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Special Mid-Week Episode Of Nintendo Minute Takes A Look At Blizzcon 2018

We have been treated to a special mid-week episode of Nintendo Minute which sees bothย Kit & Krysta visit the special annual event which is Blizzcon 2018. They go hands-on with the recently released Diablo III: Eternal Collection and also take a look at the special Diablo III: Eternal Collection themed Nintendo Switch console. Take a watch of the duo at Blizzcon 2018 down below.


  1. They could have avoided the Diablo Immortal controversy if they had just shown off Diablo 4. This is the same mistake Nintendo made with Metroid Prime Federation Force as they had NOTHING to show that would make the people not happy with it’s design and shit ignore it. It’s why the Let’s GO games aren’t getting bashed to high heaven because Nintendo learned their lesson with MPFF. (Least I hope they learned it.)

    “Don’t you guys have phones!? *snickering laugh*” Fuck you!

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