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The Second Smash Ultimate Season Pass DLC Fighter Has Been Datamined

Dataminers have been taking a look at the coding and files within Super Smash Bros. Ultimate. Well, they have discovered code names for two upcoming DLC Season Pass fighters. One of them is “Jack”, likely referring to Persona 5’s Joker, which was already announced. However, the second one has a code name of “Brave”. According ResetEra user MondoMega, this code refers to “a Dragon Quest hero. The DQ Hero class is called ‘Yuusha’ in Japan, which directly translates to ‘Brave’. So far, only one fighter has been announced. However, with a Nintendo Direct likely coming this month, followed by another likely to happen in March, it won’t take long to find out more.


93 thoughts on “The Second Smash Ultimate Season Pass DLC Fighter Has Been Datamined”

    1. I agree with wetwaluigi. I appreciate everything that Nintendo is doing to make us happy. Not to sound unoriginal, but I REALLLLLY want Sans in Smash. And no, not because of the memes.

      1. bruh if we got an undertale rep i’d buy the whole fighter pass out of appreciation. i’m certainly not buying it for anyone we’ve seen so far, though.

    2. You still have the actually trailer to look forward to.

      And besides, all we have right now is a speculated franchise.

    1. Which is a very shitty thing, imagine being kidnapped and locked away just for leaking some video game information ๐Ÿ˜‘

  1. fuck the leakers! Don’t they realized that leaking a game is equivalent to spoiling a movie to someone it just result in people being pissed off.

    1. Unfortunately they don’t care, they only care about leaking info ahead of official announcement because of dat sweet street cred or in this case interwebz cred.

    2. While I don’t encourage the leak, this is kind of a ridiculous comparison. It’s DLC. You’re going to manually have to purchase this from a screen that directly tells you what you’re buying. The only thing this can spoil is the commercial for the DLC, and comparing spoiling an ad to spoiling a movie is just a bit silly.

  2. Can we get two fighters pass then? One of actual wanted Nintendo Characters and just keep this one of weird third party characters?

    I still would love to see another Zelda Rep, Skull Kid, Impa, Captain Toad, some old NES/SNES rep, King Boo, Petey Piranha, Banana Dee etc.

    1. We’re probably not getting Petey Piranha since he’s Piranha Plant’s Final Smash. But I agree on another Zelda fighter. I say Impa- she’s another Sheikah, she’s one of the most recurring characters in the franchise, and they could/should user her badass design from Hyrule Warriors and finally give that game some representation.

      1. Speaking of Hyrule Warriors, I wish we were getting alternate costume DLC for characters. I’d love to have Link, Zelda, AND Ganondorf’s appearances from that game. Also Booty-err… BotW Zelda would be awesome, too. (Of course, I think Sakurai went with Zelda’s LTTP/LBW’s design because of the fact everyone was making memes & fanart of Booty Zelda, so I wouldn’t hold my breath for that even if alternate costumes were gonna be a thing.)

        1. I think Sakurai stated he didn’t use Zelda’s BotW design in Ultimate because that incarnation of the character was more of a scholar than someone who would be on the front lines. Remember she spent so much time researching the Guardians and Shiekah tech because it seemed like her spiritual training was for naught and she wanted to be useful some other way. In fact her powers only awakened when Link was about to die protecting her.

          Honestly if they wanted to utilize an incarnation of Zelda that was combat-oriented, they ought to have stuck with Twilight Princess Zelda- she was about to engage Zant in combat before she realized he had every advantage and then threw down her sword in surrender to protect her people. Link Between Worlds Zelda wasn’t a bad choice but a better one existed.

          1. Oh Sakurai & his bullshit excuses! He used something similar as to why Villager couldn’t be a playable character & now we got a Villager, Isabel, AND Wii Fit Trainer who uses yoga poses for attacks. lol And what in blazes does he think sages, mages, & other magic users in Fire Emblem are? That’s right! They are SCHOLARS!! And most of Zelda’s attacks are magic based. Being a scholar comes with the territory. Sometimes I wish I could meet Sakurai just so I can smack him in the back of the head Agent Gibson style!

          2. I think BotW Zelda would look weird if she were to keep the same moveset.
            Moves like Nayruโ€™s Love and Faroreโ€™s Wind would look really weird without Zeldaโ€™s dress swirling around, I think.

      2. +Overlord Infinite Ridley
        I don’t think the whole “research” comment was meant to be taken seriously. Sakurai likely thought having a stage and that version of Link from that game was enough but wanted to show some love to Zelda A Link between Worlds. Sure we did get Zelda Triforce Heroes after that game but since that game reuses a lot of assets from the game before it, it wouldn’t really make much difference.
        If anything, I’d say Twilight Princess Zelda should come back, I really miss that version.

        1. I prefer LttP/LBW Zelda. She looks a lot more regal compared to TP Zelda. I’d even take Goddess Zelda from SS as I love the purification dress she wears through most of the game. A lot better than that eyesore of a purification dress she wore in BotW.

      3. +Overlord Infinite Ridley
        The thing about your scholar comment is not all scholars are like that. Yes all the mages in Fire Emblem technically are scholars but Zelda herself never really showed any abilities like that in Zelda Breath of the Wild. Hell the only 2 attacks she even showed was the 1 where she saved Link and of course at the end of the game but outside of that there’s nothing.
        Granted this doesn’t mean she cannot be playable, I actually think a lot of the moves Twilight Princess and A Link Between Worlds Zelda use in Smash Bros were never used in the games they appeared in but what I’m saying is just because Zelda is a scholar doesn’t mean she’s just like the Fire Emblem Mages.

        1. But magic is clearly in her blood, though; always has been. It’s not a stretch that she could read some magical tomes after the events of BotW and learn magic. Now that she has access to her powers, I see no reason why she wouldn’t start training in magic to fight off any future threats to Hyrule during her lifetime.

      4. +Overlord Infinite Ridley
        I’m very sure at the end of the game she stated the power had left her. Of course I mean the secret ending.

    2. Do you realize how hard it is to develop a single character? Be happy with who you got. Skull Kid is an assist trophy, now get over it and actually be happy with the characters we got.

      1. I’m very happy with what we’ve got. Never said I wasnt happy. Were talking about future DLC characters, therefore the future DLC characters I’d like to see are ones more Nintendo Focused. That I listed above

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  4. Brave could also be referring to Bravely Default. The nice part about this is that it’s just a code named leaked. Though i think next time they might use more obtuse code names like Mango and STFUleakers

      1. Also Edea is very popular in the US and she is also in Bravely Second so who knows, maybe she could get in Smash DLC if Nintendo wants her to be there, just like King K. Rool (I think this character was chosen by Tatsumi Kimishima, the former president of Nintendo).

    1. I’d really prefer someone from Bravely Default over Dragon Quest. I’d also love Bravely Default to go on the Switch :D

  5. First of all, what if it means Brave Dungeon and we’re getting Al as a playable character?

    Second, whatever happened to using Mario as a placeholder DLC character name?

    1. I would love to see either Agnes or Edea in the Black Mage job. We need more mages representation instead of a sword wielder with a mere 4 magic attacks ๐Ÿ˜ข

      1. I would so play as Black Mage Agnes, but I think if it was someone from Bravely Default, Sakurai would make them take advantage of multiple job types.

      2. That would also be cool if it has little to cero sword attacks. Perhaps one or two Swordmaster job attacks on Edea would be great since she is the most knowledgeable about blades than Tiz and Ringabell.

  6. First thing that came to my mind with Brave is Brave Vesperia from Tales of Vesperia. And the most important member being Yuri Lowell. He’s by far the most popular Tales character and with Tales of Vesperia Definitive Edition coming out on the 11th this month… a Tales of fan can dream! ^_^

  7. Guys, this is clearly a reference to Brave Fencer Musashi. Square-Enix have both Yoichi Yoshimoto and Yusuke Hirata working on an “unannounced” Switch title. These two were behind the original game and on top of that Tetsuya Nomura recently tweeted several illustrations of Musashi.

    It’s time for Brave Fencer Musashi hype!

  8. Here’s the datamined character

    Don’t read this comment if you don’t want to know

    Joker from persona
    Erdrick from dragon quest
    Ryu hayabusa from ninja gaiden
    Steve from Minecraft
    Doomguy from doom

    I hope this is fake

  9. DQ was always a glaring omission in Smash. I’ll be happy to see representation from my favorite RPG series. As for the other “leaked” characters, all of them (besides Minecraft) appeal to me greatly, especially Doomguy!
    What a dream line up if this is real.

    1. If it takes as much work as Sakurai claims it does when working on one character, I highly doubt they’d change them just to spite the miners as they’d be punishing everyone else in the process & making us wait because of a few impatient and/or curious people.

    1. It’d be a toss up between Lightning & Noctis if we were getting another FF character in Smash. Both come from the more recent big games that weren’t MMOs. Sadly, they also both come from entries that aren’t looked at very fondly by a lot of people. The later games of FFXIII got too linear from what I’ve heard & FFXV was pretty underwhelming what with most of the beginning story of the game taking place in everything (movie, anime, a spin-off game, etc) BUT the main game itself.

      1. I heard the initial game was disappointing. After the update that gave the true ending it wrapped up petty well. The only bad thing was the whole DLC getting canceled fiasco.

        1. Sadly, the game still has a lot of issues going for it. ESPECIALLY the beginning. Maybe if they added all the external content to FFXV as a cheap update, it might have been better. But I guess they could always do a Final Fantasy XV ReMIX (lol) to take a cue from Kingdom Hearts!

        2. Oh & I’m so fucking pissed they canceled the second set of episodes and we’ll only be getting Ardyn’s. I wanted to play as fucking Lunafreya & Aranea as those two characters didn’t get nearly as much screen time in the game to the point Lunafreya doesn’t have the same emotional connection to the player as Aerith in FFVII had. Which is ironic considering she got kind of Aerith’d (Aeris’d?) in the game. (An Iris episode showing her growth during the time skip would have been nice, too, as she’s my favorite character in the game (who also didn’t get as much screen time, either.)

  10. I had guessed a Dragon Quest Character was very likely. I had a felling based on Joker that characters from 3rd party titles who have a possible title coming to Switch would be likely. Nintendo wants to invite more 3rd party support, Sakurai wants to expand the crossover demensions of smash, and other companies want their character in Smash because that’s where gaming icons go to battke. Their popularity in smash extends their appeal.

    I predict that monster Hunter could be another

    1. Expanding the roster with 3rd party support is good but at the same time the process to make a 3rd party character is longer because King Sakurai must contact the company to show the work and if the company is ok on what he did then he can continue but compared to a Nintendo character (or company who worked with Nintendo for years like HAL and Intelligent System) like Impa, Bandana Dee, Hector are simplier because those characters are not very well known to people but also all the assets, ideas etc can simply be asked from Nintendo

      1. I’m mean they are already doing it for Joker and have done it in the past for several 3rd party regardless. They may have a process by now. I mean I want Magolor or Marx from Kirby to be a character but that’s wishful thinking. I feel that Sakurai may mostly pick 3rd party based on these 2 picks. Granted I am very open to the posibilty that a Nintendo character can still get in. There are no rules. It can happen but I’m not getting my hopes up and I’m expecting 3rd party.

  11. The season pass might do better if they make characters that more than 5% of the audience outside of Japan has actually heard of. No offense to Persona, but these aren’t exactly universally recognized characters. It used to be you had to be an Iconic Nintendo character to get in. Then just an iconic Japanese character. Now it’s just japanese characters.

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