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Bethesda: Elder Scrolls Online Won’t Come To Nintendo Switch As It “Just Will Not Fit On Switch”

GameSpot recently managed to chat with Elder Scrolls Online game director Matt Firor and asked about the possibility of the game coming to the Nintendo Switch. Mr. Firor says that they would love to put the game on the system but it is simply too big for the Nintendo Switch system. Here’s what he said to Gamespot:

“We have thought about Switch but ESO is an enormous game, and it just will not work,” Firor said. “I would love for it to because I love Switch. It is one of the largest games ever made, and it just will not fit on Switch.”


16 thoughts on “Bethesda: Elder Scrolls Online Won’t Come To Nintendo Switch As It “Just Will Not Fit On Switch””

  1. For once, i believe in that statement. Bethesda is commited to the switch, hell, Wolfestein is not selling well and even that game received a gamechanger update, for me is like playing a whole other console with the graphics update.

    1. I still need to get that. I’m supposed to review it but got turned down by Bethesda. I’m just not paying the 93 Canadian rupels for the ability to talk about it

  2. Nintendo fault off course, if Zelda was developed in 4K HDR, it would blow any game today, just like Ocarina did.
    The water painting and details would really fit Zelda Botw 4K, HDR, but Nintendo rather develops crap hardware like aways since all thanks to overhyped wii now they want that back.

    Switch 1, 2 🤦‍♂️

  3. Well Sony doesn’t has this problem on 5 years old hardware, must be Nintendo and their fanboys excuses.
    Will say it again, but you paid for a kiddy console.

    None of the mature games use the joy cons tech fully, it was designed with cardboard in mind.
    So you paid for cardboard children gimmicks instead of performance.

    Nintendo is very good at tricking people every gen with fake magic aka gimmicks and people keep falling for it.
    Love how every gen they tell me how this time it’s gonna take over gaming, lol

    In the mean time Sony engineers are still focused on getting that performance out, and that’s all we need; just a strong box without all this crap surrounding it and the software should be the magic instead.

    1. Why don’t you go work a 100 hour week and tell me the pursuit of shrinking-horse-testicle-graphics is still worth it.

  4. Yeah, I know for a fact ESO…. (as well as RED DEAD REDEMPTION, so, FOR THOSE ASKING ROCKSTAR about it coming to the SWITCH can forget it!!)… is too big for the console to presently handle.

  5. I remember all the excuses that used to come out in the Wii U era about the console not being powerful enough to run certain games, which was nearly always total rubbish. When you see how Bethesda have brought Doom and Wolfenstein to Switch, you realise that you can make these kinds of things happen if you want to. The reality is that previous devs didn’t want to bring their games to Wii U because the return on investment wasn’t going to be there – they should have just admitted that, rather than insulted the intelligence of Wii U console owners.

    What’s refreshing is that this here is actually the truth. ESO won’t fit on Switch – it’s far too big for the cartridges, and won’t fit on the system’s memory. They probably could compress the file size somewhat, but probably not to the level that they’d like to. That game is just not a good fit for the hardware – that’s fine. The Switch does seem to be missing an MMO – I reckon developing a F2P MMO specifically for the console could be a potential money-spinner.

    1. They’re streaming Phantasy Star Online 2 on Switch in Japan. I really don’t like streaming, but for MMOs on Switch wouldn’t mind that much. If it was the only way to get PSO2 I would taket it. When MMO servers shuts down all is lost anyway, just like streaming.

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