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US: Walmart Exclusive Nintendo Switch Bundle Includes Mario Tennis Aces And 1-2 Switch

Nintendo America has announced on Twitter that it has teamed up with Walmart for a special Nintendo Switch bundle. This bundle includes Mario Tennis Aces along with 1-2 Switch for $359.96. The company says it is a $50 saving.




    1. It’s a $300 console plus 2 $60 games. My walmart actually has had these on display for two weeks now. I forgot to add 1-2 switch is a free game in the bundle the first 5 minutes I looked at it as well XD

  1. Mario Tennis and 1-2-Switch? Not system sellers. However I agree that 1-2-Switch should be packaged with all Switch systems- as a free addition, as it’s merely a glorified tech demo.

  2. Was this supposed to be reported on like, 2 months ago?? This was already released on September 5th.

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