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Denis Dyack’s Announces Creepy New Game Deadhaus Sonata And Is Targeting All Platforms

Denis Dyack, the mastermind behind Eternal Darkness on the GameCube, has announced a new horror project which is titled Deadhaus Sonata. I’m not sure what happened to Shadows of the Eternals but it states in the article that it has been put on hold. IGN spoke with Dennis about his latest project which he’s aiming to release on all platforms. but it’s far too early to set a release date.

“We are combining elements of many of my past games into Deadhaus Sonata,” Dyack told IGN. “Deadhaus Sonata is a cooperative multiplayer, free-to-play RPG where you are an unstoppable force of the dead. There are Lovecraftian overtones from Eternal Darkness: Sanity’s Requiem, the gothic role-playing elements of Blood Omen: Legacy of Kain, where you are undead, and finally, some the action RPG elements of Too Human.” Apocalypse described Deadhaus as “a combination of fast action, loot collection, and deep gothic lore [that] is sure to usher in a universe where gamers can explore a dark mythology like none other.”

“It feels good,” he told IGN. “The game industry has gone through significant changes [since then]. There has been a recent shift from the traditional one time purchase to games as a service model. F2P games have been at the forefront of this shift, offering gamers a constant stream of new content, with microtransactions that allow gamers to support the game monetarily. Apocalypse and Deadhaus Sonata are built around this new gaming market. Deadhaus Sonata is going back my roots as we explore some Gothic/Lovecraftian landscapes, while at the same time developing some very aggressive approaches to content, technology, and online gameplay that take advantage of the new gaming environment that we believe gamers will really like.”

Of Shadows of the Eternal, Dyack said, “After a lot of discussion and debate we’ve come to agree with the feedback that now is not the right time for Shadow of The Eternals – it’s not canceled, but it is also not going to be in active development for a while.”

“We are still in the very early stages of development and don’t plan on announcing a release date for quite some time,” Dyack said.


9 thoughts on “Denis Dyack’s Announces Creepy New Game Deadhaus Sonata And Is Targeting All Platforms”

    1. Kinda came here to say that as well. Every project just gets delayed or cancelled from them it seems. I see how it can be exciting to announce your game when it finally gets started going. However they dont have a good trackrecord

  1. switchmybitchup101......

    dennis the pedo freind Dyak whs best mate best buddy ld pall was a pedo with tons of abuse images on his computers and lets not forget denis destoyed his compay chasing the ps3 greed after sucess as a nintendo developer just like fctor 5 went down the billions in loss making ps3 freak machine…..this dude is a cruck a coward a liar a complete dick sucker

  2. switchmybitchup101......

    too human was up your own azz smoke blowing BS that destroyed the company why do these cretins and there deluded idea of CREATED VISIONS always end up like a poop stain in a public toilet…

  3. I can’t believe how this guy is being hyped even today. It’s completely ridiculous. I mean I also gotta add that I just really didn’t like Eternal Darkness at all. The setting and general concept were fine but that’s it. The controls sucked, the gamedesign was like from someone who came out of gaming school, the fights were totally lame.
    I feel like people like that game because it had this insanity-gimmick. I mean play Amnsia if you wanna play something similar that actually is also well designed.

    I can really bet that this game will just end up being trash. The character models will lack any emotion and look like stock 3D models like in all of his games and like always it’s gonna be just a nice idea packed into a too ambitious package of nothing. The graphic style looks chees already and…. man, I just really don’t like that whole legacy some sites are artificially building around his name just to gain some clicks. I can imagine that even he himself wonders why they’re still posting news about him as if he’d be some Rare-veteran.
    The only good Silicon Knights game I played was MGS:Twin Snakes and there they had clear guides.

  4. I want to be proven wrong as well. I’m cutting together an Eternal Darkness review right now and it’s one of my all-time faves. If this project is successful, maybe they’ll get a proper backer/publisher for Shadow of the Eternals.

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