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John Hanke Wants Pokemon GO To Look More Like The First Trailer For The Mobile Game

John Hanke, who is Pokemon GO developer Niantic‘s chief executive officer, has revealed in a recent chat during the Samsung Developer Conference 2018 that the team would like the mobile game to feature some of the ideas and visuals showcased in the mobile game’s original trailer. Venture Beat reports that that Hanke wants to utilise some of the ideas using new technology “including deep learning, 5G networks, and better hardware to make Pokémon Go more like that first trailer.” He also revealed that he wants players to feel that the game is a large part of their life, which he said they have started to accomplish with the newly released Adventure Sync feature. Here’s the first trailer for those of you who have forgotten it.



  1. Yeah, if that last scene was real, it would be weird to see tons of people screaming at the air. It’d be pretty cool with VR glasses or something.

  2. It would had been nice instead of Evevee and Pikachu why couldn’t they just give us Pokemon Colossum as a thing for until the real Pokemon game came out. That was a very great game and underrated.

  3. Pokemon Go has been so incredibly slow with its basic QoL updates and it’s still incredibly buggy that I honestly can’t get excited about the game anymore. I still play it every day as I walk places, but it’s more habit than actual fun.

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