered. I don’t think I’ve played a Mario Party game I enjoyed since the first 2.

  6. Might not buy this now, buying extra joy cons for a party of players is too expensive for my tastes and I actually don’t like using them to be honest, I loved the Wii but I’m done with Gimmicks like this, I don’t use them in any of my games, there are some other games I didn’t buy due to this to but for other gimmicks I didn’t like. When I’m playing in hand held mode I don’t want to have to be forced to take off the joy cons at times for forced gimmicks, defeats the purpose of being a handheld in the 1st place then even though I have the game I hated the Gyro controlled sections in BoTW, was creative but wouldn’t even work right for me, then the touch screen inputs in Captain Toad annoyed me for I do not like finger printing my Switch screen. Games like Arms are ok because the entire game was built around the idea of using Joy Cons as gloves but for games that you are just casually playing and then suddenly BOOM “Please remove Joycons” that annoyed me

    1. Also the Joycons sideways feel horrible and nobody I know likes it, I tried doing Multiplayer Mario Kart with them when I 1st got my system and nobody including myself wanted to play like that.

  7. This will kill handheld mode for some IF not most. Who in their right mind will shake their Joy-Cons while the screen is attached!? One mistake & oops! You just flung your entire Switch into your TV set or into that nearby pond of water you are standing in front of.

  8. Already have 2 sets of joy cons, not bothered at all, might buy it if I see anything on it that might be fun to play with my son

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