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UK: New Super Mario Bros U Deluxe Playable First At MCM London Comic Con

Those of you who have been interested in checking out the port of the Wii U title New Super Mario Bros U Deluxe on the Nintendo Switch will have a chance to do so if you attend MCM London Comic Con. The 2D platformer will be playable for the first time at the event and will be a chance to check out some of the changes that have been implemented. MCM London Comic Con runs from the 26-28 October 2018.


14 thoughts on “UK: New Super Mario Bros U Deluxe Playable First At MCM London Comic Con”

  1. There really isn’t any significant addition in this game to get me excited to get my hands on it.
    But there is a lot of Switch owners who never had Wii U, so doubtless it will do well.

  2. Dam, not sure if il make the mcn comic con to try this out.
    Spose I could just boot up my wii u and trial it out.
    And I think it should be called super MARIO Bros u deluxe.
    Ditch the ‘new’ from the title.

    This is actually fine if the price is right, but hopefully Nintendo won’t slap on a couple extras like playable characters and still charge too much for this game.

    1. }{ You speak as if developers are only capable of working on one franchise… Likely they went on to work on some other more popular franchise given that most people were quite tired of the New Super Mario Bros formula… Of course, another possibility is they were the team that developed Super Mario Maker… }{

      1. And yet they can make a Mario Party and Mario Tennis game immediately. I have yet to see a previous Mario Party or Previous Mario Tennis end up on a 2nd generation console. Have you?

      2. Also dont forget, how many “Let’s Dance” games between Rayman Legends debuted to today? So Ubisoft can make “Let’s Dance” games immediately but they cant make a Rayman Legends 2 game immediately? So instead Switch gets an old Rayman Legends game. And how old is Mario Maker? Why didnt they make a Mario Maker 2 immediately? Yet I see Yoshi’s Wooly world already has a sequal coming out.

    1. I know because they dont make games immediately. If they did we would had been on a sequal by now.
      They can make Let’s Dance Madden, NBA games Mario Tennis, Mario Party Golf, but they cant make adventure games immediately.
      And what’s Ironic is poorer developers can make games faster than richer developers. Trine 3 came out matching Pikmin series between years. And Pikmin started in 2001.

  3. And why isnt Ubisoft starting Mario-Rabbids 2 by now or Watchdogs? But they can make a Let’s Dance 75.
    I got to give Sega their prompts. At least they know how to produce Sonic games immediately unlike everyone else. Wii U had like 3 Sonic games to one Pikmin 3 tittle.

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