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Super Smash Bros Ultimate Creator Talks About The Sheer Amount Of Content

Game Informer have had the opportunity to chat with Super Smash Bros creator Masahiro Sakurai about the upcoming Super Smash Bros Ultimate for the Nintendo Switch which is due to be released on 7th December. In the interview, which touches on many aspects of the game, Sakurai explains why they decided to add so much content to the latest entry in the series.

This time, I worked with the same company and same team that worked on Super Smash Bros. for Wii U and Super Smash Bros. for Nintendo 3DS titles. And in those titles, we were able to include quite a few fighters. So I thought, if we work a bit harder, we can make the dream of including all fighters come true, so we went for it.

There will be people who might feel disappointed if fighters that appeared in a previous title are not included. I didn’t want any players to feel that way, so we worked really hard to make this happen.

But what I learned is that regardless of doing our utmost, no matter how hard we try, and no matter how many fighters we include, there will always be people who feel that way.



  1. Yup you got the entitled “gamers” that always want more and will whine and whine no matter what. There ain’t no pleasing those type of people their like a plague and sadly the most vocal

    1. Good thing I’m not that type of person. I absolutely do complain, but about the actual legitimate flaws, shady practices, or in this particular case, lack of other sorts of content than the one focused on. I’m sure you’re not referring to “people” with perfectly valid complaints about this game, such as a lackluster single player experience and the like.

      1. I would wait to play the full game before I’d start criticizing the single player experience.

    2. Yet another “fans are whiny and ungrateful!” plug.

      We’re not only restricted to one feeling, so don’t tell others how to feel.

      1. Lol sounds like something a whiny gamer would say lol but seriously nobody is telling you how to feel. Just don’t disrespect the hard work that has been put into the game by the developers just because it doesn’t have wt you want in the game. That’s disrespectful to the people that create the very same games you enjoy, without them you wouldn’t have anything to even be a fan of.

        1. Feel better about yourself now?

          Seriously, get over yourself. We don’t all have to be happy little robots over every little f**kin’ included in the game.

          We’re allowed to feel disappointed as much as we’re allowed to be ecstatic, but you guys like kicking unhappy people around.

          And it seems like it’s only THIS video game franchise where fans are criticized as being whiny and/or ungrateful. Yet its another story with Sonic, Mega Man, Yooka-Laylee, and BrawlOut.

          We can have opinions and feel things other than happy.

    3. +reeleemee
      Just want to throw this here; Don’t confuse the entitled gamers with the people that are disappointed their most wanted character didn’t get in.
      As someone that badly wanted Isaac from Golden Sun in this game, I can say I am still gutted he only got in as an assist trophy but at the same time I greatly appreciate all the hard work Sakurai and his Team have put into this game and absolutely can’t wait to play this game when it comes out.
      I say this because you mentioned how they are the “most vocal” but from what I’ve seen, the most vocal seem to be the entitled gamers you mentioned and the people that are just disappointed their favourite character didn’t get in.

  2. It’s true. We always want more but we can’t forget how hard you and your team are working on this game King Sakurai.
    The game already surpassed everything from the past games and I can’t wait to have the game in my hands.
    If this is the last Smash that you will create King I’m happy to say that this one is the best and it will keep fans on it for years.

    My only wish is after this you get some rest King Sakurai because you deserve it.

  3. To those ppl I would tell Sakurai to not worry to much about them… there’s characters I’d wish were in the game but I wouldn’t cry about it if they don’t make it in (though seriously everyone is really here already) with a few more to come.

  4. Honestly for the next game,beside some 3rd party characters,I’m not even sure who I’d want,99% of the characters I really care about are already here.(That’s assuming that Rex WILL be one of the 5 dlc characters of course haha)

  5. Thank you. I really appreciate it, Sakurai. You’ve worked so hard to acheive OUR dreams, and you’re a better man than I’ll ever be.

  6. ” no matter how many fighters we include, there will always be people who feel that way.”

    And I’ll be one of them if I see that my favorite modes from the past are still screwed up or missing. Was anyone else as disappointed as I was with the way the “Break The Targets” (or, Target Smash) mode was changed (and destroyed) in the Wii U Smash Bros.? I used to love the various mazes and challenges that each fighter was given in that mode. I also miss the mystery and challenge of unlocking other fighters. In Melee, I remember that exciting feeling I had while playing Adventure Mode (I think that was the mode). When suddenly a new challenger approached, and it showed their silhouette. I loved having to guess who that silhouette was. And having to beat them before unlocking them. Nowadays, all unlockables seem to be announced before a game even releases.

    Even in WWE games, I was always a bit disgusted when they showed the unlockable wrestlers, instead of them being left a mystery. Took all of the excitement away. Some people are super easy to please. Just give them a bunch of fighters to choose, and they’re happy. But for solo, veteran gamers like myself, we’re much harder to please. Without deep single-player experiences, challenge and a little mystery, there’s always going to be something to complain about.

    Because of being a solo gamer who’s always alone, I’ve always wished that the Smash universe would expand with an RPG. A game like Super Mario RPG (or Kingdom Hearts) that features an all-star cast. A cast that you continually meet throughout the game. But alas, I’ll be dead before a game like that ever exists. Because ever since I was a kid, game companies have never listened to me. And I always had to play what THEY wanted to make, instead of what “I” wanted. And now, I must go grocery shopping. See ya’ll.

    1. Well, at least you can argue why you don’t like it in a respectful way. And I see your point. I miss that in games as well. I’m one of them who thinks Pokémon Rød og Blå is the best ones. Because back then Pokémon was something wild and scary when you played those games – it was an adventure with risks. I don’t get that feel nowadays :P

  7. I really do wish people understood and had the capabilities of differentiating between “someone complaining” and “someone giving constructive criticism”.
    Not everyone that disagrees with something while stating various points at the same time means that they are outright complaining about it.
    it’s not really fair to label and debunk every single person under that one particular category just because they aren’t in agreement with something you yourself are in agreement with.

    Just a little Food For Thought i wanted to throw out there.

  8. In spite of no Isaac from Golden Sun, Lyndis from Fire Emblem, Dark Samus being a clone of Samus (exactly why I didn’t want her when people brought her up as an alternative to Ridley because he was “too big” because I knew she wouldn’t be unique), & Ganondorf clearly still being a clone of Captain Falcon again while King Dedede, Bowser, and King K. Rool are unique with unique movesets, I’m actually pretty content with the playable roster because I finally got Ridley as a playable character along with the returns of Ice Climbers, Young Link, Wolf, and even Snake (fucKonami and all but hell yes, fucking SNAAAAAKE!!!)

    As for the rest of the game, I’m not impressed just yet. (Where’s a god damn playable demo on Switch!?)

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