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Rumour: Test Screening For Detective Pikachu Movie Gets Positive Reception

The Detective Pikachu Movie is on the horizon and I know many of you are crossing your fingers hoping that it will be a good video game adaptation unlike so many movies based around video games. Interestingly, website Super Bro Movies says it has heard the following from various sources who attended the test screening of the Detective Pikachu Movie, which is due to arrive in your local cinema on the 10th of May 2019:

“Jam-packed with easter eggs, good performances, and a great script, Detective Pikachu wowed the audience with what seems like the first legitimately great video game film. Keep in mind, this was just one screening, but the early results are very promising. As someone who isn’t familiar with the property, I find myself looking forward to the project a lot more.”

“A lot of the praise goes to Ryan Reynolds as Pikachu, who apparently knocked it out of the park. Expect the usual charm he brings as he portrays arguably the most recognizable Pokémon ever. It is also said he has great chemistry with the lead Justice Smith, who plays Tim Goodman, the son of the missing detective.  The CGI is not finished, but Pikachu’s look was apparently very well done.  As was previously reported, all of the creatures will look hyper-realistic, similar to Rocket Racoon in the Guardians films.”

“Speaking of Pokémon, we will not divulge exactly which ones made an appearance but expect some GREAT surprises that will have hardcore fans foaming at the mouth. The film avoids relying on fan service and instead focuses on telling a mystery in a unique, neon-lit world where Pokemon and humans live in harmony.”



5 thoughts on “Rumour: Test Screening For Detective Pikachu Movie Gets Positive Reception”

  1. Hyper-realistic Pokemon, huh? Hey, I’m down to try anything, but so far, that sounds kinda funky. But maybe it’ll make the film a bit more grounded. The more I think on it, the better it sounds than some realistic human walking around with giant cartoonish, brightly colored creatures.

  2. In all honesty, Pokemon could never truly work as realistic. Hell, the Pokemon anime alone is completely divorced from the norms of reality.

    Simply put, every last thing in the Pokemon universe is Pokemon-oriented, which again are creatures that are the equivalent of wildlife.

    -The video game industry?
    -Food (Meat)?

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