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Ryan Reynolds Tweets Image From Set Of Pokemon Detective Pikachu Movie

Ryan Reynolds has uploaded a behind the scenes image of him as Detective Pikachu in the upcoming Pokemon Detective Pikachu Movie. The image was shared by the actor on Twitter which shows him wearing facial recognition technology to turn him into the adorable Pokemon detective. The movie will arrive in cinemas on the 10th of May.



  1. Yo, the details in Pikachu’s iris are super unnecessary, but hell, I won’t complain, looks pretty cool!

      1. I try to limit my theater viewings to one a month if I go see a movie, so if my budget allows it, and the wife has a day off for both movies, I might go see both. That & have someone watch our son if she doesn’t want to take him as he won’t sit still much at the theater even if it’s a movie he might be interested in.

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