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Nintendo Says “No Plans” For Zelda Skyward Sword On Switch

News was swirling around social media that The Legend of Zelda producer Eiji Aonuma apparently hinted that The Legend of Zelda: Skyward Sword could see a release on the Nintendo Switch. However, today Eurogamer received a comment from Nintendo about this and was told that there are no plans at present to release the game on the platform.

“At this time we have no plans to release The Legend of Zelda: Skyward Sword on Nintendo Switch.”


34 thoughts on “Nintendo Says “No Plans” For Zelda Skyward Sword On Switch”

  1. Damn…. I never finished this game. I’m literally waiting for Nintendo to release an upscaled version so that I can play it in 1080p. Motion controls are a small gripe, but it’s still an awesome game. I just have a hard time playing 480 p games on my 65″ 4k TV. Oh well – fingers crossed.

  2. Well, that’s too bad. However, as I always have been saying: the Joycons aren’t accurate enough to recreate the 1:1 controls the Wii Remote Plus offered. (The loss of my sensor bar alone rendered the game unplayable.)

    1. Skyward Sword didn’t use the sensor bar. It required you to have it plugged in and used it during the initial calibration, but after that the game never needs the sensor bar to play. It doesn’t even use it for aiming the bow. You can test this yourself by covering the bar during game play after the first calibration. The motion control tech in the Switch is better than the Wii Remote Plus, but I agree that fps pointer aiming feels better with the sensor bar than motion control.

      1. Yes! I fucking LOATHED the horseback archery mini-game in BotW! I think Nintendo should bring the sensor bar back and update the Switch and Joy-Cons to use it for FPS segments in any future games. But who knows. Maybe they are working on improving that major issue. Of course, they won’t know to improve said issue if no one is complaining about it because too many are just in awe of everything else about BotW while ignoring the game’s shortcomings.

    2. Based on what? Everything I’ve seen suggests the joycons have MORE accurate motion control than Wiimote Plus.

      Games that use motion pointing on Switch actually seem better than line of sight sensor bar style and work great, and most of Skyward Swords motion controls were swing and tilt based anyway.

      If anything, the Enhancements of Joycon tech, plus HD Rumble would only improve accuracy and playability.

      Not to mention the joycons are untethered (unlike the nunchuck) and have more buttons between them as well as Both having Enhanced motion accuracy (Nunchuck never got ‘Plus’ upgrade), allowing for more versatility and easier actions.

      ANY motion based Wii game would play netter with Joycon. … no sensor bar required.

        1. sorry to be that guy but it’s highly unlikely Nintendo will triple dip with this compilation unless they do a special edition with remastered versions of the first three games on a single card but if they did pull a stunt like that be prepared to pay a lot especially if those a hole scalpers get their greedy mitts on them.

    1. But if you complete the game WITHOUT doing the divine beasts and then do the Trial of the Sword before reaching Ganon then defeating Ganon you will unlock Stop n Swop! You will be presented with this menu that says (Stop n Swop) but it doesn’t appear to do anything other then show all the items you gained when you activated that. Plus if you do a hard erase it will still be there unless you wipe clean the whole cartridge.

  3. Edwin Gerardo Reyes Guzmán

    GREAT! They should focus on new zelda games. Also, skyward sword wasnt as great as other zelda games, it was tedius and most of the levels were short and easy (except for the mines).

    1. Why would you be hyped by FI chirping at you like your smoke alarm when it goes off at 3am due to low battery voltage? Fi isn’t any less annoying. At least your alarm can be smashed with a hammer after it happens enough times. Not sure if that would work if Link smashed Fi with his hammer. (Inserts Hammer theme from Donkey Kong and charges at Fi)

  4. You all believe this?, Remember when Majora’s Mask Remake wasn’t a thing?, Nintendo announces things when they are ready

  5. I skipped over Skyward Sword but from the Tutorial Let’s Play No commentary I found I can’t decide which is more annoying. Fi constantly yelping in your ear or when our smoke alarm chirps at 3am due to low battery voltage.

  6. At least with the smoke alarm you can smash it to pieces and smash the pieces to more pieces. I’m not sure how far you’d get if you try that with Lady Fi of the Master Sword when she decides to chirp.

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