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Senran Kagura Producer Says Next Game Could Take Time Due To Regulations

The Senran Kagura games are no stranger to controversy in recent times and the producer behind the series says that the next game could take even longer to develop due to new regulations regarding sexual depiction. Here’s what Senran Kagura series producer Kenichiro Takaki had to say:

“Recently, worldwide regulations regarding sexual depiction have been getting stronger, and in that respect, we have to make games in a way that they aren’t misunderstood. Certain things are harder than they’ve ever been before. Given that, I think [the game] is going to take some time… We want to make it happen, so right now we’re at a place where we’re thinking about how to do that, and various other things overall.”

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48 thoughts on “Senran Kagura Producer Says Next Game Could Take Time Due To Regulations”

  1. I’m not surprised it’s getting harder. The PC Culture SJW retards are more toxic and vocal these days than ever before. (Hell! They are even louder and more toxic than half of the religious people out there.) It’s sad, really. They sit on their asses on their computer on Twitter and whatnot bashing anything that doesn’t adhere to their offended sensibilities. I now know the difference between social justice warriors and social justice ADVOCATES: warriors do what I said above and advocates go outside and actually put their lives on the line for their beliefs. These advocates aren’t obsessing over FICTIONAL characters and care about real victims of rape, child molestation, racism, fanaticism, s.e.x.ism, etc. They aren’t gonna really worry about something like Mr. Game & Watch with a feather in his head throwing fire.

    The Simpsons is racist, Charlie Brown is racist, Stan Lee is racist, homophobic, and a misogynist, South Park might be dying because of the current climate, Black Manta is being bitched about because he’s autistic and apparently villains can’t be autistic, etc. *rolls eyes*

    I hope Family Guy and American Dad can weather this storm at least.

    1. I’m glad Last Man Standing got adopted by Fox.
      Although nothing sexual or vulgar, poking fun at the PC culture seems to be big no no.

      But we have got to the point where, even if something is now more appropriate for PC snowflakes now, if there was something in the past like 20 years ago, it still lits the fuse on some bitches tampon.
      Like Apu from Simpsons.

      1. If we aren’t careful, PC Culture could morph into a new Nazi regime. After all, it’s not like the Nazis were the majority in Germany and were actually a very small minority within the country.

        In today’s world, we keep forgetting just how dangerous a minority can actually be if left unchecked.

      2. *looks up Last Man Standing & sees it was ABC that canceled it* Oh shit! Good luck to Last Man Standing. With Disney on the verge of owning Fox’s entertainment division, Last Man Standing might just suffer another cancellation. Or maybe they’ll leave it alone this time since they simply didn’t want to foot the bill for a show that they only saw limited investment in since it was owned by Fox. Now that they’ll own part of Fox, they will actually see actual investment in the show.

      1. To each their own as I love them. They don’t hold back and trash EVERYONE. It doesn’t matter if you’re black, white, gay, straight, Christian, Muslim, whatever. Everything is free game. It’s comedy in it’s purest form where it takes NO sides and everyone is a target.

        And the best part is it’s a show owned by Fox, a conservative company. A company that many would expect wouldn’t allow it’s continuation seeing as the show even takes plenty of shots at the very company that owns it.

        1. Damn it! I missed the best response. “Did you just assume my political affiliation!? I am OFFENDED! *triggered*” would have been so much better. lol

          Oh well. Live and learn! ONWARD TO THE NEXT HORIZON!!!

  2. Please, don’t get scared of some western snowflake spastics.
    They are only in the vocal minority.
    And if Sony doesn’t want your games as is, fuck ’em.

    1. The very, very, very vocal minority, it seems, since there are a lot of websites afraid to diss a show like Star Trek Discovery out of fear they’ll be called misogynists since STD has a female lead. (I don’t think CBS thought that name through very well. lol)

    2. One day your endless yapping about ‘vocal minorities’ wont work anymore if you realize a lot of people care about complex social issues, child.

    1. im glad there’s one comment on here that isn’t some chud pretending Last Man Standing is good television, for some reason, on a thread about some horny anime game

    2. Someone who isn’t even going to buy the game anyways being glad that it’s censored. Perfect example of how this benefits no one. People will always say stuff like this until it gets to something they actually care about. Then suddenly, it’s a problem. When anyone with common sense would have told you it was a problem all along.

      It’s easy to accept censorship when it’s something you dislike or disagree with. It makes zero sense to applaud censorship in a mature title. You can literally just not buy it and move on with your day.

        1. Actually, they aren’t illegal. The only way it’d be illegal is if these characters were modeled after REAL underage girls (which they clearly aren’t as no real human looks like these characters.)

      1. Clearly. But the producer really goes out of his way to put in sexual subtext into all of these games. So just cut out the middle man and make a hentai game, it will find it’s market, probably the same market that plays them now.
        It’s not like people play Senran Kagura for the actual gameplay, it’s an extremely boring beat em up.

      2. Clearly. But the producer goes incredibly out of his way to shoehorn sexual subtext into these games. So just cut out the middle man and make a hentai game. It will find its audience, probably the same audience that’s already playing them now.

      3. Well I’ve tried to reply to comment like twice now and both of them are “awaiting moderation”.
        Sooo uh, sorry I haven’t been able to provide any specifics to the point I was trying to make. Clearly I must be using a word that automatically flags it or something?

        1. If you know what word it is, put a period between each letter of said word. The censor won’t trigger that way. It’s why I had to type s.e.x like this as the word itself triggers the awaiting moderation tag. I’m surprised porn isn’t triggering it. lol

      4. Basically I was trying to say that the producer of this series has been adamant in shoehorning mature subtext into each game to the point where it would be more beneficial for him to just cut the subtext entirely and make a porn game.

  3. Well this is a simple fix. Just don’t make games about rape, coercion or underage kids (ages 17 and under) getting into sexual situations. It’s just that easy, Japan.

    God of War, Mass Effect, Grand Theft Auto, these are just a few of the many game series that often feature scenes of consensual sex between adults. Everyone enjoys them, so don’t pretend we’re all a bunch of prudes here.

    We love sex in video games, we just can’t stand disgusting pedobears getting involved and then demanding we all kowtow to them like this is art. It’s not and you know better, and we’re done with the excuses for it.

    Just stop doing pedophile stuff and we won’t have a problem.

    1. Except it’s not pedophilia. I’ve done the research (thanks to one of my favorite cop shows piquing my curiosity) and pedos aren’t attracted to teenagers past 12. In Japan, these characters are 15 & up (age of consent in Japan is 14 and up), so pedos have no interest in this franchise.

      Anyway, when released outside of Japan, the ages are changed to fix the age of consent in the region they release to. So in the US, the ages are changed to 17 and up (the most common age of consent in the US is 16 with 18 being the least common), so 17 tends to be a safe middle ground when released here; it’s probably why the R rating for movies is 17+.

      That’s one of the reasons games tend to sometimes take some time to release outside of Japan because they have to change the ages of characters and some of the context of conversations to reflect the changes in their ages. Thankfully they seem to start the translations and such during the development of a game so there is less time between releases of a game into different regions. It’s why we see some games getting worldwide releases these days.

        1. Meanings should matter, though. Pedophilia doesn’t mean attraction to all ages under 17. We need to stop throwing words around as enough words are losing their meaning these days. Throwing pedophile out there is like throwing racist out there every time someone doesn’t want a character’s race changed. Or screaming “you’re a homophobe” at someone simply because they want Captain America to stay straight. This all falls back on the whole PC culture toxicity going around.

          It’s time to stop. It’s time to use words for their actual meaning and not because “I R offended by your opinion!”

    1. Naw. Too extreme. That and it’d make them martyrs. A better idea would be to do the lock them in part but play shit on a loud TV screen that they will hate to hear and watch. We can play “Baby, It’s Cold Outside” since that’s being targeted by these nutjobs right now.

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