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Super Mario Party Japanese Box Art Revealed For Nintendo Switch

Super Mario Party is one of the Nintendo Switch games that were announced during E3 2018 last week. Set to launch on October 5, the upcoming party game introduces new minigames and play styles that make use of the Joy-Con controllers. Features include character-exclusive Dice Blocks designed to add depth to players’ strategy. Up to four players take turns rolling the dice and individually race across the board searching for Stars. For a look at the official Japanese box art for the game, check out the image below:

15 thoughts on “Super Mario Party Japanese Box Art Revealed For Nintendo Switch”

    1. No, thank God.
      Its just for one minigame, because the livestream showed us that each character moves on their own. It’s like the first few Mario parties without the bleed palms. Hopefully without the bleeding palms

  1. I’m can’t believe i’m actually excited for a mario party game again. It’s been over a decade. The treehouse gameplay sold me on this game. Can’t wait!

    Also, the Switch saved both Mario Tennis and Mario Party. What else will it save?…

    1. Define “Save”? the games are not out yet so we do not really know how will they perform and what will the gamer’s response be. We can hope that the Switch saves them.

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