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Video: Super Smash Bros. Ultimate Rainbow Cruise Stage & Unidentified Item Footage

Nintendo has released a new video promoting the Super Smash Bros. Ultimate Wendy’s College Tailgate Tour that has been taking place. At first glance, the video may not seem that impressive. However, the footage contains some brief gameplay of the Rainbow Cruise stage. There also seems to be an unidentified item that makes an appearance during some Mute City 3DS gameplay, and no one knows exactly what it is. The original footage, as well as some video info from GameXplain, can be seen down below.

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20 thoughts on “Video: Super Smash Bros. Ultimate Rainbow Cruise Stage & Unidentified Item Footage”

    1. *narrows eyes on the screencap for the video* Holy shit! I… I think it is! Sadly, even if I’m right, it doesn’t necessarily mean that Isaac (Felix as his echo) will be playable but I guess it’s okay to hope it means that.

  1. It *could* be that, or, my alternative theory, is that could be a sapling from Animal Crossing- it looks pretty similarly to that as well. Perhaps anyone can pick it up and plant it and then knock the tree down like Villager’s down special?

    1. I doubt it. They’d probably use a sprite more resembling the one used in AC… which I think is a sapling in a pot or small sack?

      Anyways, the only thing the sprout does resember is the symbol on the Healing Field item. Maybe it’s a redesign? A variation of Healing Field? It’s hard to say.

      I do believe the banner leak but growth just seems like an odd choice for an item from Golden Sun. Now, I did see one theory that would be plausible that there could be multiple pysnergy spells that appear in these bubbles/orbs (which explains the casing).

  2. My new philosophy is “Don’t believe any leaks”, so I don’t know what to think about this. If it does turn out to be from Golden Sun and Isaac is revealed, awesome for those who want him! 👏

  3. Why haven’t you said anything about No Man’s Sky on Switch yet My Nintendo News?! It’s a huge deal! Plz do an article on it!!!!!

  4. It looks strongly like the Growth icon for Golden Sun. I won’t get my hopes up, though. Even if it is, it doesn’t mean Isaac will be in the game as a playable character. He could always end up being an assist trophy again.

    Still, I hope we get Isaac. Being in Smash as a playable character could be just what Golden Sun needs to get revived. I mean, Roy and Marth in Melee did help Fire Emblem here in the west, after all.

    1. Yeah, it could just be an item from Golden Sun that they’re putting in the game, but a character from Golden Sun might not be playable.

      Like they did with Panel de Pon. They have Lip’s Stick as an item and music from the game in Smash Bros. But, Lip, herself isn’t a playable character.

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