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Nintendo President Looking To “Boost Appeal” Of Nintendo Switch Online

Nintendo president Shuntaro Furukawa has revealed in the recent Nintendo Q&A for 2nd Quarter FY3/2019 that the Kyoto-based company is looking for ways to boost the appeal on the Nintendo Switch Online service which launched in September 2018. Nintendo has yet to announce subscriber numbers for their new online initiative.

“Our focus at this point is on boosting the appeal of the service. We need to further enhance the content of the service for the subscriber base to reach a certain size, so that is what we’re working on, with the understanding that the time it will take to do so will be measured in years.”

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  1. More discounts of games, SNES-Gamecube games, Free games as long as you pay for the service…I could go on.

    1. I think SNES-Wii games are going to happen at some point. They just take longer to get ready so they went for the NES titles first. You already get free games as long as you pay for the service….. so not sure what you mean there.

      Discounts really aren’t going to happen in any significant way. It conflicts with their long held efforts to maintain the value of Nintendo software. They can’t afford to have people think of nintendo games as things that are $60 for 2 months and then drop to $25 like 3/4ths of the industry does. Disney does the same thing. It doesn’t matter how many times they’ve rereleased Bambi, it will always be treated like a brand new product and treat every single time.

  2. -Allow games like Splatoon and Pokémon Let’s Go to have Cloud Save support.
    -More than just three or four NES games a month.
    -Add at least SNES and N64 titles.
    -Nintendo eShop discounts.

    Do these things, and I will be satisfied.

  3. try removing online pay gating and just make it a virtual console + discount/special offers + cloud saving service. I wont buy it if online is gated ever.

    1. If you are getting all of those things, is having the online be part of it really that big of an issue? If all you got was access to online, I could see having an issue with PlayStation Plus, Nintendo Switch Online, and XBox Live. But that’s not the case. They come with other perks. So is it still a rip off then? Or is having to pay for online simply a small price to pay for all the other perks? I see it as the latter.

  4. At least they’re aware the Nintendo Switch Online needs improvement.
    I think this should be a good sign that they’ll consider adding the stuff that SHOULD be included with the service.

  5. What would I do to enhance the paid online? Let’s see here…

    I’d add support for Super Nintendo games on the Switch’s Legacy Games during the second year of paid online, with the promise of N64 games coming on year three and GBA games on year four.
    Have a special free download for Smash Bros Ultimate. Perhaps a Mii costume pack. And similar perks for future games.
    Special opportunities to earn gold points. Mayhaps on your birthday.

    I don’t think that those ideas are too far fetched. I tried to be realistic in my ideas.

  6. I don’t know about anyone else, but for me it’s the lack of online games so far. I don’t play Splattoon or Mario Kart 8 or anything, so I don’t really have anything to play online until Smash comes out.

  7. Here’s an idea that will blow your mind, Nintendo.

    > Voice chat on the console.

    See? Who would have thought that one of your costumers would have come with such a revolutionary, ingenious, brilliant, mind-blowing idea!

    (Put voice chat on the damn console, Nintendo.)

  8. 1. Take everything on the Nintendo Switch Online app on smartphones and put it on the system like a NORMAL freaking video game system. The app should be OPTIONAL, not a requirement.

    2. Discounts for your own games whether they be brand new or old ports. Don’t be cheap. Sony has no problem doing it with their games.

    3. Achievements. If you want them to be more than just a digital trophy, have it to where people get gold or platinum coins for completing them.

    4. Themes with their own music. If you want to outdo Sony, have it to where legacy themes start up the Switch in a special way. For example: a Gamecube theme will make the Switch start up as if it were a Gamecube. (I miss the sound of the cube going around to make the Gamecube symbol.)

    5. A new & improved Miiverse; the name would have to be changed, obviously. If you make it exclusive to paying customers, it should lower some of the problems Miiverse had.

    6. SNES & some N64 games. Why some? Because some N64 games would be better suited to getting remakes with updated graphics.

    7. Cloud saves for ALL games. No more “we don’t want people to use the system to cheat in online using cloud saves” bullshit. It’s called keeping the offline and online data SEPARATE where only offline data is saved in cloud save storage.

    1. “2. Discounts for your own games whether they be brand new or old ports. Don’t be cheap. Sony has no problem doing it with their games.”

      Sony doesn’t rely *NEARLY* as much on software sales as Nintendo does.

  9. theres nothing I really care about. I love the switch but i havent played online in a while. I mean the only reason I’ll pay for it is to play smash bros. but even then i still find it dumb to pay $20 to play online as usual. theres no incentive. I dont really care for NES/SNES games anymore, they’ve been milked to death and there’s no one I really care to play online with.

    How to make it better? idk, i still feel like they could integrate voice chat in the came itself through headsets only. that would make it more interesting to participate. also, dont just make voice chat available in certain sections of the game, thats what i never understand with nintendo. theres not a lot you can do with like what. 1-2 minutes of conversation in a game like splatoon, and it’s more engaging if you can hear your opponents as you fight, but give options to mute of course. give people some control. the Nintnedo online app can be it’s own separate thing, like i really like the idea of smash world and splatnet.

    better virtual console. the n64 and gamecube, even the wii are over a decade old. why cant we get streamed VC games, some free, some for a price, with altered gameplay. I mean it doesnt have to be. but give us something more than S/NES what about old DS games and gameboy games? do they have gameboy/advance games?

    Exclusive demos to actual games that should have demos that allow unlimited play for as long as you have NSO

    Idk, im sure they could get more creative than this, its not really hard to get ideas from other services or what fans want

  10. “. . . with the understanding that the time it will take to do so will be measured in years.”


    So us early adopters are guinea pigs to gauge what needs improving? Which is almost everything!?

  11. IMO, most of the things listed here in the comments will only make a small difference in the subscriber count. What Ninty needs is a breakaway hit that is primarily online so that people are excited to get into it and don’t think for two seconds about signing up for the service. Depending on how they play their cards, Animal Crossing might do it.

    As for me, I’m already a subscriber and I have one complaint. The CRT filter in the NES emulator is total garbage. It doesn’t emulate CRT’s, it emulates low quality, fuzzy RF video. Please, in the name of retro gamers, just make it a scanline filter. Retro gamers love scanlines, but nobody plays with those coaxial RF cables.

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