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You Can Now Get The Zombie Headwear & Zombie Outfit In Super Mario Odyssey & 3 New Snapshot Filters Are Now Available

Nintendo has added another costume that Mario can put on in Super Mario Odyssey. It is nearly Halloween, so the costume is a spooky one. You can now get the Zombie Headwear and Zombie Outfit. However, this update added in a special bonus. Three new Snapshot mode filters were added. They are Manga, Tile and Kaleidoscope. The tweet that relayed the news can be seen down below.

15 thoughts on “You Can Now Get The Zombie Headwear & Zombie Outfit In Super Mario Odyssey & 3 New Snapshot Filters Are Now Available”

  1. Great! After months of not touching this game THIS is aaaaall I need to get back into it! Can’t wait to farm coins for over an hour while taking exciting pics with the 3 brand new filters! You just keep hitting the home runs, Nintendo!!!!

    1. Normally I’d be like “Stop complaining” but I actually agree. I want something more substantial added. The game was amazing, but it was too short in my opinion.

      1. @MH4, oh look the complainer, complaining about other people opinion.
        Who are you to decide what we can say and not ?

        I tell you; nobody.

        1. Oh look, a complainer who’s complaining about me agreeing with somebody and who completely misunderstood my comment. And that last part doesn’t make sense. If you’re gonna call me out, at least make sure that 1.) There’s actually something to call me out on, and 2.) You do it with correct grammar.

  2. All that’s left is Santa Mario (I don’t know what the 8-bit one is about)

    I really wish they could’ve made a costume based on the Super Mario Bros. Movie. Yet another thing to look forward to in the modding scene……

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  4. I remember when this was data mined and it was revealed earlier this year along with the others here now and the Link-Mario and Santa.
    I wonder if Link-Mario will actually ever happen?
    I predict Santa will show up just before Black Friday to get that spending craze going for Switch Units amongst the little kids that see it…

  5. I don’t mind to run in for a new costume that the Zombie-Mario is, but I really hoped for a new DLC add-on even if it was to buy.
    I 100% the game Late January/Early February and it’s had extremely little return to play value for me.
    My 5 year old son is ripping through it at nearly 600 moons on his own personal file as wel but that’s why I’ll go into it for him at times.
    Farm coins and get all the BS out of the way for him.

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