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You Can Now Get The Santa Claus & 8-Bit Costumes In Super Mario Odyssey

Nintendo is kicking off the holiday season with two new Super Mario Odyssey costumes that have been added to the game. After you have finished the main story, you will be able to find the Santa Hat, Santa Outfit and the 8-Bit Mario Cap in the shop. Nintendo confirmed the news in a tweet, so you can see their official tweet for yourself down below.


  1. 8 Bit is a cool addition I suppose but it plays very weird. Hope this isn’t the last of these outfits, a Champion’s Tunic Mario would be incredible *cough* and new kingdoms *cough*

  2. Wait a minute! You mean we can progress after the main story? I thought that would end the game and return to the previous save file or something like the other Mario games.

  3. Do you have to complete the Darker Side to get this? I have completed all of the other levels, which I thought was the main story.

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