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North America: Nintendo Reveals Best-Selling Switch eShop Titles For 2018

The Nintendo News Channel on the Nintendo Switch eShop has been a valuable source of information for Switch owners whether they are looking for the latest news or alternatively deals available on the platform. Nintendo has used the News Channel to reveal the best-selling games for the Nintendo Switch eShop for 2018. The games with an asterisk next to them are either free-to-play or free-to-start.

  1. Fortnite *
  2. Fallout Shelter *
  3. Paladins *
  4. Super Smash Bros. Ultimate
  5. Warframe *
  6. Arena of Valor *
  7. Minecraft
  8. Hollow Knight
  9. Super Mario Party
  10. Celeste
  11. Mario Tennis Aces
  12. Pokémon: Let’s Go, Eevee!
  13. Pokémon: Let’s Go, Pikachu!
  14. Dead Cells
  15. Overcooked! 2
  16. Octopath Traveler
  17. Undertale
  18. Kirby Star Allies
  19. Diablo III: Eternal Collection
  20. Wizard of Legend
  21. Donkey Kong Country: Tropical Freeze
  22. Okami HD
  23. Darkest Dungeon
  24. Crash Bandicoot N. Sane Trilogy
  25. Shovel Knight: Treasure Trove
  26. Golf Story


11 thoughts on “North America: Nintendo Reveals Best-Selling Switch eShop Titles For 2018”

  1. Strange how Zelda and Odyssey aren’t on there, huh? I know they’re old, but for new owners, they’re must haves.

    1. I bet a lot of ppl grabbing the Switch at stores most likely grabbed the physical copies of some of these titles. Had a friend who just got his Switch this Christmas and grabbed Odyssey, MK8, Splatoon 2, Just Dance all in one go… I asked him where’s Smash? Zelda? He got Just Dance over those 2? Lol.

  2. lol not even 1 month old and Smash is already number 4, the 1st 3 are free to play I believe and most people got the game physically I assume.

    That’s the power of SMASH!!

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