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Arcade Archives: Donkey Kong Jr. Coming To Nintendo Switch This Week

Hamster has been working extremely hard to get as many classic games as it can onto the Nintendo Switch and the latest game is Arcade Archives: Donkey Kong Jr. You will be able to get your hands on the retro title on the 21st of December for $7.99 / £6.29.

Donkey Kong Jr. is an action game released by Nintendo in 1982. Donkey Kong has been captured and caged in his latest encounter with Mario. Donkey Kong Jr. is on his way to set him free! Skillfully jump and hang on to vines, avoid the enemies, get to the top, and steal the cage’s key from Mario.

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8 thoughts on “Arcade Archives: Donkey Kong Jr. Coming To Nintendo Switch This Week”

  1. Boring…
    Yes of Course… nice to have but seriously…
    Where are the good NES Games…
    Wizzard of Warriors,
    Bionic Commando
    Street Gangs
    Black Manta
    Zelda 2
    Snake Rattle & Roll
    Castlevania s
    The Guardian Legend
    maniac Mansion
    Mega Man
    Little Samson
    Flinstones 2

    and dont bring us this shit like
    Donkey Kong, Pin Ball, Baseball, Soccer, Tetris, Golf, Clu Clu Land, Wild Gunman…

    1. oh… okay i thougt its the nes version.
      ill take my comment back.
      is the arcade better?
      gota look a video.
      but still its expensive for that kinda game… shut up frentz… look first a video before complaining!

    2. so i saw the different between nes & arcade… so for me is it still disapointing.
      who the f… pays for that 8$
      sorry get the original titel for less.
      i mean 2 or 3 okay but 8$…

      1. Everyone does. This is what Nintendo should have made when developing a true arcade version… not the NES/Famicom version. It’s a good thing that Nintendo have given the go ahead from publisher HAMSTER in porting arcade originals like they had with Donkey Kong and a very rare arcade game Sky Skipper.

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