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Japan: Nintendo Switch Has Now Outsold The Base PlayStation 4 System

We have published the latest Media Create sales charts from Japan and you can have a read of that here. Interestingly, the Nintendo Switch has now outsold the base PlayStation 4 system. That’s the standard PlayStation 4 and the remodelled slim. Media Create counts the sales of individual formats so while the Nintendo Switch has outsold the base PlayStation 4, it hasn’t outsold the base console plus the PlayStation 4 Pro. However, it should manage that fairly soon.

  • PlayStation 4 + PlayStation 4 Slim: 6.540.000
  • Nintendo Switch: 6.670.000



  1. No… FREAKING… WAY!!!! Is that possible?! Two thumbs up to Nintendo and a respect for Sony. Glad that I own both the Nintendo Switch and a PS4 Pro!

    1. While it is only in Japan, it is still freaking amazing. It still has a long way to go globally. Still an amazing feat for it being out a lot less time than the PS4

    2. It’s not difficult. That’s Nintendo power. Keep in mind that the Switch is also handheld gaming console so multiple people in a household can have one whereas most households with a PS4 probably have only one PS4.

  2. yeap… the pro… so it hasent but that will happend soon… with the switch pro that have a docking station with cpu and power ;-)

    1. First off, that wouldn’t be the Switch Pro that would be the Switch Dock Pro.

      Secondly, they can’t just “add power” to the Switch using the dock. If they added a GPU and some memory to the dock, it would completely change the Switch’s memory layout. It would also be stupidly expensive and still have a weaker CPU than competing systems. If they DID add a CPU, GPU, and memory to the dock then it would make significantly more sense to just make a home console that accompanies the Switch.

  3. Given that Home Consoles aren’t that hot in Japan, I’d say this isn’t that big of an achievement.
    When the Nintendo Switch outsells the Playstation 4 Worldwide, that’s when I think it’ll count as a big achievement.

    1. Correct. Japan may be the country of origin for two of the three console makers but it’s still just one small island. And as you said, it mainly has to do with it being a handheld. The 3DS also outsold the PS4 in Japan and that’s Nintendo’s weakest selling handheld. In fact, 19 months after 3DS’s launch it has sold 7.2 million units in Japan putting it about hald a million units ahead of what Switch has sold in 20 months.

      I’m curious to see what attach rates for non-Nintendo IPs are, too. I know world wide it really low with only one third-party title being able to break the 1 million seller barrier and it’s at the bottom of the top seller list.

  4. hmmmm I thought the switch was going to fail and nintendo was going third party lol. Its funny how switch haters are hiding now that the switch is selling faster than the ps4 or xbox

    1. hiding? no, just dont care. let me know when the switch outsells the ps4 in a home console relevant country aka the u.s.

      once again home consoles are dead in japan. this is not an achievement.

      1. “ps4: 88.9 million
        switch: 24.9 million”

        PS4 launch date: November 15, 2013
        Switch launch date: March 3 2017

        The PS4 lifetime sales as of Augest 2017, the same time span that the switch had to get to 24.9 million?


        The Switch is already beating your PS4 worldwide, and you’re kind of a sad person that you care.

      2. I have a question for you, not trying to be offensive by any means but i find it weird. Every time there is some positive news for the switch you always find one negative thing to say literally on every post. Why is that? If you like your ps4 better, why are you here? Because trust me it doesn’t make you look smart or cool. Wouldn’t it be better to spend your time on ps4 news sites and let the switch fans enjoy the good news?

        1. Pretty sure they were still sitting on Wii money and gaming icons/ brands a vast majority of gamers want to see stellar entries for (even when they dislike Nintendo cause that nostalgia and past quality was so strong) .

          They just had to let one console go meh, take a step back for a generation, and pit all their resources on doing it right and giving ppl a Mario and Zelda they crave again. Promise a Pokemon for the thing too. Perfect the idea of the previous console.

          Just hard for me to ever believe Nintendo was gonna disappear or go third party. The Wii u was kind of a flop but they weren’t over. They survived the video game crash and virtual boy and the Wii U. Its hard to think they will ever be out. Even when they do poorly we expect them to half learn what they did wrong and come back with some stellar stuff.

          Can’t keep an down, I feel. Least I wasn’t worried.

          1. Sure they got the money to survive but money doesn’t mean squat if your reputation is shot, and their reputation was going down hill ever since the Wii and the Wii U just made it worse. If Switch had been another failure after the Wii U failed, I’d hate to see how much of that money would be wasted on trying to fix the failure of two straight failures.

            1. I can’t blame anyone for worrying the Switch would have ran into trouble after how the Wii U went. And, if it did, they would have looked like even more of a joke and it would be harder to recover.

              Sure, they have plenty of cash to back them up, but you’re not going to trust them after continuously disappointing you.

              1. Exactly! Reputation trumps money! Enron didn’t go bankrupt because they were shitty with money. They went bankrupt because they were a shitty company that no one trusted so eventually the money they had went to waste trying to keep the company afloat as business was terrible. Billions of dollars can only go so far when you are only able to make a couple thousand a year to cover the bills as you have to dig into those billions to pay the bills that the thousands couldn’t cover. It’s the point I always try to make when someone brings up the money Nintendo has in reserves.

    2. *In Japan.

      You can’t just take one number and go “Switch better!” Third party sales on Switch are still horrible compared to Nintendo’s and 3DS sold more units in Japan in an equivalent amount of time.

      Should Nintendo go third party? No. Should they make better systems and price them well? Yes.

  5. A good example of the portable concept paying off. It still has a long way to go before it catches up with PS4 worldwide or the 3DS. But, still. Pretty good.

    1. The Switch’s portability was made to appeal to Japanese gaming habits yet 20 months in the Switch has sold about half a million few units than 3DS sold in 18 months and that was Nintendo’s worst selling handheld.

      1. I can’t tell you exactly how much it’s going to sell as I don’t have future sight. But, you make it sound like it isn’t doing well. Either way, it has a long way to go. We’ll see what happens.

        1. I don’t think he’s trying to make it sound like the Switch isn’t doing well. He’s just pointing out how the 3DS did better as it sold more in less time than Switch and that’s Ninty’s worst selling handheld. So it’s doing good. Just not as good as other systems.

        2. Actually I’m trying to keep it’s success in perspective. A year ago people were preemptively acting like it would be Wii levels of successful. When it beet the Wii U’s lifetimes sales, that somehow enforced the previous “second coming of the Wii” mentality when all it did by beating the Wii U’s sales was reach the bare minimum expectation.

          I think overall people tried framing the Switch as a turn around for Nintendo but it just isn’t. In order for the hybrid concept to prove itself as being a profitable way alternative to the two system approach, it’ll pretty much need to do Wii numbers at bare minimum.

          Even if it did, it wouldn’t be a turn around for Nintendo unless Nintendo can convince players world wide that their platform is for more than just Nintendo first-party games. Because right now, that’s all it is.

  6. I’m gonna just go ahead & say it. This was easy so not that much of a huge achievement. It’s Japan where portable is the big thing nowadays and has been for at least the last decade. Switch is bound to surpass lifetime PS4 sales in Japan at some point as the Switch is portable & the PS4 is not. This would be like gloating about how you beat a 5 year old in a fight, to be honest. (Minus the going to jail part & the stigma of being seen as one of the worst human beings in the world.)

    As others have said, when this sucker surpasses lifetime sales of the PS4, then we can talk about great achievements.

  7. Love it how people downplay this here.
    Of course it’s an achievement when you surpass your biggest competitor on any given market.
    And yes, PS4 is Switches largest competitor on the market currently.
    3DS isn’t a competitor really, because it’s fate is on the hands of Nintendo, and currently, they don’t really compete, but coexist.

    1. The 3DS is also a portable device that did really well and the Switch is using mobile hardware, so it’s the closest thing you can compare it to despite not really being the same thing.

      That’s why I think it would be a pretty big milestone to reach a similar level of success. If you ask me, I think it actually looks to be on track to do just that.

      1. Again, the 3DS was Nintendo’s least successful handheld and it only serves as good comparison for Japan where there more likely to appreciate it’s handheld aspects. Most of the people I’ve talked to here in the US seem to keep it docked and most use the Pro Controller so the PS4 and XBO is it’s most direct point of comparison here. It’s the successor to the Wii U after all.

        1. How people prefer to play the Switch doesn’t change the way it’s hardware is. It isn’t like a PS4 or a Wii U. There isn’t another Hybrid console from the other two so it’s not a 1-1 comparison. This is why I said the 3DS comes closer in comparison because of the Switch’s mobile hardware.

          You’re really making this sound like the portable aspect of the Switch only matters in Japan and that’s not how I see it. The Switch offers you the choice to play either way. Home console OR portably. This is what it’s appeal is.

          It’s not selling this well just because it can be a handheld. That’s not an automatic win. Otherwise, the Vita would have done better.

          The way I see it, this is still a good achievement. Home consoles may be losing their appeal over there in Japan compared to mobile, but this does not change that the PS4 has been (and rightly so) the top dog of this console generation worldwide. The Switch surpassing it in this amount of time shouldn’t be overlooked because “Japan loves portables anyway.”

          The Switch being able to fill that lack of interest in consoles for the Japanese by being a portable console was a smart idea and it’s paying off. Yet, people are saying that this doesn’t matter because it was expected to do well or something. Literally everyone was doubting they’d even have a chance after the Wii U, so that doesn’t make sense to me.

          1. Why wouldn’t the way that people prefer to play Switch matter? That 100% determines how the market views the system as well as what it’s competition.

            Technically, while the Switch is using mobile hardware, it was designed for a tablets power spec which puts it in line with power usage of some of Nintendo’s previous consoles like the Wii and GameCube. And actually the most popular usage of the Tegra X1 outside of the Switch is in the completely non-portable Shield TV set-top box so the fact that it uses lower wattage chips and mobile RAM doesn’t really matter where it’s positioned in the market.

            I can tell you that, in my experience, every Switch owner that I’ve asked as said they keep their Switch docked. That among multiple friend groups, in different age ranges, that live in different states and I’ve also seen this sentiment expressed by people on this site though people on MNN will usually add “buy I like the option that I COULD use it handheld”. The one thing that everybody consistently says they like about the system and is indeed consistent with sales statistics is that they’re buying it for the first party games.

            I would imagine that if people were enamored with the hybrid aspect then we’d see more third party games beating the million seller mark on Switch because that would show that, when given the option of what platform they want to play their games on, they chose Switch over the competition.

            Sure, some people are buying it because it’s a handheld and some people are buying it primarily as a home console, and some are buying it to use as both but it’s for exactly that reason why it’s required that we compare it to sales of both previous handhelds and previous home consoles.

            1. I know I’m late to this comment, but yeah.

              We won’t be able to agree with each other.

              I really need to remind myself not to think too hard about this kind of stuff.

  8. It’s not even been out for 2 years yet and people are saying they’re not going to be impressed until it outsells the PS4, nearly 6 years old. If you feel like that why are you even bothering to comment? Just come back in 6 years time and then see whats happened.

  9. “people are saying theyโ€™re not going to be impressed until it outsells the PS4, nearly 6 years old”

    Nobody is saying that. We’re just saying that the achievement the article is talking about isn’t surprise, it was expected. The Switch still sold few units than the 3DS in an equivalent amount of time.

    You need to understand that Switch was made specifically to appeal to Japanese gaming habits and those who are expecting the Switch to eventually outsell the PS4 worldwide have no idea how tall of a task that is.

    Some numbers to put stuff in perspective. The 3DS is Nintendo’s worst selling handheld. Despite the 3DS being it’s worst selling handheld, it still sold more than Nintendo second best selling home console, the original NES. Of the top 10 best selling handheld and consoles of all time, Sony holds five of those positions (1, 4, 6 7, and 10), that’s every system Sony has made except for the Vita. Nintendo holds four of those positions, and the Xbox 360 is number 8.

    I can tell you that every time that Switch hits a certain milestone, I’m keeping in mind that the entire point of a hybrid console is to fill the position of two product types/markets. So for example, the Wii and DS were Nintendo’s highest selling console and handheld respectively, but what makes that number crazier is that they were sold during the same time period. That’s 254 million units. Can Switch, as a hybrid system, beat their combined numbers? Probably not, but that’s a high bar. So what if we set the goal somewhere more reasonable? 3DS and Wii U were Nintendo’s worst selling hardware except for Virtual boy. Combined they sold 87.3 million units which is fewer units than the PS4 has sold and about as many as the PS3 sold. At the same time, can we really say that tying the unit sales of Nintendo’s worst sales period makes the hybrid console idea worth it? What’s the next step above that? Gamecube and Gameboy Advance. They’re Nintendo’s second lowest selling home console and handheld respectively, and they sold a combined total of 101 million units which is about as much as Nintendo’s best selling home console, the Wii.

    So take in all those numbers. Do you expect the Switch to outsell the PS4? If not then that means you don’t expect it to sell even as well as the 3DS and Wii U. If you do expect it to outsell the PS4, do you think it would be unfair to expect it to sell as well as the Wii? Because that’s what Gamecube and Gameboy Advance did. This whole hybrid concept has a lot to prove sale-wise and that’s not even taking into account software attach rates.

    1. Quit trying to downplay with perspective and all that other stuff that don’t matter. It is what it is, PS4 and whatever iteration of it is currently Sony’s flagship brand (now the only brand considering that the Vita is dead) versus Nintendo’s flagship brand (The Nintendo Switch). Switch is catching up faster to the PS4 by sales just like how the PS4 caught up to the 3ds not long ago. This little monster is going to catch up pretty soon whether it be through iterations or Sony jumping to their next flagship brand the PS5 (PS4.5).

      1. It does matter, actually. It’s Japan. The Switch is portable. Japan is Portable Land. If anything, it’s people OVERPLAYING this victory. And pretty soon? I give it another 2 years before Switch is able to hit even over 60m (PS4 is at over 80m) worldwide lifetime sales; that’s not pretty soon at all. Pretty soon would be like 6 months. Not gonna happen. Now if you mean it’s lifetime sales in Japan alone, then sure 6 months is doable.

      2. “Quit trying to downplay with perspective”, if providing perspective is looked at as “downplaying” then that’s pretty sad.

        Without perspective then there would be no reason to celebrate any of these numbers because they would exist in a void, they would be compare to nothing. The Wii U sold 13 million units over 3.5 years, and without some basis of comparison, that sounds like a lot of units but we all know that those numbers aren’t great because we had two other modern consoles and 30 years of previous consoles to put that 13 million into PERSPECTIVE.

        “This little monster is going to catch up pretty soon whether it be through iterations or Sony jumping to their next flagship brand the PS5 (PS4.5).”

        So you’re saying it’s going to catch up to the PS4 either buy release new version of the Switch (which bloats the numbers considering some previous Switch owners will look to upgrade) or…. by Sony releasing a new console so that PS4 sales slow down? That’s not a very good counter point. Why would we stop comparing Nintendo’s most recent system to Sony’s most recent system?

        Here’s some more perspective. Hardware sales are only one statistic and it’s not always the most important one. Consoles are platforms that other people release games on and the platform holder gets a cut of that money. One of the things that funds console development and first party game development is the cut that Nintendo gets from sale of Doom, Wolfenstein 2, RiMe, NBA2Kxx, etc. That’s money from games that Nintendo didn’t spend any money developing and marketing. If Switch sold 60 million units and managed to get a significant amount of sales from third parties, then that would be more significant than if they 80 million and still remained the system that people only play Nintendo games on.

        If you ask the majority of gamers what their platform of choice was during the Xbox 360, PS3, and Wii generation, most will tell you it was the Xbox 360 and PS3. That’s because despite the Wii selling more hardware units, many people did not play games on it when they were provided with a choice and it showed in the fact that both systems, individually, had higher software sales than the Wii.

  10. “OVERPLAYING this victory” – Not overplaying victory, the point is it is a “victory”, people are just trying so hard not to call it a victory, so I’m just calling as it is, a Victory.

    It will catch up “pretty soon” (whether it’s 2 or 3 years, as the PS4 took 6 years to reach what it is today.) Again, people get confused about how this is an achievement to Nintendo Switch against the PS4 because some guys here keep talking about irrelevant perspectives. Just saying, 6 years is the time frame to overtake the PS4… see anyone can tell by now that it would catch up pretttty soon.

    This is about Nintendo Switch against PS4. Comparing Nintendo consoles with each other is pointless. Why would you compare a player with another player’s stats that’s on the same team?

    “by Sony releasing a new console so that PS4 sales slow down?” – it’s obvious that it would, probably not immediately but inevitably. Otherwise why release a new console at all if you’re not gonna make better sales than the previous one. Why do you think Sony stopped supporting the Vita? Do you think Sony will divide their resources to support to HD consoles in the market?

    Just stop with the useless perspectives, all of that is all subjective. The point here was the Switch overtaking the PS4 in Japan in less time than the PS4. Stick to the facts, that’s all it is.

    1. You’re right. It is a victory. But still a victory over someone that is handicapped. You’d have to be a pretty pathetic creature to celebrate beating someone that’s handicapped & ignore that perspective. “Oh I beat that guy with the limp in a race because of his hunchback! I AM THE VERY BEST!!! LIKE NO ONE EVER WAS!!!” You are either an idiot or a desperate fanboy/shill if you ignore perspective. Or both!

      1. “It is a victory. But…” Sounds like someone’s making excuses.

        PS4 is handicapped? Why?

        Tell you what, since you guys are so bent on bringing in irrelevant perspectives and instead of just focusing on what is fact, Switch vs PS4, why not bring in the XBOX 1? or even the Mobile market? wait, mobile market is too general, let’s bring it to specifics since “perspective” is so important, it should be Switch vs PS4 vs Ios games vs Android games.

        Yes I’m an idiot who sticks to facts. haha

    2. Oh & it’s not an opinion that Nintendo Switch beat the PS4 in Japan because it’s portable & the PS4 is not. It’s a fact! But by all means. Be a idiot, fanboy/shill, or both and ignore perspective and pretend it’s an opinion. That “winning’s winning” crap from Fast & the Furious is still crap.

      1. It is a fact that the Switch beat the PS4 in Japan period. Oh wait, I like this part “Nintendo Switch has outsold the base PlayStation 4, it hasnโ€™t outsold the base console plus the PlayStation 4 Pro. However, it should manage that fairly soon.”

        Here’s an opinion for ya though, Switch being a portable will be the primary factor that it will catch up to PS4 not just in Japan. Last I checked, the mobile market is still way ahead in numbers than any console.

        But sure sure, if you insist that the glass of water is half-empty then good for you.

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