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Junichi Masuda Says That Another Pokemon Let’s Go Style Game Set In Johto Could Happen “If Everyone Enjoys Playing These Games”

We’ve written about Eurogamer’s interview with Junichi Masuda and Kensaku Nabana yesterday, but there’s one more thing of note that was discussed. You see, they were asked if they “have one eye on another Pokemon Let’s Go style game set in Johto”. Masuda responded by saying maybe, but it depends on “if everyone enjoys playing these games”. Here’s what was said in full:

I also wanted to quickly ask about the Pokémon that are available in the game – like those which are related to Kanto but not in the original 151. Pokémon like Igglybuff, or Magmortar, that tie into first-generation Pokémon. What was the reasoning behind leaving those out?

Junichi Masuda: So, kind of at the basis of it you know is that in the first generation there aren’t any Pokémon Eggs, so you know, when we thought about how would these Pokémon be hatched in the first place, it kind of didn’t make any sense. But also you know we wanted to spend more time and put more effort into making the Kanto Pokémon, the original 151, as well made as possible, and expressing them as well as we could.

Sure – and does it suggest you have one eye on another Let’s Go style game set in Johto?

Junichi Masuda: So you know maybe – if everyone enjoys playing these games [laughs] – but you know more than that, I know that a lot of people and fans have spent a lot of time hatching eggs, they’ve hatched… a lot of eggs, but we want them to kind of discover new ways to enjoy Pokémon games, you know I’d be really sad to think that for them, Pokémon is hatching eggs, so with this one we’re trying to show them a different side of the game.


37 thoughts on “Junichi Masuda Says That Another Pokemon Let’s Go Style Game Set In Johto Could Happen “If Everyone Enjoys Playing These Games””

      1. Like Pokémon isn’t casual enough?

        There are people who have been playing Pokémon for two decades. The majoirty of the fanbase are hardcore fans. It needs to get HARDER not easier.

        1. There’s also people who’ve only played Pokémon GO and none of the main series titles. The Let’s GO series is a great way to ease those specific players into the main games by making a regular Pokemon adventure but with the mechanics of Pokemon GO. So, it’s clearly not meant for dedicated fans who’ve been playing since Gen 1.

          But I guess understand long time fans complaining about the main games being too easy. Maybe they could add the challenge mode from Pokémon Black 2 and White 2 back but instead have it available at the start. That way, the more hardcore players can have the challenge they want while also not alienating the casual Pokémon players.

    1. I could see them continuing the Let’s Go series as a separate spin-off to the main series. The main concern here is obvious though — they need to keep the core series the same as it always has been, and not add in the mechanics (or lack-there-of) from the Let’s Go series. Although, I’m sure this would put more stress on the development team, having to push out a new title every year, alternating between a core title one year and a Let’s Go title the next.

      From a development standpoint, it would make more sense and be easier to have two separate development teams, one focused on strictly the core titles and another focused solely on the casual Let’s Go titles.

      That’s the thing. As a trainer for over 20 years now, I prefer the core titles. I don’t mind the Let’s Go titles in terms of a casual, non-competitive audience. But at the same time, I don’t like the wild mechanics, I don’t like the lack of items and abilities, and I don’t like how they’ve essentially lowered the difficulty to the point where you can never a lose a battle. If Masuda is trying to attract the casual GO crowd, that’s fine, but I don’t think you’re going to see many people who play GO (a free game) converting over and paying $360 for a Switch and a copy of Let’s Go.

      In hindsight, I’m glad Masuda is not involved in the development of the core 2019 game, because when he says things in other interviews like how 2 hours is too long for an RPG because young people these days only like quick 5-minute games on smartphones, it makes it obvious that he’s completely out of touch with his audience.

    2. There’s no reason why fans should be so upset with this game. They have clearly said that it’s not a mainline game. I don’t get why people are so upset.

      If you don’t like this style of game, then skip it and wait for the core game coming next year. It makes no sense that they’re turning hard-core fans off

      1. I am skipping it, Im sure a lot of other people are skipping it too. I dont give crap, if its a not a mainline pokemon game. This is probably the reason that ultra sun was exactly the same as its predecessor. I hate it because it is trying to get new fans from pokemon go by taking away all the substance that is pokemon. It looks like it was made for kids under the age of 7.

      2. ikr, pokemon did say pokemon lets go is for causal people and older people that are kids at heart and im that kid at heart, like really, pokemon was made for kids since the beginning and people saying jeez they are making it a kids game, well it always has been, they focus on what kids might like and not the adults which is good because the game would be worse if adults were in the mix… and im not saying kids should only play pokemon, i mean how pokemon views gameplay by kids point of view which tells them how to catch their attention and i say that is a good way to make a good game

    3. Just because the game isn’t for you does not mean that others will not enjoy it. Pokemon has had dozens of spin-off titles and so many entitled Pokemon fans choose to complain about this one…

      It’s rather annoying. You already have your mainline game coming next year. I think you need to take a chill pill.

  1. I mean this makes sense. A year on, year off schedule meaning Core Game every other year and a lets go remake every other year so this would be 2020 and a new Core Game in 2021. It pleases both audiences and helps with stagnation.

  2. This is honestly what I figured they’d do from the moment I heard them say this was a side thing. It’s a pretty good idea too. Once the initial Let’s Go games are done I don’t imagine it’d be too much work to make more like it using the same engine. It’d just be some art assets and whatever stuff in Gen 2 that didn’t make it to Lets Go Gen 1. It’d also be something easy they could do to keep new games rolling out for the Switch in the years to come what with it’s planned extra long lifespan. I was kinda hoping to see Gen 4 remakes, but the time feels right for rebooting the remakes cycle and hopefully they go for a faster remake cycle than before so they catch up to where they left off sooner.

  3. I knew it. This is exactly why he beat around the bush when it came to answering the question of “will you add Pokemon from other regions into Let’s GO Pikachu/Eevee?” If LGP/E does well, the other gens getting Let’s GO games is almost a certainty. Why? Money, that’s why!

  4. As awesome as this sounds, it will never happen because of these annoying babies who keep crying online about Pikachu and Eevee. Even when they know there’s another game on the horizon for them. Smh.

  5. Also when Let’s Go sells more than the mainline games…. Well, say hello to the new mainline pokemon games.
    See, they won’t even have to make new pokemon or cliched stories.. just rerelease all the mainline games as Let’s Go remakes.

  6. Now you know me as the Pokemon hater, but only now i’m butting in a n00b version of the best gen of the series FUCK NO you already are making gen 1 for those filthy casuals with that cancerous phone app mechanics just leave gen 2 out of this pokemon (let’s hold your hand edition might be a good idea for the traitors of the pokemon series (the filthy casuals) but to actual players of the game this would be a huge insult to them, catching pokemon is hard don’t make me laugh. If you can’t do it simply learn the damn game’s mechanics then do the game as it was meant to be played.

      1. not everything needs to be that watered down it’s just an offense to real players of the game. Removing battles then adding a useless phone apps mechanics to a game on a console ? the previous gens were just fine how they were making them even easier is just like calling the games. “Pokemon #### all the cool stuff let’s make it so easy even a cluless idiot who only used the “watered down, extremely basic app on a PHONE” and we shall call it…… Pokemon Let’s hold your hand with needless gimmicks from a phone app edition!

        then the main core fanbase of 30+year olds ditch the series leaving only the casuals who don’t know how the game actually works to play.

        My overall gripe with this is that simplifying something too much makes it nothing more than a cringe worthy mess even if they polish the game up like a gold bar simplified game for people that have already mastered the mechanics of the games formula only to have it replaced by a mediocre system is just blasphemy!

    1. Murabito is right. Do you think Pokemon is as popular as it is today solely because of the video games? If you do… XD No. It’s as popular as it is today because of the anime, toys, cards, and anything else that can be made and has Pokemon either on it, in it, or as it.

  7. A game made for kids doesnt mean it cant appeal to adults look at splatoon mario kart etc all 3+ games yet their audience is mostly composed of adults over 20,
    why cant pokemon appeal to both audiences, be accessible (like its always been) yet subtle in its mechanics and gameplay?

    For ex the items like focus sash, choice scarf/band/specs, berries life orbs etc all make for incredible possibilities and strategies that may go over the head of most kids playing (and even so many “kids” make it very far into pokemon championships so its dissapointing to see gamefreak dumbing down their games evermore and insulting the intelligence of fans playing.

    I dont see why they removed the items and abilities, why? It is always a good thing to have options, new players unfamiliar with these mechanics can just ignore them like they always did, and what is wrong with people wanting to be able to play competitively?
    If some just want to play the story fine but why remove the option?

    I am very dissapointed in these games, they feel like a desperate attempt to grab money from the pokemon go demographic when like others have said most of them arent going to buy a 300$ console and 60$ game to play a 10h pokemon game.
    On the other hand Gamefreak has been ignoring and neglecting their faithful core audience who were asking for a pokemon mmo or a stadium like experience amongst other features for years so when they see these games they cant help but feel frustrated

  8. A shame tbh, I wish we got actual spin-offs like Mystery Dungeon and Ranger instead of this watered-down version of the core games. Let’s Go is just a waste of a game.

    1. How do you know? The game is not even out yet. People tend to complain when they heard about Pokemon Go as well, and when the game came out, they played said game. So calm down and wait until the game comes out, then complain.

      And talking about the “core” game, there is a new one coming… in the same style as the other “core” games.
      Again, this is a spin off of the “CORE!!!!!” games, so it won’t invade your little CORE!!!1!11ONE111!! game world.


      1. I know there is a core game coming. I’m just saying this game is a waste when we could instead get a really different sort of spin-off.

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