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Okami Has Received 2nd Guinness World Record


The beautiful Okami has received its second Guinness World Record. The first world record was awarded in 2010 for the game being the ‘Least commercially successful winner of a Game of the Year award’ but this latest record is slightly more encouraging as the game has received the award for the ‘Most critically acclaimed video game starring an animal character’

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16 thoughts on “Okami Has Received 2nd Guinness World Record”

  1. I wonder if that “Least commercially successful” award still stands. This game has been re-released so very many times that I can only assume it must have had some commercial success somewhere down the line!

    1. You have to be smoking something really bad if you think any of those games have an entry better than Okami, you clearly have not touched the game ever.

      1. They question isn’t about which game is better but rather “critical acclaim”. Sonic the Hedgehog 2 at the very least seems like a game that would challenge Okami in critical acclaim – in fact, even the these-days oft-maligned Sonic Adventure games released to comparable acclaim.

    2. Well everyone you mentioned is an anthropomorphic animal so that might fall into a different category. Also this is referring to a specific game. If you look at the reviews on Metacritic Okami is higher ranked than all DKC, Crash, and Star Fox games. The only Sonic games that ties it in score was the iOS port of Sonic CD, and that has significantly less reviews contributing to the score than Okami, and they must not include ports.

      So all in all this record makes sense if you look at the facts, mainly that it is referring to one single game.

      1. Except Donkey Kong. The playable kongs are designed to be exactly like the animals they are based on so not anthropomorphic. The only one that is anthropomorphic is Candy Kong with her human boobs.

  2. I have actually never played okami and I just recently bought it for the switch after years and years of hearing how great this game is and I’ve even heard people go as far as saying that this is the best zelda game ever made.

    I can’t wait until I have a chance to play this so I can finally see for myself how awesome or ridiculously overrated this game is.

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